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Hyperaza Solar Streetlights: The Best Solar Flood Outdoor Lights from Hyperaza

Are you looking at buying a solar streetlight? Here is a cool brand that offers a handful of reliable solar streetlights. It is Hyeperaza. The brand has been in the business of solar lighting for a while, and here, we go with the best of the Hyperaza solar streetlights.

Hyperaza is a vendor of cutting-edge solar lights and other green energy devices. The brand has on sale two cool solar lights for ideal use in streets, pathways, and gardens. They are 300W and 400W solar streetlights, respectively with 15000 and 20000 lumens of brightness.

Hyperaza 300W Solar Streetlight At a Glance


  • 300-Watt Solar Outdoor Streetlight.
  • 15000-Lumen Brightness with 6500k Daylight White.
  • 35Ah @ 3.2V Ultra-Safe and Long-life Battery Pack.
  • Fully Automatic with Motion Sensor, Remote Controller.
  • Ideal for Patios, Gardens, Streets, and Pathways.

Hyperaza 400W Solar Streetlight At a Glance


  • 400-Watt Solar Outdoor Streetlight.
  • 20000-Lumen Brightness with Daylight White.
  • 42Ah @ 3.2V Safe and Long-life Battery Pack.
  • Fully Automatic with Sensors and a Remote Controller.
  • Perfect for Patios, Gardens, Streets, and Pathways. 

Hyperaza Solar Streetlights

It is indeed a cool idea to set up solar streetlights in your pathways, streets, and garden premises.

Touting advanced sensors and motion detectors, they will be able to secure up your home premises with proper lighting. As they work on solar power, you don’t need to put cables to power them up. They will collect the power from the sun and brighten up the dark corners of your premises.

Hyperaza is one of the brands that offer reliable solar streetlights. As said above, the brand offers two models with 300W and 400W power and they are 15000-lumen and 2000-lumen lights. Thanks to the built-in sensors and remote controllers, they will work automatically to meet your needs.

Hyperaza 300W Solar Streetlight

This is a 300W solar streetlight that can deliver 6500k daylight white with 15000 lumens. It is made of 432 pieces of quality LED beads and it equips a 35Ah @ 3.2V battery pack inside. It can light up an area of 1750 square feet with enough brightness.

The Hyperaza solar light touts an IP66-rated waterproof design. So, you can use it in all climatic conditions with no worry at all. Built with a die-cast aluminum frame and quality solar cells, you really get a brilliant piece of solar streetlight for outdoor lighting.


It is a fully automatic light. You can control the light in different ways. Its built-in light sensor lets it turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn and so that you are not expected to do anything manually. However, the built-in motion sensor makes it change the light modes at night depending on the movements around it.

Also, you can use the included remote controller to manage the lighting brightness and change the modes from a distance.

The inside battery is an advanced one. It has a longer lifespan and safety than the Li-ion phosphate batteries. It can provide full brightness up to 12 to 14 hours from the solar charging of six to eight hours and nearly 36 hours in the dim mode.

You can easily install this solar light. It can be mounted on a wall, pole, or anywhere else with the required brackets and screws. Once installed, you have nothing to do to manage the lighting. It will work in itself, thanks to the included powerful battery and solar cells.

Hyperaza 400W Solar Streetlight

Here is the 400W variant of the Hyperaza solar streetlights. It can deliver a brightness of 20000 lumens to light up a wider area of your home or other outdoor premises. Thus, it comes out to be an ideal choice for use in areas like parking lots, gardens, stadiums, and more.

The light is also an IP66-certified waterproof model. It can endure all climatic conditions outdoors. Featuring a good quality solar panel and a decent battery pack, it is indeed a reliable piece of the solar streetlight. Check out the product on the link below for its latest price.


The battery inside the light is a 42Ah @ 3.2V one. That is a new battery pack with more charging cycles, safety, and security. The included solar panel can fully charge it in six to eight hours and a fully charged battery can run the light for 12 to 14 hours at full brightness.

The solar light features multiple control methods. You have it built with a motion sensor and light sensor so that it will turn on and off automatically in the evening and morning. The remote controller is a way you can manage the light remotely.

You can install the light quickly on a pole, wall, and more. Coming up with the required assembly kit, it is quite easy to mount it somewhere and enjoy the best lighting on your outdoor premises.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Hyperaza solar streetlights.

These are the models of the solar streetlights the brand currently has on sale in the USA market. The brand is reportedly working with more models to meet the needs of a variety of customers. Both these lights are perfect options to light up your outdoor spaces and you can set them up quickly and manage them with no maintenance at all.

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