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Best Solar Attic Fans: 10 Best-Rated Solar Attic Fans to Lower Temperature in Your Attic Spaces

Solar attic fans are the fine ways to cool down your attic spaces. In the summertime, heat in your attic spaces may rush up to 150 degrees, while in the wintertime, moisture may get accumulated in the upper parts of your attic. The best solar attic fans can solve the issues neatly.

As you know, a regular, grid-powered attic fan will add a significant amount to your power bills as attic fans are expected to run constantly for longer hours. Also, you will have to put a power cable to the top of your attic if that is not already done during the home construction.

It is here solar attic fans are highly cost-effective solutions. Moreover, setting up a solar fan in your attic is a more practical idea as long as it is easy to get enough sunlight in the attic.

Best Solar Attic Fans

We have different types of solar attic fans on the market today. As per their size, performance, and look, you get a variety of models. In general, we have two types of solar-powered attic fans; standalone and two-piece models.

As its name suggests, a standalone model has both the fan and solar panel built into a single unit. Meanwhile, a separate model has the solar panel and the fan in two pieces, and so you can place the solar panel in the right spot where it can attract maximum sunlight.

Apparently, solar attic fans turn up with small solar panels with output in between 20 watts and 70 watts. We would like to include different types of solar attic fans on our list below.

1. Amtrak Solar 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan

We are glad to start the list with an Amtrak Solar product. Amtrak is a leading solar fan vendor in the US with a big variety of solar attic fans at amazing prices. This model, as you see in the title, comes with a 70W crystalline poly solar panel and 12V DC fan in a 14-in case.

With a powerful solar panel, the fan will be working all day. As soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel, the fan will start to run. Of course, this is a cool attic fan to keep your house cool during the summer. Use the button below to check out the recent price of the solar attic fan.

It is an easy-to-install solar attic fan. You don’t need the help of an electrician to fix it. And no holes are required in the roof, as well. It will fit neatly in the gable or attic space of your home, RV, and garage. Along with the fan comes 25-feet additional wire and mounting brackets also.

Of course, Amtrak is a leading vendor of solar attic fans out there. The USA-made products keep good quality and so you can buy a model with no worry. Follow the button above to check out different models of the brand’s solar attic fans and cool down your interior constantly.

Notable Features

  • Powerful Separate Solar Attic Fan.
  • 70W High-Quality Crystalline Solar Panel.
  • 12V DC Attic Fan With 14-Inch Housing.
  • Perfect for Homes, RVs, Garages, and More.

2. Eco-Worthy Solar-Powered Attic Fan

Eco-Worthy, a leading supplier of renewable energy products, offers multiple solar attic fans. This model is one of the brand’s top sellers. As you see, it is a standalone unit with a built-in small solar panel and a tiny fan.

The round-shaped attic fan is a fully automatic one, which you can comfortably fit in your RV’s plumbing cap.

This is also a cool choice for the small rooms in your home or a remote cabin. Though a smaller solar attic fan, it can ensure a better experience inside your rooms by perfectly preventing heat build-up with better ventilation. Check out the product on the link below.

This is also featuring a built-in rechargeable battery. So, it can store some power for the day and night operation of the fan. The device is also water-resistant and noise-free. That will let you sleep under it in peace, for sure.

Above all, what you get is an amazingly simple attic fan. It needs no wires and cables. You can just mount it anywhere, but this particular fan is quite suitable for your RVs, trailers, caravans, greenhouses, and more.

Notable Features

  • Simple and Small Standalone Attic Fan. 
  • Built-In Solar Panel and Attic Fan. 
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery.
  • Perfect Pick for RVs, Campers, and Greenhouses.

3. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36-Watt Bronze

Next, on our list of the best solar attic fans, we have a product from Natural Light. This is the 36-watt variant of the brand, which sells multiple solar attic fans. This standalone device’s fan is capable of offering you cool air in an attic space of up to 1628 CFM for up to 2625 Sq. Ft. area.

Meanwhile, as its name suggests, the base of the fan features a bronze-shaded powder coating finish. And the 36W poly solar panel sits on it neatly. Overall, the device shows off a commercial quality construction. Check out the latest price of the attic fan on the link below.

