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The Beam Wheel Flash 2.0 Wheel Reflectors: Kinetic Energy-Based Rim Reflectors for 360° Visibility of Cyclists

The lack of visibility is one of the biggest safety concerns of cyclists across the world. The Beam Wheel Flash 2.0 wheel reflectors are amazing solutions for that. Wheel Flash 2.0 are kinetic-energy-based rim reflectors that make your movements on the road visible to the passing car drivers in a 360-degree viewpoint.

As these reflectors run on kinetic energy, you don’t need to rely on batteries or power banks for lighting. The retro-reflective reflectors attract stray light and reflect it in enhanced brightness on your rotating wheels. So, cycling on the highways goes rather safe and enjoyable for passionate cyclists.

More specifically, Wheel Flash 2.0 from the French start-up, the Beam will make a cyclist visible to a moving car driver from nearly 500 feet or 150 meters. Moreover, the attractive lighting on the bike wheels adds an aesthetic aspect to your cycling experience in the nighttime.

The Beam Wheel Flash 2.0

Wheel Flash 2.0 reflectors are technically not electrical devices of any sort. Its innovator has crafted them from glass powder pigment but what makes them attractive is that they are able to generate light without electricity.

Moreover, Wheel Flash 2.0 is water and weatherproof. Also, they are lightweight and you can simply attach them to any cycle rim with 3M adhesive. They go with any type of rims like alloy, carbon, or steel.


The ready-to-use Wheel Flash 2.0 comes in a set of 12 pieces and in four shades; silver, rainbow, pink, and azzur.

You can simply stick the pre-cut, paper-like reflectors on your bike’s rim in a matter of time. No worries; they are not going to affect your bike’s performance and aerodynamics.

Beam Wheel Flash 2.0

Final Thoughts

The Beam Wheel Flash 2.0 is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The brand is seeking crowdfunding support for the amazing product. As of writing this, more than 200 people have backed up it on the platform to easily get across its pre-set goal with nearly a month to go for the campaign to end.

That is, the Wheel Flash 2.0 concept has attracted a lot of people. If you are a serious cyclist you will certainly love the idea of the lightweight, ready-to-use, kinetic-based rim lighting solution. You can enjoy your rides more safely with 360-degree lighting around you. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments.

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