5 Best Eco-Worthy Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power Kits

Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power Kits

A combination of solar and wind power can make your alternative energy source rather reliable. Are you looking at setting up such a system in your home, cabin, or outhouse? Along with cool portable solar …

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5 Best Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers for Off-Grid Power Systems

Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

It is a cool idea to combine solar and wind power sources for off-grid power. Such systems basically require wind-solar hybrid charge controllers, and here, we go with a collection of the best wind solar …

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Yirego Drumi Portable Washing Machine: Foot-Powered Washing Machine to Do Your Laundry

Foot Powered Washing Machine

What about a washing machine that operates without electricity? Here is an amazing foot-powered washing machine. Called Yirego Drumi portable washing machine, it is a small and compact appliance. Thanks to its small size, it …

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