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Bluetti Halloween Sale 2022: Great Savings on AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, EP500 Series, B300 and PV200 and More

Halloween 2022 is around the corner. Being one of the biggest innovators of solar power stations, Bluetti is to feature some incredible deals for Halloween. Its best-seller power stations, battery modules, and PV panels are on discounted sale from October 20 to November 03, 2022, as part of the Halloween deals.

Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, EP500, EP500 Pro, B300, B230, PV200, and PV350 are some of the coolest products that are on sale with discounts. Besides individual units, all these Bluetti products are also available in several attractive bundles.

As you know, Bluetti features a massive collection of solar-based power stations in both portable and home backup segments. Along with power stations, the brand offers expansion modules and folding solar panels to enhance your experience outdoors with access to unlimited power and portability.

The Hottest Bluetti Deals for Halloween 2022

Save $300 on Bluetti AC200P @ $1399
Save $400 on Bluetti AC200P + B230 @ $2698
Save $600 on Bluetti AC200P + B300 @ $3298
Save $398 on AC200P + 2*PV350 @299

Save $100 on AC200 Max @ $1799
Save $397 on AC200MAX + PV200*3 @ $2999
Save $399 on AC200MAX + B300 @ $3,699
Save $300 on AC300 + B300 @ $3399

Save $999 on AC300 + 2xB300 @ $5298
Save $400 on AC300 + B300 + 3*PV350 @ $5846
Up to $499 on EP500*2 @ $8699
Save $1047 on EP500 + 3*PV350 @ $6499

Starting with a 268Wh entry-level EB3A to the much-touted 2000Wh midrange AC200P, Bluetti highlights some of the coolest portable and outdoor-friendly power stations. The brand is also known for its great collection of home backup systems, such as AC200 Max, AC300+B300, and the EP500 series.

Bluetti Halloween Sale 2022 Update: Bluetti’s Halloween 2022 sale takes place from Oct. 20 to Nov. 03, 2022. All the top products of the brand, including AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, and EP500 are on sale with discounts in individual units as well as bundles with extra battery modules like B300S and B230 and solar panels like PV200 and PV350.   

Above all, Bluetti recently unveiled its much-excited AC500+B300S combo, an upgrade to AC300 and the biggest 100% modular power station on the market.

Perhaps, Bluetti will have AC500+B300S on sale for Halloween 2022 or Black Friday 2022 on its website following the ongoing successfully-running crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Last year, Bluetti had some amazing Halloween deals for the models like AC200 Max and AC300+B300, which were unveiled a few weeks before the event. Hence, there is a good chance that the brand will be featuring some impressive deals for Halloween 2022 for its recent products.

Bluetti’s last year campaign carried the title, “Nothing is Scarier Than No Power.”

We will keep this article on Bluetti Halloween 2022 deals updated as we get access to more insights into the offerings. Stay tuned.

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