This is also an easy-to-install solar attic fan. You can set it up in your attic space in a matter of time without the help of an electrician, for sure. Notably, the device has got an adjustable tilt solar panel so you can angle it in a way it can attract quite enough sunlight.

The included motor is a silent one and it touts a motor isolation bracket. Meanwhile, the built-in fan is a cool 5-wing variant. The device features a protective animal screen for longevity and durability. That is how it becomes one of the best solar attic fans to cool down your attic areas.

Notable Features

  • Powerful and Easy to Install Standalone Solar Attic Fan.
  • 36-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel Integrated.
  • Built-In Silent and Powerful 5-Wing Attic Fan.
  • Bronze-Shaded Protective Powder Coating Finish.

4. Remington 25-Watt Solar Attic Fan

Next, we have a Remington product on our list of the best solar attic fans. As its title says, it is the 25W variant of the brand’s much-touted attic fans powered by a solar panel. It is capable of reducing the temperature and moving the moisture in your attic wonderfully.

The US-designed attic fan is indeed a pick worth buying if you are looking for a cool product of the kind. Once fixed in your attic, it will work in service of you for a long time, by removing the destructive moisture and pulling out the heated air. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Specs-wise, it features a 25W solar panel with a decent attic fan. That can ideally ventilate your attic area up to 1,800 sq/ft. Another brilliant thing is that its fan features a built-in humidistat as well as a thermostat.

It is an easy-to-install solar attic fan. You can easily mount it in your attic space, RV, camper, and trailers and enjoy cool air in your living spaces at the cost of nothing. The solar panel will be powering it up for free.

Notable Features

  • Powerful Standalone Solar Attic Fan.
  • 25-Watt Built-In Solar Panel.
  • Brushless 24V DC Motor (Fan).
  • Perfect for RVs, Campers, and Home.

5. Eco-Worthy 30W Solar Powered Attic Fan

This is another attic fan from Eco-Worthy. Different from the above one, it is a two-piece model that you get it with the solar panel and attic fan separately. The included 25W solar cable attic fan is capable of removing the bad air from your attic spaces more efficiently.

This Eco-Worthy attic fan is indeed one of the best-rated options you can find out there. It is, in fact, an ideal gable attic fan with a much powerful fan and high-efficiency PV panel. Well, it can ventilate a space up to 2200 square feet easily. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Meanwhile, the included solar panel is a 30W polycrystalline unit.

That is a foldable one so that you can angle it in the right position as per the availability of sunlight for better efficiency. Plus, the fan can work automatically at lower voltages as well, making sure you would get fresh air in your attic even on a cloudy day.

Of course, on any list of solar attic fans, you can see this Eco-Worthy model. It can ensure cooling under your roofing by reducing the load on your air conditioning system significantly.

Notable Features

  • Powerful 25W Attic Ventilation Fan.
  • 30W Polycrystalline Foldable Solar Panel.
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor.
  • Perfect for Homes, RVs, Cabins, and More.

6. Pumplus 30W Solar Powered Attic Fan

Here is another popular solar attic fan on the market. The Pumplus attic fan can make sure a significant cut on your air conditioning cost. This fan is designed to provide cool air in an area of over 2000 square feet of attic space, thanks to its capacity of 1274 CFM.

This model, as you see in the photo, comes in two parts; the solar panel and the attic fan. The included solar panel is a 30W foldable unit and the fan is a high-quality metal unit. Check out the button below to buy a unit of the attic gable fan.

The Pumplus solar attic fan integrates a 14.8V/2600mAh lithium battery pack. So, it can work all the time around as it can store power for use on days without sunlight.

The solar panel, in the meantime, comes with an adjustable angle bracket. It would let you angle the same as per the availability of the sun to ensure better exposure to the sunlight.

Notable Features

  • Powerful 30W Solar Attic Gable Fan.
  • 30W Foldable Solar Panel. 
  • 14.8V/2600mAh Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Built-in 85-Degree Thermostat.
  • Perfect for Rooms, RVs, and Campers. 

7. QuietCool 40W Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan

The next model on our list of the best solar attic fans is from QuietCool, a famous maker of attic fans. It is a highly powerful, all-in-one attic fan that can smartly lower the temperature in the attic spaces of your home or workspaces.

