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Thermoelectric Power Generator: BioLite’s Wood Burning Camping Stoves to Cook Your Meals and Juice Up Your Phone On the Go

What about a thermoelectric power generator for off-grid power? Here we have an incredible line of products from BioLite, a leading innovator of off-grid energy products. Its wood-burning camping stoves integrate cool thermoelectric power generators. Could you imagine that by simply burning firewood you could juice up your phones or other gadgets? Definitely, you could do. This comes to reality with some BioLite products.

This is an amazing concept that lets you cook your meals and, at the same time, charge your handsets as you burn the firewood or charcoal. Of course, thanks to the thermoelectric technology, you just need to burn the firewood to cook your meals. The BioLite products convert the heat from fire to the portable electricity.

The BioLite founders introduced this idea as a mission to design some fuel-independent cooking and charging combo solutions to meet power scarcity in emerging markets. Well, BioLite launched its first BaseCamp Stove with the thermoelectric power generator as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project back in 2014. Certainly, it attracted a lot of takers and now the brand sells a line of such outdoor stoves with the charging technology.

BioLite Thermoelectric Power Generator Camping Stoves

Specs-wise, what you get with the BioLite camping stove is a battery pack with a USB charging outlet. Inside, it features a thermoelectric power generator that converts the heat from fire to the electricity. And as you see, it gets stored in the included battery pack ready for charging your device or powering up a USB LED light.

At the start, we have had only BioLite BaseCamp stove with this innovative feature. Right now, the brand offers you a range of wood-burning camping stoves with the feature. Well, we would like to have a list of the popular models below and so you could find a matching one as per your needs. Stay tuned for our list of BioLite stoves with the thermoelectric power generator.

1. BioLite BaseCamp Stove

We would like to start the list with the brand’s first model with the technology. That is BioLite BaseCamp Stove. You get this stove with a bottom chamber for firewoods. Once you burn the stove, the resultant heat passes through the thermoelectric process and gets converted to the electrical power. The included battery stores it. You could use the power to either charge your handsets or power an LED light, as you see in the photo.

BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Specs-wise, the BioLite BaseCamp Stove features a 2200mAh Li-ion battery pack. It integrates a 5W USB port to connect your phone or any USB device to. Apart from charging the USB port, the battery pack also supports a built-in fan of the stove to keep the fire ablaze throughout the cooking. The kit also included a USB LED light.

However, the BioLite stove is indeed for cooking mainly. To make outdoor cooking a smooth experience, it has got a 138 square inch grill surface that could accommodate around 8 burgers. Also, you could easily convert the griller to a boiler in a matter of time by pulling a liver. It weighs at 17.9 lbs and is built of stainless steel.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2200mAh Battery with a 5W USB Outlet.
  • 13.25-Inch Diameter Stove Top.
  • Capable of Burning Solid Biomass.
  • USB LED Light Included.
  • Perfect for Campers and Emergency Preppers.

2. BioLite Pizza Dome Bundle

This is actually the same device, but it comes up with a PizzaDome accessory for cooking tasty pizzas outdoors. The base of the device is indeed a unit of BioLite Basecamp with the same thermoelectric power generator integrated. That said, along with making your favorite pizzas, flatbreads, and other dishes, you could use it to recharge your phone. Check out the link below to see its price and other details and buy a unit.

BioLite PizzaDome Bundle

Well, coming to specs, this stove also integrates the same 2200mAh battery pack with a 5-watt USB outlet. Obviously, this BioLite bundle packs single units of the brand’s much-touted BaseCamp and PizzaDome, which in total weighs 22.32 lbs. Specifically, the PizzaDome integrates a thermometer to ensure a perfect crust. Also, it highlights a food-safe ceramic cooking stone for the better baking experience.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2200mAh Battery with a 5W USB Outlet.
  • BioLlite PizzaDome for Preparing Pizzas.
  • Capable of Burning Solid Biomass.
  • Perfect for Campers and Emergency Preppers.

3. BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle

The new and upgraded CampStove 2 kit is another cool option that could turn the heat into useable electricity. This camping cooking solution is a nice choice for grilling, boiling, and cooking your dishes. It packs up a unit of CampStove 2 with a lightweight portable grill and KettlePot. The integrated battery pack stores the generated power, which you could use to recharge your phones and lights later.

BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle

Specs-wise, it features a 2600mAh battery and a 3W USB outlet apart from the built-in thermoelectric power generator. Also, you get a USB FlexLight to light up the cooktop. Meanwhile, coming to the stove, it sports a smart LED dashboard to show real-time feedback on the strength of fire, power output, and other details.

