Zareba Systems, as you know, is the largest supplier of electric fence systems in North America. Since 1940, it has been doing quite well in electric fencers. Here we would like to have a look at its line-up of solar-powered fence energizers. Of course, a solar fence charger has a lot of advantages over a regular AC unit. First off, they ensure increased portability because you don’t need the grid connectivity to run a solar fencer. Stay with us for our list of the best Zareba solar fence charger solutions below.

Zareba Solar Fence Chargers

Solar fence chargers are the finest ways to keep nuisance animals at the bay. You can place it in your distant farms, garden, pastures, and an outhouse. Since it works purely on solar power, you don’t need to reach the grid connection to the location. Well, the built-in solar panel on a solar fencer recharges the included battery. Most of the fencer batteries are capable to store enough power for the system to work for many days. That means, once fully charged, it would be working nicely even if there were some cloudy days after.

Best Zareba Solar Fence Charger Models

Zareba Systems offers solar fence chargers under multiple brands like Zareba, Fi-Shock, and Red Snap’r. All the brands cater to different needs of the customers mainly in terms of the distance range and output power. We would like to explore all the top-selling models of the Zareba solar fence charger models below. So, it would be much helpful for you to find the best solar charger from the brand. Stay with us after the break and get ready to find a model to safeguard your garden, farmlands, and home from the nuisance animals of any type.

1. Zareba 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Fence Charger

Fine, we would like to start the list with the famous 10-mile Zareba low impedance fence charger. This 0.15-joule solar energizer is indeed an ideal pick to block short-haired animals from entering your premises. Well, this is a nice fence charger for moderate vegetation conditions. It packs up a powerful 6V 12Amp battery that could store enough power to operate the energizer up to two weeks even if there was no sun. Use the button below to buy a unit of the solar fence charger and stay with us for more details after the break.

It has got a decent distance rating. If you have steel wire with no weeds, this charger could over up to 10 miles, while polywire limits its distance to nearly half. Of course, you could set up the Zareba charger easily. Thanks to the integrated mounting bracket, you could quickly set it on t-posts, y-posts, or round-wood posts. Also, you could attach it to a wall or other surfaces, but make sure it would get enough sunlight during the daytime.

Why Should You Buy

  • 10-Mile Law Impedance Solar Fence Charger.
  • 0.15-Joule Output and 6V 12Amp Battery Inside.
  • Fully Charged Battery Could Operate it up to Two Weeks.
  • Easy to Mount Thanks to the Built-in Mounting Bracket.
  • Red Fence OK Indicator Light.

2. Zareba 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Charger

It is another top-seller of Zareba solar fence charger solutions. The 0.10-joule solar-powered low impedance charger is ideal for 5 miles of your fences under optimal conditions. This could contain smaller and exotic animals from entering the garden and pastures. Well, it remarkably features a patented mechanical heliotropic technology to turn automatically on the T-post to clearly face the sun. So, it could gather as much as solar energy during the day and store it in the included battery for real-time and later operation of the fencer.

It packs a decent 6V battery inside. Further, it features a “Fence OK” indicator as it is with the above model. So, you could see whether the fence charger is working or not. As per Zareba Systems, this is an ideal system for conditions with no weeds as well as light weeds. By the way, if you have more weeds, the distance rating of the fence charger will obviously be limited. Follow the button above to order a unit of this Zareba energizer.

Why Should You Buy

  • 5-Mile Solar Powered Fence Charger.
  • 0.10-Joule Output and 6V Battery Inside.
  • Ideal for Moderate Vegetation Conditions.
  • Patented Mechanical Heliotropic Technology.
  • Red Fence OK Indicator Light.

3. Zareba 30-Mile Solar Fence Charger

Next, we have one of the most powerful Zareba solar fence charger solutions. This is a 0.5-joule fence charger with a 30-mile distance rating as its title says. And it has got a powerful battery. Once fully charged, it could keep your fence running for around two weeks without the sun. By the way, it supports a variety of the commonly-used fencing materials like high tensile wire, polywire, polyrope, and polytape. Indeed, you could use it to control wildlife and livestock effectively. Follow the button below to order a unit of the fencer.

Zareba 30-Mile Solar Fence Charger

It comes up with a 5-watt solar panel. During the day, it would power up the 12V internal battery. The overall set-up of the Zabera 30-mile solar fence charger is quite easy. You can just mount it on a T-pole and link to the fencing. By the way, though a 30-mile fencer, excessive weeds across your fence would absolutely limit the distance rating. So, if you have longer fencing, it is always better to clean the weeds first for the best results.

