We earlier had a look at several small rooftop wind turbine kits here. There are indeed many large commercial wind turbine solutions also on the market. Do you wonder what is the biggest wind turbine in the world? Well, you can see it off the coast of Scotland. Vattenfall, a Swedish state-owned company, designed this huge 8.8MW wind turbine. Interestingly, it is so large that it could produce enough electricity to power a home for a day in a rotation. Excited to know more about the biggest wind turbine in the world? Stay with us.

The Biggest Wind Turbine in the World

Amazingly, the Vattenfall turbine touts a height of 191 meters. That is more than half of Shard in London, the highest structure in Europe. Coming to other features, the giant turbine off the coast of Aberdeen highlights three massive 80-meter blades with a rotor diameter of 164 meters. Well, the colossal turbine is capable to produce more than 70 percent of the city’s residential power needs. And around 25 per of its whole power requirements. Indeed, that is what makes it the biggest wind turbine in the world.

This project is part of the United Kingdom’s brisk efforts to increase wind energy production. Last year, the UK built an overall of 1.7GW of wind capacity. That is over 50% of the entire’s Europe’s wind turbine installations. In fact, this Aberdeen project is only the first of 11 such large wind turbine projects of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC). In the same site will itself come yet another 8.8MW wind turbine as part of the project in future. That would further boost up the total wind-based energy production of the UK.

The Biggest Wind Turbine in the World – More Facts

Vattenfall’s Dream Project: As you know, Vattenfall is a Swedish maker of sustainable energy systems. The company dreams to make a fossil-free living “within one generation”. As per its Head of Business Area Wind, Gunnar Groebler, the EOWDC wind turbines help secure its vision.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind: MHI Vestas has designed the installed and the upcoming large wind turbines. The company was in a collaboration with Vattenfall for this project. Its Chief Operations Officer, Flemming Ougaard said that it was a valuable experience for them to work with Vattenfall. It helped them gain “experience with several different technologies.”

The Pacific Orca: The developers of the biggest wind turbine in the world transported them to Aberdeen by Swire Blue Ocean’s vessel, the Pacific Ocra. That is known to be the biggest wind farm installation vessel in the world. Also, Asian Hercules III, one of the biggest floating cranes, helped erect the turbine at the site.

Donald Trump Opposed the Project: The American President Donland Trump, who owned a multi-million-pound golf course at Balmedie, opposed the project legally. Trump challenged the installation of the turbine on the basis that the huge structure would be visible from his golf course. But the UK Supreme Court turned down Trump’s objection in 2015.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have more sustainable innovations to replace the traditional oil and coal energy sources. This huge 8.8-megawatt project runs counter to the average size of offshore wind turbine solutions until the last year. Well, we had only 5.9MW offshore wind capacity last year on an average.

By the way, GE has announced a more powerful and large wind turbine of 12-megawatt capacity to claim the title of the biggest wind turbine in the world. Of course, large turbines attract more energy as they come with massive rotors. And once we could set up more big wind turbine offshore, where we get strong winds, it would help produce more energy from the sustainable source.