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Best Solar-Powered Refrigerators: 10 Top Solar Powered Fridges and Freezers for Outdoor Life

Are you looking at buying a portable solar refrigerator? Several brands offer different types of solar coolers, solar refrigerators, and solar freezers. With one, you can keep foods and drinks fresh as you roam around. Here, we go with a list of the best solar-powered refrigerators.

A solar refrigerator is basically a battery-powered portable refrigerator.

It becomes a solar one if it features a facility for recharging its built-in battery with a solar panel. Being an outdoor enthusiast or tailgater, you might already have a reliable solar power source with you. So, you can easily get the power for running a solar freezer from the sunlight.

A solar refrigerator simply makes you travel without ice. As the cooler is an electric appliance, you are lucky enough to ensure ideal cooling outdoors without the need for carrying ice. That is what makes you store foods and drinks fresh and cold for several days.


AcoPower LionCooler X50A Solar Cooler



  • 50-Liter Portable Solar Freezer and Cooler.
  • LCD Display – Easy Control Unit and Monitor.
  • Rechargeable Via AC and DC, and Solar Sources.

BougeRV 53Q Solar Car Refrigerator



  • 53W Large-Capacity Solar Car Refrigerator.
  • Compressor Refrigeration Technology.
  • Eco Mode with 45W Low Power Consumption.
  • 45dB Low Noise and Battery Protection.

Alpicool CF55 Solar Refrigerator/Freezer



  • 55-Liter Portable Solar Freezer or Cooler.
  • LCD Display, Built-In LED, and Internal Basket.
  • Portable Handles on Both Sides for Easy Moving.

Best Solar Powered Refrigerators and Freezers

Portability is indeed a key attraction of a solar freezer.

Outdoor enthusiasts have been long relying on ice-based coolers in their adventures. Thanks to the advancements in battery technology, electric coolers came into life in large varieties. Coupled with the solar panels, these coolers are apparently more ideal for off-grid applications.

Of course, there is an extensive variety of solar-friendly portable coolers on the market. What all matters are your preferences regarding the size and capacity that will make you choose a matching model. Technically, most coolers have the same settings, but some rare models have unique features, however. Stay tuned for our list below.

1. AcoPower LionCooler X50A Solar Fridge

The first one on our list is from AcoPower, a key vendor of off-grid power systems.

Its line of LionCooler solar-ready fridges is very trendy and highly recommended for outdoor use. Here, we have the top-end model of its series called LionCooler X50A, a 50-liter quick-cooling fridge, which takes up only 20 minutes to reach 32°F.

The AcoPower fridge has three options for charging, including solar. The other options are an AC wall outlet and a carport. When it comes to solar charging, a 12V max 120W solar panel is an ideal option to power it up from the sun. Check out the latest price of the freezer on the link below.

Well, a fully-charged AcoPower LionCooler can work for as many as 10 hours in a 0℃/32℉ temperature setting. That said, it simply comes out to be a highly dependable device for all outings, camping, and adventures. Its built-in LCD display doubles as a control unit and a monitor, too.

What’s more, its highly portable design is another attraction. It has got a cart-style profile, letting you easily move it with not much hassle. You can drag it on its six-in solid wheels on any terrain. The AcoPower cooler integrates Bluetooth connectivity, which will enable you to manage it on your phone or tablet remotely.

For the solar charger, the brand recommends its famous 90-watt folding solar charger (paid link). That is a 3-fold suitcase-style charger made of highly efficient SunPower mono solar cells, which can ensure a conversion rate of up to 25%.

By the way, this machine is available in other options like 15L, 30L, and 40L.

Why Should You Buy

  • 50L Portable Solar Freezer and Cooler Combo. 
  • Highly Portable with Durable Roller Wheels.
  • LCD Display – Easy Control Unit and Monitor.
  • Perfect for Outdoors with 10-Hour Battery Life.
  • Rechargeable Via AC and DC, and Solar Panel.
  • Multiple Sizes Available for Your Budget and Needs.

2. BougeRV 53-Quart Solar Car Refrigerator

Next, we have an incredible product from BougeRV, a growing vendor of RV parts, and a variety of renewable energy solutions.

As you see in the title, this is a 53-quart solar chargeable car refrigerator. With its immense size, it can accommodate over 70 cans of 335 ml Cola and 40 cans of 550ml drinking water.

Well, the refrigerator has a dual compartment design. It helps you ensure cooling for the items like fruit, veggies, and dairy products in the small cooling compartment. And the large freezer compartment is fine for freezing food items, beverages, and water.

