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GoSun Black Friday Deals 2020: Up to 60% Off on Solar Ovens, Solar Table, and Solar Cooler

The well-known solar oven innovator GoSun is all set with its Black Friday 2020 deals. Besides solar ovens, the brand has its solar table, solar cooler, solar lamps, and more with amazing discounts. Are you looking at buying anything from GoSun? It is the best time! Stay here for our take on the best GoSun Black Friday deals 2020.

Of course, the GoSun deals cover nearly all of its camper-friendly power solutions, ranging from the much-touted hybrid solar oven, Fusion to the little solar power bank, PowerBank Mini. The brand has announced a big cut of up to 60% for the products both individually and in bundles for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020.

As you know, GoSun is a versatile player in the portable and renewable energy market. It offers a huge variety of portable power solutions to meet the different needs of outdoor enthusiasts and preppers. Stay tuned with us for a sneak peek at its exciting Black Friday offers and deals below.

GoSun Black Friday Deals 2020

As stated above, GoSun has almost all its products with lovely Black Friday deals. They all turn up with incredible discounts in both single units and bundles. Fine, as a maker of various portable power solutions, GoSun is indeed famous for the perfect bundling of its products.

As such, you can buy a solar oven or get it in a bundle with other products. They may be a solar table, solar panel, power bank, or any other accessories. Overall, as an outdoor enthusiast, you are lucky enough to get some of the best choices at great prices this fall to enhance the quality of your outdoor life further.

GoSun Fusion Solar Oven – $100 Off

GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven is one of the key products to get a big discount for Black Friday. It is available at a discounted price of $399, which is $100 off of its original price.

Fusion is actually the world’s first hybrid solar and electric cooker. It is basically designed to work on solar power but is also capable of running on a 12V port so that you can use it on a cloudy day, as well.

Fine, the GoSun oven can reach a temperature of up to 550 ˚F to help cook your meals faster outdoors. It is good for baking, cooking, and steaming anything you want regardless of night or day, thanks to its hybrid design. It has a very handy size of 23 x 13 x 13 in and a weight of just 14 lbs.

GoSun Fusion Solar Cooker for Outdoor Cooking


Meanwhile, the oven is also available in various bundles. In one popular kit, it goes with GoSun PowerBank, which is up for Black Friday sale at $649 from its original price of $779. The solar power bank, as you know, is a 144Wh unit that integrates multiple charging points, including a 12V socket for Fusion.

Thanks to its USB ports, the power bank can offer portable power to your handsets like smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Meanwhile, it is chargeable with a solar panel, which GoSun avails in another Fusion bundle, GoSun Pro Pack, which has the brand’s 30W folding solar panel in addition to the power bank.

This kit is available at a discounted price of $799. Of course, it is a more reliable solution for a camper to make it into the wild as you get everything in it to ensure portable power and outdoor cooking.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler – $150 Off

The Chill is GoSun’s much-touted portable solar cooler. It is also available with impressive offers in GoSun Black Friday deals 2020. A bundle of GoSun Chill with the PowerBank 144 comes at a discounted price of $599.

GoSun Chill is a superb way you can store your food items cold and fresh in the wild with no ice. The same solar chargeable GoSun power bank can keep it charged always. So, coupled with a solar panel, you really get a reliable off-grid ecosystem for both food storage and portable power.

Of course, GoSun Chill is also available in multiple bundles. A kit with SolarTable 60 and Fusion solar oven is up for sale at a big discount of $300 for the year-end sale. Check out the link below to buy this bundle and set up a lovely outdoor kitchen in your off-grid spaces. GoSun Chill with Solar Oven and Solar Table Black Friday 2020


More GoSun Chill kits are there with offers. However, if you need a unit of Chill only, it comes up at a discount of $50. Meanwhile, a bundle of Solar Chill with the 30W folding solar panel and power bank is on sale at a price of $749. The kit also packs up the power bank.

Meanwhile, an exclusive Solar Kitchen kit is also there. It is an ultimate prep kit with most of the brand’s outdoor products like SolarTable 60, Fusion, Thermometer, PowerBank Mini, Solar Charger, PowerBank 144, Sun King, Solar Light, Fusion Bag, and more. The all-in-one kit is up for sale at a price of $1899.

Other GoSun Products and Accessories

Its recently launched Flow water filter is also available with amazing offers. The Flow is a compact and portable water filter that easily goes in your backpack. Working on solar energy, it can kill 99.99% of pathogens in water. It also doubles as an outdoor hand sanitation system, hot shower, and more.

Well, to run it on solar energy, you need a power bank, indeed. A solar panel can charge the power bank from the sun and the filter runs on it. Check out the product and its offers on the link below.


Obviously, GoSun Flow comes in a kit with basic accessories like a power bank, Flow Pro sink, and Thermo at a great price of $399, off of its retail price of $639. Another main product is the GoSun Go. It is the most portable solar oven from GoSun, which you can easily carry in your backpack and use to enjoy outdoor cooking in style.

By the way, Solar Table 60 alone comes with a discount of $30. As you see, it is a 60W solar-based table that can both charge your gear and support your belongings outdoors as a regular table. It is when the GoSun PowerBank 144 alone gets a discount of $20 for Black Friday.

Final Thoughts

That has been our review of the GoSun Black Friday deals 2020. Apart from the above leading products, the brand has many of its small products and accessories for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. We have included most of its key products for the Black Friday sale in the article. Keep checking the GoSun website for the latest updates if you are looking at grabbing some GoSun at great prices.

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