Weeds are relentless and disturbing. You should need a practical solution to eliminate weeds in your garden. What about a solar-powered weed cutting robot? Weeding by hand might be a monotonous task for you. It is time to enjoy a weed-free vegetable and flower gardening with the Tertill weeding robot. Amazingly, the cute four-wheeled robot stays active in your garden all the season and weeds every day. Well, Tertill runs on solar energy. Moreover, it is weatherproof so that it works in your garden whether it is rain or shine.

Tertill Weeding Robot

Tertill Weeding Robot – Overview

This weeding robot comes from Joe Jones, who invented Roomba, a tiny, user-friendly robot that cleans home floors. As you see in the pic, it keeps a rounded shape with four extreme camper wheels to let it move across your garden. In the bottom, it also sports a weed sensor and a weed whacker to detect and cut the weeds as the robot moves. Yes, an integrated solar cell and storage unit ensure the required juice for the machine. It is weatherproof and chemical-free as well. That said, it would work all the season in your garden. You no longer need to use any chemical to eliminate weeds. Watch the video below to see what roboticists say about Tertill.

How it Works

Excited to know how Tertill weeding robot patrols and axes weeds in your garden? As put it above, Tertill weed cutter comes with a string trimmer in between its wheels along with a sensor. It treats short plants in garden as weeds. The whacker simply cuts them as the machine travels all along your garden.

Wondering how Tertill would treat the short garden plants, then? Of course, Tertill team has a nice solution for it. Indeed, it detects weeds based on height so Tertill team provides you plant collars that you should place to safeguard short plants until they grow up.

Moreover, Tertill weeding robot runs on solar power. The integrated solar panel collects the required energy to run it. So, gardening becomes rather fun as you virtually need to do nothing to eliminate weeds in garden. Of course, regular cutting ends up in eventual death of the weeds as they run out of juice to sprout again.

Tertill Solar-Powered Weeding Robot


It doesn’t look an ideal weeding robot for all fields. Tertill team admits that your garden should be optimized for Tertill weeding robot. It won’t work nicely in a garden with thick mud, holes, and rocks. Likewise, it can’t climb uneven surfaces with height over 22 degrees. Remarkably, another thing is that it won’t pull out a weed, but just cuts it off. So, naturally the weed would replenish, thus necessitating the robot to run every day to eliminate weeds fully. Moreover, Tertill runs on solar so that on a cloudy days it won’t work frequently.

Tertill Weeding Robot Specs

Where to Buy From

You could pre-order Tertill weeding robot on Indiegogo. A single unit costs $250 and that comes with a pack of plant collars. The company expects to ship the device by May next year. By the way, Tertill has attracted massive crowdfunds on the website. It collected an amount of $345,922, which is over 250% of its estimated goal, from several backers. Well, that simply suggests how popular the concept of Tertill is. Of course, you would love the machine. So make sure you place an order for the magic weed cutter robot.

Tertill Solar Weeding Robot

Final Thoughts

Tertill works more aggressively when there is bright sun in sky. On cloudy days, it works slowly, but fortunately weeds also grow slowly under less sunlight. Tertill weeding robot is a super concept that you would love as a home gardener. You could forget about weeds and concentrate more on other tasks in your garden, thanks to this smart robotic weed cutter. Certainly, you can have lots of fun in gardening with Tertill working all the time.