Eco-Worthy is a top brand in cool off-grid power solutions. It sells a number of hybrid off-grid power kits. This wind solar off-grid kit is just an example. Amazingly, this green power generation system has solar and wind turbine sources to gather power from the nature. And you can store it in your 12V/24V batteries making use of the included power inverter and other accessories.

Wind Solar Off-Grid Kit

To merge solar and wind turbine in an off-grid power system is, of course, an awesome idea. Thus, you have at least one power source round the clock. Sun has its intense shine in noontime, while you have winds mostly in mornings and evenings. That means, going off-grid you can enjoy green energy all the time.

This wind solar off-grid kit from Eco-Worthy is ideal for RV, boat, outdoor events and apartments. You can fix it quite simply anywhere. Certainly, the solar wind kit comes with everything required to mount and set up the system easily even for a layman. Of course, you don’t need to be an electrician to make your alternative power source with this brilliant wind solar off-grid kit from Eco-Worthy.

Wind Solar Off-Grid Kit – Eco-Worthy 1000Wh Power Kit

Specs wise, you have the Eco-Worthy wind solar off-grid kit with a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. The 12V-110V inverter offers continuous power of 1000W and peak power of 2000W. Well, it is enough to power up a 12V battery from the green sources. Yes, to generate energy, as you know, it has two options – solar and wind.

Well, the off-grid power kit packs up a 400W wind turbine that offers a nominal voltage of 12-24V. And it has three pieces of high quality carbon fibre composite blades that rotate at a diameter of 1.2M. Total weight of the wind turbine is 17.64 lbs and its size goes at 27.1 x 14.4 x 8.3 inches, by the way.

Solar panel with the kit comes in three pieces of 160W each. One has a size of 57.8 x 26.3 x 1.4 in. Moreover, the wind solar off-grid kit further includes a pair of Y branch MC4 connectors and a piece of 24cm cable with MC4 connectors. That means you actually need just a battery to connect it to and start producing energy.

What Makes it Special

All-in-One Off-Grid Power Kit with Solar and Wind Turbine

Coming to its specialties, first of all, let us talk about its all-in-one characteristic. Yes, as you know, the wind solar off-grid kit from Eco-Worthy packs solar and wind turbine options to generate energy. That means you are lucky enough to grab green energy all the time around. When sun has better shine, it takes sunlight for energy. And when winds blow up, it utilizes that as well. And both options work aimultenously too.

Powerful, Reliable Off-Grid Kit – Anytime Energy

Offering 1000Wh, let us sure tell the Eco-Worthy off-grid power kit is a reliable power generator. Wherever you are, you have at least one option left to collect green energy. And as this kit continues to charge your battery virtually all the time, you have power backup always, indeed making it ideal for variety of applications.

Amazing Varieties from Eco-Worthy Team

Eco-Worthy is a big player in designing this kind of wind solar off-grid kits and solar-based power systems. Out there, you can see at least ten varieties of off-grid power solutions from Eco-Worthy. You can pick one to meet your needs. This model is, in fact, a mid variant with a price around $1,000 and moderate power of 1000Wh.

What you May not Like

Though an off-grid power kit, it is not great for camping and other portable use. Yes, it is nice for permanent installation in a house boat, apartment and like that. Also, it is not an easy plug-n-play solution, though it is not quite complex to set up. You need to have a battery unit or boat or RV battery to make use of the kit. And customers report that the included documentation was not much helpful.

What Customers Think

Customers are generally happy with the Eco-Worthy wind solar off-grid kit. As of writing this, has attracted around 30 customer reviews with most of them are happy with the way it works. Its rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on the retail site is not bad, anyway.

Final Thoughts

We have variety of off-grid power solutions on market. This wind solar off-grid kit is surely an amazing concept as long as it helps you accumulate green energy all the time around. To rely completely on solar is not always much recommended for off-grid and emergency use. As you can guess, we can’t tell there will be sunlight all the time in a year. Once we have a system like this wind solar off-grid kit, no doubt, you can ensure power flow whenever there is sun in sky and wind in air. That makes it really a cool product to have a look at.