Jackery LightCycle S1: 3500Wh/3500W Wheeled Portable Power Station for Easy Dragging and Towing

Jackery LightCycle S1 Wheeled Power Pack System

Beyond the conventional portable solar power stations, Jackery put on display the prototypes of some creative green energy products at CES 2023. Jackery LightCycle S1 is the most attractive one along with a wind turbine, …

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Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – A Full Comparison: The Best Portable and Home Solar Power Backups and Solar Panels for 2023

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow Full Comparison

Bluetti and EcoFlow are the two prominent vendors of solar-chargeable portable and home battery packs. Both brands have on sale a wide range of cutting-edge power stations in the categories of outdoor and home backup …

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10 Best Home Wind Turbine Kits for Residential and Small-Scale Applications

Home Wind Turbine Kits Main Pic

Everybody is excited about alternative sources of power today. There are indeed multiple ways to collect alternative energy. Wind power is an important source. Small and compact windmills can perfectly ensure emergency backup power for …

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GoSun Sport-E: An Upgraded Solar and Electric Hybrid Oven for Outdoor Cooking from GoSun

GoSun Sport-E Outdoor Solar and Electric Hybrid Stove

GoSun Sport-E is a hybrid upgrade to GoSun’s famous Sport series of solar ovens. As you see in the title, the new product also works on battery power. That said, apart from its original option …

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Yirego Drumi Portable Washing Machine: A Foot-Powered Washing Machine to Do Your Laundry

Foot Powered Washing Machine

What about a washing machine that operates without electricity? Here is an amazing foot-powered washing machine. Called Yirego Drumi portable washing machine, it is a small and compact appliance. Thanks to its small size, it …

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