Why Should You Buy

  • 30-Mile Powerful Solar Fence Charger.
  • 5-Watt Solar Panel to Charge the Battery.
  • 0.5-Joule Low-Impedance Fence Charger.
  • One of the Powerful Zareba Solar Fence Chargers.

4. Zareba 2-Mile Solar Fence Low Impedance Charger

It is a cost-effective solar fence charger to control small animals in your garden and properties. This works perfectly with aluminum and steel fencing materials and is ideal only for weed-free locations. Specs-wise, as the title suggests, this is a 2-mile solar fence low impedance charger. It equips a 4V battery inside. And thanks to its highly portable design, you can move it around your property and apply to stay away from the pests.

You could easily mount the Zareba solar fence charger on a pole. It comes up with a built-in mounting bracket that fits T-posts, Y-posts, and round posts. You could also set it up on flat surfaces, wall and etc. Like all similar products, it features a Fence OK light indicator to let you see when it works. Overall, it is one of the best-selling Zareba solar fence charger solutions, thanks to its budget price and handy design.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2-Mile Solar Fence in Weed-Free Conditions.
  • 0.04-Joule Output and 4V Battery.
  • Handy and Portable Fence Charger.
  • Fence OK Light Indicator.
  • Perfect for Small Animals and Pets.
  • Affordable Price and Cost Effective.

5. Fi-Shock 10-Mile Solar Electric Fence Charger

It is the top-end variant of Zareba’s Fi-Shock series of solar electric fence chargers. As you see, this is a 10-mile energizer with a decent output of 0.15 joule. That is, the Fi-Shock device could energize your fence of 10 miles in ideal weed-free conditions. It would work with all popular fencing materials like aluminum, steel, polytape, polywire, and etc. That indeed makes it one of the finest Zareba solar fence charger models.

Fi-Shock 10-Mile Solar Electric Fence Charger

The battery inside the Fi-Shock device is a 6V one. And thanks to the low impedance technology, there is a less battery drain, of course. Anyway, it is another top-seller solar fencer to help you control wildlife, livestock, pets, and other nuisance animals from entering your garden or farm in remote locations, where you have no access to the grid power. Follow the button above to buy a unit of the Fi-Shock fence charger.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 10-Mile Solar Fencer Energizer.
  • 0.15-Joule Output for Better Results.
  • Decently Powerful 6V Battery.
  • Low Impedance Technology Slows Down Battery Drain.

6. Fi-Shock 5-Mile Solar Electric Fence Charger

As you see, it is the medium variant of Fi-Shock line of fence chargers. What you get is a 5-mile solar 0.1-joule fence energizer that you could ideally use to safeguard your plots from small nuisance animals. You get the device with a 6-volt battery and it works with all common fencing materials like steel and aluminum. The low impedance technology helps reduce the battery drain. Use the link below to buy a unit of it.

This is again a handy and compact device. You can just move it around in your property by carrying on its built-in handle. And make use of solar energy to keep away all types of smaller nuisance animals. Its set-up is very easy as it integrates mounting bracket. Coming to the price, it is a very affordable one and so is a good choice to go with for small plots, gardens, and pastures, for sure.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2-Mile Range Under Optimal Conditions.
  • 4VDC Battery and 0.1-Joule Fence Charger.
  • Low Impedance Technology for Less Drain on Battery.
  • Ideal for Small Nuisance Animals and Pests.
  • Handy and Portable Solar Fence Charger.

7. Fi-Shock 2-Mile Solar Electric Fence Charger

Finally, on our list of the Zareba solar fence chargers, we have the entry-level variant of the Fi-Shock line-up. It is simply a 2-mile fence energizer with a 0.04-joule output. Apart from the distance range and the output, it is nearly the same device as its 5-mile and 10-mile variants. You have a compact and handy solar fence charger that you can move around in your properties, mount easily and connect to the fence.

The included battery is a 4V unit and it gets charged with the integrated solar cell. You could use it with all the common fencing materials and its low impedance technology makes it reduce battery drain issue. Overall, you get a low-price variant of the Fi-Shock solar fencers to safeguard your plots from many small nuisance animals including wildlife and livestock. Follow the link above to buy a unit of the fence charger.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2-Mile Solar Fence Energizer.
  • 0.04-Joule Output and 4V Battery Inside.
  • Handy and Easy to Use Solar Fencer.
  • Perfect for Preventing Small Nuisance Animals.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Zareba solar fence charger solutions. We have tried to include all the popular models from the brand. So, it would be much helpful for you to find the best one that suits your needs and budget. It is a fact that all the solar fence chargers basically have the same features and specs, except their output and distance range. Yes, they are indeed the two major factors you should consider while buying a solar electric fence charger. By the way, share your thoughts about the listicle in the comments below.

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