BougeRV Solar Car Refrigerator 53-Quart


The 12V/24V BougeRV car refrigerator comes with advanced compressor refrigeration technology, which makes you achieve fast cooling in just 16 minutes from 77℉ to 32℉. The integrated LED display also acts as a touch control so that you can fully manage its operation quite easily.

It features various modes for perfect management of food items and beverages, including an Eco Mode and Max Mode respectively for 45W and 60W energy saving and fast cooling options.

As a 12/24W fridge, you can run it on a solar panel or solar power station, quite obviously. Also, it works on your car or other vehicle’s charging port or a regular 110~240V wall outlet.

Overall, you get one of the coolest and best solar-powered refrigerators with a lot of exciting features with the BougeRV product.

BougeRV offers a 20W high-efficiency solar charger for the refrigerator.

Why Should You Buy

  • 53-Quart Large-Capacity Solar Refrigerator. 
  • Compressor Refrigeration Technology for Fast Cooling.
  • 45W low Power Consumption with Eco Mode.
  • 45dB Low Noise and Battery Protection Technology. 
  • Perfect for Large Outdoor Parties and Events.

3. Dometic CFX 100W 12V Portable Solar Cooler

Next, we have Dometic, another leading vendor of portable solar refrigeration systems. Obviously, you get the Dometic solar coolers in multiple options, starting from a 10.5L model.

On this list, we have a midrange 88-liter variant, a 12/24V DC or 110V AC fridge that you can smoothly run on a powerful solar panel.

The Dometic refrigerator comes in a light and dark gray color and is made of durable high-impact polyethylene. That is how it becomes an excellent choice for outdoor uses. You can carry it in your trucks, trailers, and boats with no issue. Thanks to its large size, it can hold around 146 cans.

Dometic CFX 100W 12V Portable Solar Cooler

Amazingly, the Dometic solar freezer also touts a sound energy management system. So, you can run it for long hours in the wild on a single recharge. Other than the solar panel, you can power it up from an AC socket or a car charger, as well. The included compressors are also made of high-quality materials for long life.

For easy moving, it has got dual sturdy handles on both sides. Plus, it has a small screen to help you monitor its performance and vital system information. Above all, coming up in different sizes, you can simply identify the best solar-powered refrigerators for your needs and budget from the brand.

Why Should You Buy

  • 88-L Midrange Portable Solar-Ready Freezer.
  • 12/24V DC Device Suitable for Car and Home.
  • Advanced Battery Management System. 
  • High-Impact Weather-Resistant Polypropylene Case.
  • LED Indicators and Soft-Touch Control Unit. 
  • Portable Handles on Both Sides for Easy Moving.

4. BougeRV 42-Quart Solar Car Refrigerator

It is another impressive solar fridge from BougeRV. As you see in the title, it is a 42-quart variant with nearly the same advanced features as the above model. It comes up with a unique aluminum inner box for ensuring fast cooling to keep foods and beverages cool and fresh outdoors.

Well, the fridge will take only 15 minutes to cool down from 77° F to 32° F. Moreover, the cooler will be able to keep food items cold for a long time even after you turn them off, thanks to its quality engineering for maintaining the inside temperature.

With a size of 42 quarts (40L), the device is indeed a perfect choice to help you pack more into your outdoor adventures. You can store quite enough food items in two of its areas for freezing and refrigeration. Order your unit of the solar fridge on the link below.


For charging it, you have it equipped with two power cables. They are meant to separately connect a 100-240V AC outlet and a 12/24V DC socket. Further, it obviously works with a small solar power system, which makes it an outstanding off-grid refrigeration solution.

Making it more ideal for off-grid use, the machine integrates a USB Quick-Charge port to support your phone or other USB gadgets. An impressive LED panel with touchscreen support makes it more awesome for outdoor use. It also touts an ECO Mode for powering, a MAX Mode for quick cooling, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • 42-Quart Mid-Size Solar Cooler and Refrigerator. 
  • Compressor Refrigeration Technology for Fast Cooling.
  • Low Noise and Good Battery Protection Technology. 
  • Two Areas for Refrigeration and Freezing. 
  • Aluminium Inner Box to Maintain Temperature. 
  • Perfect for Outdoor, Off-Grid, and Survival Life. 

5. BougeRV 30-Quart Solar Car Refrigerator

It is another cool solar-based portable cooler from BougeRV. As you see in the title, it is a small variant with a capacity of 30 quarts. The brand also avails a 23-quart variant of its solar coolers apart from the above 53Q and 42Q models.

