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Bluetti 2000Wh Solar Generator: All to Know About Bluetti AC200P Solar Power Station – Bluetti AC200P Vs EB240

Bluetti’s 2000Wh AC200P has been a trendsetter. This is a super cool mid-range solar power station that elegantly combines portability and performance. Launched in a crowdfunding campaign back in 2020, the Bluetti 200Wh solar generator is one of the market’s most sought-after models in its segment today.

The mid-range power station market is growing steadily faster. Of course, Bluetti is one of the first brands to enter the fray. Its AC200P, earlier known as AC200, is a 2000Wh mid-capacity power station with a 2000 inverter.

It highlights seventeen different charging outlets and five flexible ways for recharging, including a solar input of up to 700 watts. Moreover, it boasts of a long-lasting LifePo4  battery, a smart touchscreen display, dual-adapter fast AC charging, dual wireless chargers, six AC outlets, and more.

Bluetti 2000Wh Solar Generator

The Bluetti powerhouse is an ideal portable power backup solution for both home and outdoor applications. It is a nice choice for use in your households, remote cabins, RVs, trailers, houseboats, and worksites. With a big-capacity battery and a high wattage inverter, it can perfectly meet all your off-grid or emergency power needs.

As a solar generator, there is something special with AC200P. As stated above, it features a faster solar input port of up to 700 watts. Further, there is an advanced MPPT controller under the hood to contribute to its solar charging performance. It will take only around four hours for a full charge with the maximum solar input.

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator


By the way, when it comes to AC charging, it features an 800W dual AC adapter for fast charging. It helps you juice up the machine in four hours from a wall socket. Besides the solar and AC options, you can also charge it smoothly from three more other options; a carport, lead-acid battery, and a gas generator.

To make charging rather faster, you can combine solar and AC options at once. For this, you need to simultaneously connect a 700W solar array and the included AC adapter to get it fully charged in just 2.5 to 3 hours.

Charging Options

The power station is unparalleled with its number of charging outlets. It can supply power to up to 17 devices at a time. Apart from the six AC outlets, it offers a variety of options, including two 15W wireless charging options.

There are five USB ports; one USB-C PD 60W and four USB-A 5V/3A outlets. The DC sockets included are a pair of 12V barrel sockets of 3A and 10A each, a 25A RV port, and a 12V carport. Interestingly, all the charging outlets, including the AC sockets, come with security rubber caps to protect them from dust and splashes.

Moreover, the device sports a touchscreen control panel to give you updates on its performance in real-time. It is a nice display that you can use to control the overall device and have access to a lot of system information. Design-wise, the Bluetti has a weight of 60 lbs, and it measures 16.54 x 11.03 x 15.2 inches.


  • 2000Wh Mid-Range Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 2000-Watt Power Inverter with Six AC Outlets. 
  • Faster Solar Charging Speeds with 700W Input. 
  • Multiple DC Outlets, Including a Carport and RV Plug. 
  • Five USB Ports with USB-A and USB PD 60W Outlets.
  • Dual 15-Watt Wireless Charging Pads. 
  • Large Touchable Screen with Advanced Functions.  

Compatible Solar Charger

Well, you don’t need to look for a third-party vendor for a solar charger for the Bluetti power station. The brand itself offers a highly efficient 200W mono solar charger called, Bluetti SP-200. Made of SunPower’s high-efficiency solar cells, it can deliver a conversion rate of up to 23%.

As you see in the photo, it is a four-fold solar charger with kickstands and a suitcase-style design after folding. You can easily manage the ultra-slim and folding solar charger anywhere in the wild. At the same time, you get a great source of solar power for charging your big backup power station.

Bluetti 200W Solar Charger for AC200P


The solar charger highlights the advanced ETFE technology so that it is a highly durable and long-lasting choice. Its maker offers a life of up to 15 years. The charger weighs just 15 lbs, and you have it equipped with a rubber handle for easy moving and four kickstands for ideal placing.

Why Should You Buy

1. 2000W Inverter with Six AC Sockets

The unique selling point of the Bluetti is certainly its high wattage AC inverter. It can easily supply electricity for your AC appliances up to 2000 watts. That means you get a great power station to back up most of your essential AC appliances indoors and outdoors.

In case of an emergency or blackout, the Bluetti can be a fortune for you. It can perfectly replace a traditional gas generator. Added with the solar compatibility, it is a 100% eco-friendly backup system, as well.

2. High-Capacity Battery Pack

As you know, the Bluetti 2000Wh solar generator incorporates a high-capacity battery pack. It is a LifePo4 super safe and durable battery with a life of over 3500 charging cycles. The Indiegogo variant of the product has had LG’s famous EV battery cells of 459,459mAh capacity.

