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Bluetti Christmas 2022 Deals: Save Up to $500 on AC200 Max, EB70S and EB55 During the Bluetti Holiday Sale

Christmas 2022 is around the corner. Bluetti, one of the top brands in the portable solar power market, has started its Christmas 2022 deals. The Back Friday early access sale offers cool discounts for its best-seller models AC200 Max, EB70S, and EB55 and a variety of their bundles from November 11, 2022.

Well, if you are looking to buy a new Buetti, it is indeed the best time as the brand used to launch impressive deals for the year-end shopping season. Bluetti has posted a timeline of its Christmas deals. The second Early Access Round will start on November 18, 2022. The Best Price on November 25, 2022

The Models for Bluetti Christmas 2022 Sale

Bluetti AC200 Max @ $1699 $200 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + B230 @ $2799  $499 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + B300 @ $3499 $599 Off
Bluetti Max + PV350 @ $2499 $249 Off
Buletti AC200 Max + 3x PV200 @ $3099 $297 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + 2x PV350 @ $3299 $298 Off
Bluetti EB70S @ $499 $100 Off
Bluetti EB70S + PV120 @ $699 $199 Off
Bluetti EB70S + PV200 @ $999 $99 Off
Bluetti EB55 @ $399 $100 Off
Bluetti EB55 + PV200 – @ $999  $99 Off

Bluetti will most likely be having its best-seller and latest products for sale during the holiday 2022 season. This year, Buetti has added a number of attractive products to its lineup. They are EB3A, AC500+B300S, EP500 Pro, and PV350 solar panels.

However, Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300+B300, EB70S, and EB55 will certainly be some of the main attractions on its wish list of products. We are not sure if the brand-new AC500+B300S will be hitting its website for Christmas 2022.

By the way, for the Bluetti European fans, the brand has a whole-house power backup system ready for Christmas. It is EP600+B500, a massive home backup system for 240V regions. The brand is all set to premiere EP600 on November 10 in Berlin. Most likely, it will be on offer for this year-end vacation sale.

We will keep you updated with all the latest Bluetti deals for Christmas here. Stay tuned.

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