The stove is made with ultra-thin stainless body, making it lightweight for campers to carry easily. By the way, the included KettlePot is large enough to accommodate CampStove 2 to save storage space. The KettlePot could boil one-liter water in just below 5 minutes, and the grill could accommodate up to four burgers.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2600mAh Battery with a 3W USB Outlet.
  • Portable Griller and KettlePot Included. 
  • KettlePot Could Fit in CampStove 2 to Save Space.
  • Bonus LED FelxLight for Cooktop Lighting.

4. BioLite Energy Bundle+

This is actually not anything new. It is, in fact, a kit of an off-grid ecosystem that packs up a unit of CampStove 2, which features the thermoelectric power generator. Apart from CampStove 2, it also includes a unit of the brand’s PowerLight flashlight and two units of the daisy-chaining 300-lumen SiteLight overhead lights. Also, there is a unit of BioLite’s much-touted SolarPanel5+ to recharge the lightings from sunlight.

BioLite Energy Bundle+

Of course, CampStove produces thermoelectric power as usual and stores it in its built-in 2200mAh battery. And you could use it to charge your phone or lightings in the wild. Meanwhile, the included solar panel is powerful enough to charge its internal battery and the 4400mAh power bank of PowerLight. The PowerLight could offer dimmable 250-lumen flashlight to light up your cooking space in the night.

Overall, a unit of BioLite EnergyBundle+ is an ideal stove, solar panel, and lighting off-grid ecosystem. It will be much helpful in supporting you in an off-grid situation whether it is a camping trip or an emergency. Follow the button above to check its price and other details and to buy a unit if you want.

Why Should You Buy

  • CampStove 2 with Thermoelectric Power Generator.
  • 5-Watt SolarPanel 5+ with 2200mAh Battery.
  • Multiple BioLite Lightings to Illuminate Cooking Space.
  • Ideal Off-Grid Ecosystem Bundle for Emergency and Outings.

Why Should You Buy

1. Portable Camping Stove with USB Phone Charger

The BioLite products are cool portable stoves with built-in USB phone chargers. They are great companions for all types of outdoor users like campers and hikers. Going on a camping trip, you would no longer need to carry an extra device or solar charger to power your gadgets in an emergency. All you want is to get any of BioLite’s camping stoves to meet two of your essential outdoor requirements – portable power and cooking stove.

2. Easy Cooking and Charging with the Cheap Resources

Firewood is the only resource you would require to run these brilliant camping stoves with the thermoelectric power generator solutions. Of course, you get logs, twigs, and woods aplenty in the wild. That means you are lucky enough to have sufficient resources to fuel up your camping stoves and power up your gadgets.

3. Highly Portable and Perfect for Campers

All the BioLite wood-burning camping stores are certainly meant for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. That is why they are all designed so handy and lightweight, letting you carry them easily anywhere. While making into the wild, you would certainly need both a solar charger and camping stove separately. Fine, with these BioLite products, you would require just one device to meet two essential requirements.

4. Multiple Wood-Burning Stoves and Grills

As you have already seen, while going for BioLite’s thermoelectric power generator-based camping stoves, you have multiple variants out there. You get different types of camper cooking solutions that integrate the new thermoelectric power production units. So, as per your needs, you could find a model ideally. We think the BioLite team is working to bring into life more such innovative products in the future.

BioLite BaseCamp Stove Review

What You May Not Like

Though the concept of the BioLite thermoelectric power generator stoves is great, you need to burn firewood to produce the power. That doesn’t look as much an ideal way of producing green power as what the solar, wind or crank power generators would be. Also, you should run in search of the firewood in your camping spot or carry some. Moreover, you must be careful of your valuable handsets and belongings getting fire.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you would get two essential things from these BioLite wood-burning camping stores. They are unlimited off-grid power and an outdoor cooking facility. As camping or outdoor enthusiasts, you need both these things essentially to stay alive in the wild. So, while exploring the wild where you have no enough sunlight, these types of technologies are great solutions, for sure.

With some pieces of firewood, you could turn your life outdoors really amazing. Above all, you become a part of the maker’s mission to ensure power for the deprived in the emerging countries. That is how this project becomes largely commendable. BioLite works hard with a team of engineers and designers to come up with award-winning off-grid ecosystems to support the people in areas where the electricity is still a dream.

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