The brand made a replacement reportedly because of the shortage of LG battery cells. The new LifePo4 battery is super good for several reasons, including long life, durability, and safety.


3. Highly Efficient MPPT Charging Technology

It is another special feature of the Bluetti 2000Wh solar generator. Similar to its other models, it also highlights an advanced MPPT charge controller under the hood. It is one of the things that give the Bluetti a clear edge over Goal Zero’s Yeti power stations, which equip slow-charging controllers inside.

Fine, with its included MPPT charger, you can almost fully charge a Bluetti in around four hours under a bright sun with the maximum solar output of 700 watts. You can attach multiple panels to reach the maximum input voltage of the Bluetti AC200P.

4. Multiple Charging Outlets

Including six full-size AC sockets, you have the new Bluetti with as many as seventeen charging outlets. Yes, you can use it to power up seventeen devices at the same time. Of course, regarding the charging ports, the Bluetti wins over nearly all the rivaling products out there, including Titan solar generator.

5. Touchable LCD Display

Bluetti AC200P sports a pretty bigger touchable display screen.

It is another impressive feature of the Bluetti solar generator. Doubling as a control panel, the display can provide you with all the latest updates and system information in real-time.

6. Special for Van Dwellers

Of course, the Bluetti 2000Wh solar generator is a special off-grid power solution for campers as well as RVers. As you know, it equips a high-power 12V/25A RV-exclusive plug. It is a cool way you can use AC200P to run your vehicle-powered electronics and appliances at a higher amperage.

Bluetti AC200P Vs EB240 Solar Power Stations

Here, we would like to have a light comparison of AC200P against the Bluetti EB240 solar power station.

The EB240 has been the brand’s large-capacity power station until the arrival of AC200P. With a decently powerful 2400Wh battery pack, it is still one of the favorite picks of hardcore campers, RVers, and more.

The device features a 1000W pure sine inverter that can surge at 1200W. Bluetti was featuring it as a flagship model for a long time, and several people chose it to enhance their off-grid life with a portable power station.

However, its lack of a bigger inverter has brought in some customer backlashes. It is when Bluetti emerged up with a two-time more powerful AC200P. However, the brand still offers EB240 and its low-end model EB150 at attractive prices. Check out the EB240 power station on the link below.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Power Station


Specs-wise, EB240 features an ultra-safe lithium battery of NCM cells. A built-in MPPT controller, smart cooling controller, and industry-leading output ports make it one of the finest solar power stations on the market.

When it comes to the charging points, it has got dual 110V AC sockets, four USB-A 5V/3A ports, one USB-C 45W PD port, and a 12V/9A carport. You can charge it via an AC socket (200W) and a carport other than a solar array.

For solar charging, EB240 features a maximum input power of 500W at 10A. That is, you can pair a number of 100W solar chargers to make sure you get a reliable output for charging it from a solar source.

EB240 has a size of 19.4 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches, and it weighs 45.5 lbs.

What to Buy

It is all about your personal choice to pick from Bluetti AC200P Vs EB240 power stations. As you have seen, these are two products in two generations. However, EB240 is still one of the reliable and popular products of its kind.

Of course, if you want a compact and small device, EB240 is the pick. It has a small size with a lightweight profile and is also featuring a more portable, rectangular form factor with a built-in handle.

But what you get additionally with AC200P is obviously more power. You have double inverter power and a little more storage capacity. Moreover, AC200P has got a number of other sophisticated charging options, including six AC outlets, two wireless chargers, and several USB and DC sockets.

Price-wise, there is a difference of around $200 between the products.

You can use the Bluetti solar chargers to juice up both devices under the sun. EB240 is compatible with a maximum solar input of up to 500 watts, while AC200P can support up to 700 watts solar output.

Available Markets – UK, Germany, and Canada

Bluetti AC200P is available in the UK under the branding, PowerOak AC200P. The only difference it makes from the Bluetti model is that it has got only two AC sockets. Instead of Bluetti’s six 110V outlets, they are two 240V outlets. Here is the link to buy PowerOak AC200P in the UK.

In Germany, the model is also available as PowerOak AC200P. Meanwhile, Bluetti EB240 is also available in the European markets under PowerOak. Check out PowerOak EB240 in Germany here.

It is when both the models are available under the Bluetti branding in Canada.


Final Thoughts

The Bluetti 2000Wh solar generator is indeed an incredible solar power station of its kind with lots of cool features.

With a powerful inverter and high-capacity battery, it can be your ideal companion for outdoor and emergency life and it can even power your Tesla or electric scooters. Overall, you get a brilliant solar power station. Once bundled with a powerful solar array, it is an amazing piece of solar generator for off-grid and emergency life.

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