The QuietCooldevice comes with a built-in 40W solar panel on the top of the set-up. Underneath it has an IP68 waterproof brushless DC motor to ventilate your spaces perfectly in spite of the climatic conditions. Use the link below to check out the latest price of the attic fan.   

Well, you can install the attic fan on a variety of surfaces like the pitched fiberglass asphalt roof. Made with highly durable materials, it can offer you long life irrespective of climate changes.

Meanwhile, it also features an optional snap-on thermostat sensor. That would be a nice choice if you want to set up the attic fan in highly colder climates.

Notable Features

  • Decently Powerful 40W Solar Attic Fan.
  • Easy-to-Install Standalone Design.
  • IP68 Waterproof Brushless DC Motor.
  • Strong and Durable Design for Long Use. 

8. Amtrak Solar 50W Galvanized Steel Solar Attic Fan

It is another popular solar attic fan from Amtrak. As you see in the title, this is a 50W galvanized steel solar attic fan with a 70-watt poly solar panel. The same product is available with a 50-watt solar panel, as well. The included fan features a 14-inch housing with 10-in durable blades.

Well, as you see, both the Amtrak 50W and 70W attic fan kits include the same high-efficiency motor, which touts galvanized steel fan blades for better durability and longer lifespan. Anyway, check out the button below to see the latest prices of both Amtrak solar attic fans.

Amtrak Solar 40W Galvanized Steel Solar Attic Fan

The powerful attic fan is very to install in your attic. You don’t need the help of a professional to fix it. You can do it yourself. As you see, the solar panel and the fan are two separate parts. So, you can fix the panel in a spot with better exposure to the sunlight.

Apart from the solar panel and attic fan, the kits feature mounting brackets, screws, and cables. The firm offers a 25-year warranty for the product. So, you get a wonderful solar attic fan made in the USA by Amtrak.

Notable Features

  • Highly Powerful 50W Solar Attic Fan.
  • 70W High-Efficiency Poly Solar Panel.
  • Motor with Galvanized Steel Fan Blades. 
  • Available with a 50W Solar Panel Also.

9. Broan 28W Surface Mount Attic Fan

Broan’s 28W solar attic fan is another nice pick for better ventilation of your spaces.

It is actually designed for mounting over your roof. Well, grabbing sunlight from dawn to dusk, it can make your attic space cool and dry in different seasons. It can ventilate a maximum of 537 CFM and remove air from 3,222 cubic foot attic.

Of course, it is a perfectly designed standalone attic fan with many cool features. You can neatly mount it on your roof with better exposure to the sunlight. The included fan is a 5-blade high-quality one that can offer fresh air in your attic space.

Moreover, Broan’s product is one of the best solar attic fans with its solid and durable design. The device features a housing made with UV-stabilized and rugged ABS plastic. The included solar panel, made of tempered glass, can also withstand deterioration in the future.

Above all, it has got a 12-inch single-piece aluminum 5-blade fan. It is superbly designed to allow the maximum fresh air in your attic spaces. That is how you can nicely turn your living or bedroom cool and save a notable amount on your power bill.

Notable Features

  • Medium-Sized 28W Standalone Solar Attic Fan.
  • High-Quality Stainless-Steel Metal Motor. 
  • Small Built-In Solar Panel.
  • Strong and Durable Housing for the Motor. 

10. Solatek Solar Ventilation Fan

Finally, we have a smaller and compact solar ventilation fan on our list of the best solar attic fans. It is from a brand called Solatek. This is, in fact, an ideal pick for your boats, RVs, small rooms, and cabins and it comes in both white and black variants.

Specs-wise, the Solatek solar attic fan integrates a small solar cell and a rechargeable battery inside. So, you can use it day and night. A fully charged battery can run the fan for 6 to 8 hours continuously with no sunlight. Use the link below to check out the latest price of the fan.

It is an extremely silent and water-resistant ventilator fan. With a size of 8.58 inches diameter and outer height of 1.3 inches, you can ideally fix it in your vehicles as well as small rooms. It features an in/off/on the switch to let you manage its operation smoothly.

The built-in intake and exhaust blades can move the bad air in your attic up to 1000 cubic feet an hour during the day. Meanwhile, when it runs on the battery, it can remove up to 900 cubic feet of air per hour.

