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AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generator: 4800Wh Heavy-Duty Portable Home Battery Vs EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti EP500

AllPowers is to unveil a massive solar power station. Branded as AllPowers Monster Pro solar generator, it is a 4800Wh heavy-duty solar power station with a 3500W inverter. We are not sure whether it is an expandable device like EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti EP500.

AllPowers is, of course, working with the new product to raise tough competition to the big devices from the brands like EcoFlow and Bluetti. As you know, Delta Pro and EP500 are currently the biggest power stations on the market with modular features.

The company is to unveil Monster Pro on Indiegogo and it has already appeared in the Indiegogo upcoming projects, and we are not sure when exactly it will be available for pre-ordering. Anyway, we would like to have a short look at its features and compare it against its potential competitors.

AllPowers Monster Pro Solar Generator

AllPowers Monster Pro is basically a 3.5kWh power station. Like EcoFlow, AllPowers has introduced it as a home backup power station, thanks to its massive battery pack.

That said, you can connect it to your grid and enjoy unrivaled backup support. Solar compatibility will further make you enjoy an enhanced backup facility at your home, worksites, and more.

The stylish power station will have as many as 13 charging outlets with multiple AC sockets. With its high output, you can use it to power up heavy-duty appliances such as air conditioners, washers, microwaves, and more in outdoor events.

The AllPowers machine is also to have faster input. With a 2000W solar and 2000W AC input, you can charge it up to 80% in under two hours. Besides solar, it will also support charging from other options like EV stations, wall outlets, wind turbines, carports, and more.

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