Looking to install a hybrid wind solar off-grid power unit? Then, this WindMax wind turbine generator kit is a great pick that is worth a look at. The HY400 WindMax wind turbine in itself, as its name suggests, is a 400W 12V wind generator with solar output capability. Well, that means you can also connect it with a solar unit to boost up energy production off the grid.

WindMax Wind Turbine Generator

It is not always a good idea to rely only on a single solution for off-grid power. Solar and wind are two highly recommended and reliable options to go with. Certainly, this WindMax wind turbine generator kit is one of the best picks you can find in the growing small wind turbine industry. Besides its featured high quality build, it ensures good performance at lower wind speeds.

Moreover, as you see, added with solar (not included), you get extra volume of alternative energy. Needless to say, a home wind turbine like this is a wonderful investment for all. You get unlimited energy from wind and solar, which do not only cut down your grid power bill but also reduce your carbon footprint. By the way, you can set up the WindMax wind turbine generator kit easily in a home or tent to ensure energy round the clock.

WindMax Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Specs wise, WindMax wind turbine generator kit produces 400 watts rated and 500 watts at maximum. And its total output added with solar is 650 watts. By the way, you should buy solar module separately if you want to add solar option to increase output. The wind turbine also doesn’t come with the pole that you see in the pics. In fact, the kit packs up a generator, blades, charge controller and screws.

Great thing with WindMax wind turbine is its high quality build. It is well-engineered to ensure reliability and performance. Off the grid, you must need a power solution that guarantees reliable flow of energy. Moreover, it touts a maintenance free design that gives you consistent performance. Coming to its size, it measures at 45.2 x 18.8 x 10.8 inches and it weighs at 58.4 pounds.

What Makes it Special

Well-Built, Efficient and Reliable Wind Turbine

First of all, WindMax wind turbine is a well-built off-grid power solution. For a small price, you get this highly reliable and efficient wind turbine. As compared to most of its rivaling models, it looks like a very cost-effective small wind turbine to ensure you green energy. The wind turbine unit works very well at lower winds. Thanks to its electromagnetic and aerodynamic speed limitation technologies, you get better results from lower winds with no much maintenance required usually.

Hybrid Wind Solar Off-Grid Power Solution

WindMax wind turbine kit comes with solar compatibility as well. That means you can add a solar unit to it to diversify your sources of green energy. To rely on two options of energy is always an awesome idea off the grid. As you know, winds usually blow at its best in evenings and mornings. As you have a solar option, you can utilize midday sunshine as well to make a bit of energy to add to your total output. This unit of wind off-grid power generator, as you know, supports 150 watts solar panel.

What you May not Like

Its installation may not be much easier though the company claims it is easy to mount. Firstly, it doesn’t come with a pole. You need to buy a pole separately or set it up on an alternative solution that offers stability to get off its rotations. Also, it doesn’t include a solar panel. You should buy the solar module separately.

What Customers Think

Customer response to the WindMax wind turbine kit is quite good. As of writing this, around 20 people have put their comments on Amazon with a total rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Of course, most people have added positive notes about the product. Several customers have bought the hybrid wind solar solution to power up their small homes, cabins and work sites.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you get a stunning off-grid power solution with WindMax wind turbine generator kit. All what you want to buy separately are a unit of power bank and a pole. And if you want to go solar, buy a solar panel too. Absolutely, the turbine kit has a host of advanced features to easily convert lower winds to power. And added with solar, you get a complete 650W off-grid power solution to give power virtually round the clock.