The cooler touts a fast-cooling compressor refrigeration technology. It can quickly reach a temperature of 32℉ from 77℉ in 16 minutes, and -5℉ in below an hour.  As you see, its compact size makes it suitable for any space in your camping tent, RV, and boat.

BougeRV 30-Quart Solar Car Refrigerator


The BougeRV cooler has an eco-mode for energy-saving operation. In this mode, it will consume less than 45W for working. By the way, even if you run it on its maximum power, it won’t consume more than 1kwh a day, thanks to its intelligent cycle operation.

It has a low noise operation, as well. With a noise as low as 45 dB, you can certainly keep it in your car, RV, or yacht and sleep with no interruptions. As a camping fridge, it features a shock-proof and durable design, as well, So, you can use it in the rough outdoors.

The cooler has a size of 22.68 x 12.60 x 15.5 in and it weighs 22.8lb.

Why Should You Buy

  • 30-Quart Entry-Level Solar Cooler and Refrigerator.
  • Compressor Refrigeration Technology for Quick Cooling.
  • Low Noise and Brilliant Battery Protection Technology.
  • EcoMode for Energy Saving and Long Runtime.
  • Durable and Shock-Proof Build for Rough Outdoor Use.

6. Alpicool CF55 Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Next to the AcoPower LionCooler series of solar freezers, we have another popular line of solar refrigerators from a famous brand called, Alpicool. Here, for this list, we have taken one of the top-end variants of the series. As the title says, it is a 55-liter portable freezer that you can run with a solar panel for cooling in the wild.

Of course, if you are looking at buying a portable freezer or cooler to keep foods fresh and cold in the wild, the Alpicool is certainly an incredible choice. Coming up in more sizes like 45-liter and 35-liter, you actually get a line-up of highly reliable portable solar coolers.


The Alpicool freezer has got a very practical and functional design.

With an LCD screen and digitized temperature adjustment, it is easy for you to manage the freezer. Plus, it also features a built-in LED light as well as an internal basket. The body of the appliance is so strong and durable that you can handle it neatly in the wild.

There are two solid handles on both sides for easier moving.

Also, its vibration-resistant design offers increased safety for the device on the go. For keeping the cooling for long hours, it uniquely highlights advanced sealing and high-dense and thick foam insulation among many other modern features.

Why Should You Buy

  • 55L Portable Solar-Ready Freezer or Cooler.
  • LCD Display, Built-In LED, and Internal Basket.
  • 12/24V DC Device Suitable for Car and Home.
  • Three-Stage Car Battery Protection System.
  • Portable Handles on Both Sides for Easy Moving.
  • Vibration-Resistant Design for Increased Safety.
  • High-Efficiency Compressor with ECO and HH Modes. 

7. AcoPower LionCooler X30A Solar Fridge

This is the base variant of AcoPower’s famous LionCooler solar fridges. As you see in the title, it is a 30-liter device with a 173Wh backup battery. It can work as both a freezer and cooler as you can adjust the temperature inside as per your requirements.

It will take only 20 minutes to reach a temperature of 32°F. Once paired with a PV panel, you get a really cool solar cooler or freezer for all your outdoor and off-grid needs. You no longer need to carry ice in your adventures to keep foods and drinks fresh.

The AcoPower cooler comes with no constraints on power. You can charge it from a wall socket in four to five hours. And you have the solar and car socket options to charge it in outdoor situations. A solar panel of 12V, 80-120W is fine to charge it from the sun.

The battery of the machine is easily replaceable. The brand offers one battery pack extra with the cooler. A fully charged battery can run the machine for up to 10 hours by setting the temperature at 0℃/32℉.

The cooler is indeed very much portable and you get it with strong and large wheels. So, you can carry it anywhere easily on its telescopic carry handle.

Why Should You Buy

  • 30L Compact Solar Freezer and Cooler Combo. 
  • Highly Portable with Strong Roller Wheels.
  • Perfect for Outdoors with 10-Hour Battery Life.
  • Rechargeable Via AC and DC, and Solar Panel.
  • Multiple Models Available With Different Sizes. 

8. Engel Portable Refrigerator Freezer

Here is yet another cool solar-ready portable freezer. It is from a company called Engel and is an 80L top-opening freezer. The AC/DC device can also be powered by a solar panel and it can offer a cooling from 32℉ to 0℃ with variable control. You can easily carry the freezer in your truck, trailer, camper, boat, and more.

It equips an efficient compressor. That draws only lower amps and is one of the most vibration-resistant units of the kind on the market. By the way, like all similar products on our list, the Engel works on battery power of 12V/24V DC or an AC socket, making it nice for outdoors and homes.

