What about a wind-solar off-grid kit to charge your backups? Well, Eco-Worthy is a brand that sells a variety of hybrid off-grid power systems at affordable prices. As you can guess, these kits combine both the solar and wind turbine sources to produce power. And to charge battery packs in your home, cabin, boat, RV, or trailer. Stay with us for more details on a series of Eco-Worthy wind turbine generator + solar power kits.

Wind-Solar Off-Grid Kit

This is indeed a cool idea to merge solar panels with a wind turbine generator for an off-grid power system. So, you get at least one power source working round the clock to charge your backups. Well, the sun has its intense light during the day, while wind turbine continues the production even in the night. At the end of the day, you are lucky enough to get off-grid power all the time around.

This wind-solar off-grid kit series from Eco-Worthy is suitable for RV, boat, home, and apartments. You can fix them easily anywhere. Fine, the solar wind kits come with a collection of ready-to-use components letting even a layman mount the systems in a matter of time. Yes, you don’t need the help of an electrician to put together your alternative power source with this brilliant wind-solar off-grid kit line-up from Eco-Worthy.

Wind-Solar Off-Grid Kit – Eco-Worthy Off-grid Power Kits

Eco-Worthy, as put it above, offers a line of wind-solar off-grid kit products with different capacities, of course. As of writing this, we have the models ranging from 500W to 1400W. Each variant has a single unit of a 400W wind turbine plus 100W solar panels. So, it is like the 500W basic Eco-Worthy wind-solar kit packs up a turbine and a piece of 100W polycrystalline solar panel. Fine, we would like to explore all variants in detail below. By the way, you can find all models of the Eco-Worthy solar-wind kits on the link below.

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First, let us check out what all the Eco-Worthy hybrid power kits pack up. As said above, all kits have a unit of Eco-Worthy’s popular 400-watt three-bladed wind turbine. That offers a nominal voltage of 12-24V. And it has three pieces of high-quality carbon fiber composite blades that rotate at a diameter of 1.2M. The total weight of the wind turbine is 17.64 lbs and it has got a size of 27.1 x 14.4 x 8.3 inches.

By the way, when it comes to the solar panels, each kit comprises a different number of panels as per the capacity. You have the base model with one unit of a 100W solar panel, as said above. Then, we have a 600-watt kit with two pieces of the panels. Likewise, the 900W kit has five same panels, while the 1000-watt and 1400W Eco-Worthy hybrid power kits respectively feature six and ten units of the panels.

Accessories in Common

All the Eco-Worthy kits include a 12V/24V charge controller and 24cm cable with MC4 connector in common. At the same time, the top-end 1000W and 1400W models also pack  1500-watt off-grid power inverter other than the controller and cables. So, you just need to set up the kits and connect to batteries to make them complete off-grid power solutions. And you can buy charge controller separately for the base kits, however. Eco-Worthy also offers the detailed diagrams of the hybrid power kits to help the buyers set up the systems quickly.

Why Should You Buy

1. All-in-One Off-Grid Hybrid Power Kits

Coming to the specialties, first, we should notice the all-in-one feature of the hybrid power kits. Yes, as you see, a wind-solar off-grid kit packs up both the solar and wind turbine options to generate energy. That is, you are lucky enough to gather green energy all the time around. Interestingly, the hybrid systems are capable to utilize both the solar and wind turbine options at the same time for power production. So you get fast results.

2. Highly Reliable Off-Grid Power Kits

With multiple output options, let us sure judge that the Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kit variants are a highly reliable source of power. Wherever you are, you have at least one option left to collect the energy. And as long as the kits continue to charge your backups virtually all the time, they are ideal for many off-grid applications.

3. Multiple Variants for Different Outputs

Eco-Worthy is indeed a big player in selling this kind of wind-solar off-grid kit products. Apart from this series of off-grid hybrid power kits, the company offers a large variety of other solar or wind power kits as well. Of course, Eco-Worthy is a highly reliable brand for people, who look for various off-grid power solutions.

Why Don’t You Buy

The Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kit is never for campers or hikers. Though working on a simple technology, they are not easy plug-and-play systems. You will need to mount the panels, set up the wind turbine, and put together the other components to realize your off-grid power solution. So, you can buy the hybrid power kits to mount over an RV, boat, houseboat, apartment, or home. Again, the Eco-Worthy products are not good for someone, who looks to build an off-grid power solution for camping or other outdoor events.

What Customers Think

Customers are generally happy with the Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kit series. There are indeed several takers for the solar and wind power kits. The rating of the products is also very good on all leading retail sites like Amazon. Use the link above to check all the reviews and rating before you buy the off-grid power kits.

Final Thoughts

We have a variety of off-grid power solutions on the market. This wind-solar off-grid kit series from Eco-Worthy is surely a brilliant concept as long as they help you accumulate green energy all the time around. To rely fully on solar is not always much recommended for off-grid life and emergency situations. No one cant guarantee sunlight for all the days a year. Once there is a wind-solar off-grid kit, you can ensure power whenever there is the sun in sky and winds in the air. Share your comments about the product below.