Notable Features

  • Compact Solar Attic Fan for Your RVs, Boats.
  • Built-In Solar Cell and Rechargeable Battery Inside.
  • Available in White and Black Shades.
  • Perfect for Vehicles Like RVs, Campers, and More.


1. What Is the Best Brand of Solar Attic Fan?

A lot of brands offer quality solar attic fans. Eco-Worthy, Amtrak, Natural Light, Pumplus, Boran, iLiving are a few to name. We have included the best-seller products of all the above brands on our list. So, it will be easy for you to find the best solar attic fan to cool down your attic spaces.

2. Is Solar Attic Fan Worth It?

Technically, the idea behind using a solar attic fan in your attic space is quite viable. The fan can easily accept power from the sunlight and operate continuously for long hours at no cost, at all.

But the efficacy of a solar attic fan really depends on the factors like the capacity of the fan, size of the attic, weather of the location, and more. Solar attic fans are generally low-power units.

A solar attic fan of 1000 CFM can move enough air in your attic, but if there is a scorching sun above, there is less chance it can lower the overall temperature of a moderately sized attic.

But you can try multiple solar attic fans to cool down the interior in that case. The investment needed for multiple solar attic fans can be challenging for a homeowner, however.

3. Does a Solar Attic Fan Save Money?

Of course, it does. A solar attic fan saves your money in two ways. First, it runs on solar power and so you can save on your power bill directly. Second, as it helps regulate the temperature in your attic the efficiency of your air conditioning system improves obviously.

4. Solar Attic Fan Vs Electric: Is Solar or Electric Attic Fan Better?

If you want to cool down your attic faster and more efficiently, an electric attic fan is obviously the best. But, as electric attic fans are powerful units, they will consume more power.

A solar attic fan works at no cost but is always a low-power model. Price-wise, solar attic fans are quite expensive, compared to the electric variants, however. So, it is up to you to decide on what of a solar attic fan vs electric attic fan will match your requirements.

Why Solar Attic Fans

Let us check out the reasons why you should buy solar attic fans to cool down your attic spaces.

1. Cut on Your Power Bill

The primary reason is that you can get a cut on your power bills. You need to run attic fans constantly to ensure fresh air inside your attic spaces. It is not always expensive to rely on electricity to do so.

It is here a solar attic fan will come in the help of you. They will run your fans all the time around with solar energy. Though most of the best solar attic fans are battery-free plug-and-play solutions, some models are there with built-in rechargeable power backup options.

So, you can utilize solar power to keep your attic spaces fresh round the clock. During the day, it would be running on the solar energy directly, and in the nighttime by the stored power in the battery.

2. Easy-to-Install and Operate

It is another lovely thing with solar attic fans. All the best solar attic fans are DIY solutions. You can fix them and start removing the heated air to cool your attic space. The function of an attic fan is also very simple. It works instantly after the sunlight hits the included solar panel.

3. Perfect for Small Rooms, RVs, and Campers

Solar attic fans are not heavy machines. They are small devices with low-power profiles to remove bad air from your small living spaces. In that sense, they are surely ideal picks for your small rooms, cabins, RVs, campers, trailers, and more. We have listed out some of the best attic fans suitable for such small living spaces above.

4. Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Of course, running on solar power, attic fans are eco-friendly. Everybody wants free energy and looks for environmentally powerful solutions. So, you can better try an attic fan at least in your small rooms, RVs, campers, and more. For larger rooms, solar attic fans may not be a good choice, though.

Why Not Solar Attic Fans

Absolutely, some experts claim that solar attic fans are not powerful enough to remove the sufficient bad air to lower the attic temperature of a big room. An average solar attic fan can only pull out less than 1,000 cubic feet a minute, which would contribute nothing to the decrease of temperature.

Anyway, we would like to recommend you try out an attic fan in your small living spaces only. It would surely work finely in small enclosures like RVs, cabins, campers, and small bedrooms as well. If you have another experience, share them in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar attic fans. We certainly have included all the best-selling models on our list. All the products are simple, easy-to-install solutions. You can fix them yourself on your wall or roof and enjoy cool air inside your attic space without adding anything to your power bills. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.


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