The Engel freezer is capable of selecting the voltage between AC and DC automatically. You can use an ideal 80-watt solar panel to recharge it under the sun. In the product package, you get AC and DC cables, carrying handles, mounting screws, and more.

Having a solid coated steel outer case, you can use it in rough outdoor conditions with no worry at all. The built-in heavy-duty removable handles help you carry it anywhere quite conveniently. The product is undoubtedly an ideal pick for different types of people like campers, hunters, fishers, emergency preppers, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • 80-Liter Portable Solar-Ready Freezer.
  • Portable Top-Opening AC/DC Fridge-Freezer.
  • Highly-Efficient and Super-Quiet Compressor.
  • Coated Steel Outer Case for Rough Outdoor Use.
  • Heavy-Duty Removable Handles for Easy Moving.

9. Whynter FM-85G 85-Quart Portable Refrigerator

Next, we have a product from Whynter. As its name suggests, it is an 85-quart (80-liter) portable fridge that works on both 110V AC sockets and 12V DC outlets. A solar panel of 100W and a 12V battery are ideal to run in the wild. With its size, it can accommodate 120 cans, and its temperature is adjustable from 8°F to 50°F.

Well, you can plug in the freezer to both AC and DC power sources at the same time. It works primarily on AC, and secondly on DC. On the move, you can run it on your car’s port or any 12V battery. The product package contains an AC and DC power cord, two removable wire baskets, and more.

Plus, the portable freezer highlights a sturdy and durable outer case. That is made of coated steel to ensure durability for use in rough outdoor conditions. Also, it integrates stainless-steel carrying side handles for easier moving. Thus, you can easily take it into your camper, trailer, boat, and more.

Its maker Whynter also offers the product in many other sizes and capacities. With that, you can surely get one of the best solar-powered refrigerators on the market at a cheaper price. All its products are indeed portable and cost-effective cooling solutions for your recreational and other requirements.

Why Should You Buy

  • 80-Liter Portable Solar-Ready Refrigerator. 
  • Highly-Efficient and Super-Quiet Compressor.
  • Coated Steel Outer Case for Outdoor Applications. 
  • Heavy-Duty Removable Handles for Easy Moving.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Capacities.

10. GoSun Chill Solar Cooler

GoSun Chill is a famous solar cooler from GoSun, a key vendor of portable power solutions like solar stoves and solar chargers. It is a 40L solar cooler that needs no ice to keep foods and drinks fresh and cold. Along with GoSun’s folding solar charger or solar table, you get a great way to keep the quality of your foods in the wild.

The GoSun cooler is made of good quality materials. Its closed-cell is built with polyurethane foam and the inside compressor is a DC brushless one that runs on 12V/24V and draws 35-45 watts. Apart from solar panels, you can also run it on AC power or a carport. Check out the product with the brand’s solar table on the link below.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler


As you see, the GoSun Chill bundle contains GoSun’s SolarTable 60 and PowerBank. If you are looking for a solar cooler for an outdoor event, it is indeed a cool choice. The 60W collapsible table is a superb way to power up the ice-free cooler. It is made with tempered glass as the top of the table that you can use as a regular table.

The cooler can stay cooler for up to 14 hours at 80°F. The included 144Wh power bank has got three USB ports and 200-lumen light. So, you get a complete package of the solar fridge, solar table, and power bank for unlimited off-grid power as well as portable cooling. GoSun sells the cooler in other outdoor-friendly bundles, too.

Why Should You Buy

  • 40-Liter High-Quality Portable Solar Cooler. 
  • Packed with 60W Solar Table and 144Wh Power Bank.
  • Built With Polyurethane Foam for Perfect Cooling.
  • DC Brushless 12V/24V Compressor.
  • Very Stylish, Compact, and Portable Solar Cooler.


1. Can You Run A Refrigerator on Solar Power?

Solar power is enough to run a fridge, but you will need large battery packs to store power for running a full-fledged fridge. If you are looking at a small freezer or cooler for portable use, the market has a lot of models with solar powering options.

Of course, those machines come with the required battery packs. The solar panel is only used to charge the batteries during the day, and you will get cooling all the time as they are low-powered fridges and coolers.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best solar-powered refrigerators. We have covered all the best solar fridges and coolers on the market. There are actually not many brands that sell solar refrigerators, but the available brands have more variants with different sizes and capacities.

That is how you can easily find the best solar-powered refrigerators or freezers for your outdoor or home needs. Basically, a solar freezer is a product for the outdoors. You can keep foods fresh and drinks cold in the wild with a reliable solar freezer. A 12V battery and a PV panel are enough to make it work all the time around.

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