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Labor Day 2022 Deals on Solar Panels and Solar Generators

Labor Day 2022 is here. A handful of solar panel and power station vendors and online retailers have got some hot deals for you this Labor Day. Here, we would like to compile all those deals for you.

As summer is about to bid farewell, it is indeed the right time to have a lookout for the coolest deals for solar panels and solar-based backup systems. You can certainly find some cool deals for your favorite solar-based products to make your next off-grid life a super pleasant experience.

Let us have a look at the brands that have turned out some Labor Day deals for the year below.

Eco-Worthy Labor Day Sale – Up to $300 Off

The famous vendor of solar panels and solar kits has got some incredible deals for Labor Day 2022.

The brand offers up to $300 off on a variety of its products, which prominently include off-grid solar kits, solar panels, and lithium battery packs.

If you purchase for an amount of $500 on its website, you get a reduction of $30 and the discounts jump up to $50, $100, and $300 if you buy merchandise with a value of $1000, $2000, and $4000 respectively.

Eco-Worthy Amazon Store

The Eco-Worthy Labor Day deals are available from Aug. 24th to Sept. 9, 2022.

Eco-Worthy Labor Deal 2022 Deals

Goal Zero Labor Day Sale–Up to 20% Off

Goal Zero, one of the premier vendors of solar power stations, offers a cut of up to 20% on its products for Labor Day 2022. The deals are available for its famous Yeti power stations, solar panels, and power banks from August 26 to September 5, 2022.

Goal Zero has been one of the biggest vendors of solar-based power stations for a long time. Its latest series of lithium power stations are available in many power options, starting from a 187Wh Yeti 200X to a heavy-duty Yeti 6000X, a 6,071Wh expandable power station.

Check Out Goal Zero Yeti Amazon Store Here

Goal Zero Yeti Labor Day 2022 Deals

Bluetti Labor Day Deals 2022

Bluetti, one of the current leaders in portable solar power systems, has not yet announced any Labor Day deals so far. But the brand has launched an amazing product for Labor Day buyers, which is its latest AC500+B300S super-capacity portable home backup station.

AC500 is a 100% modular power station with a large 5000W inverter that can surge at 10000 watts. You can add the brand’s special B300S battery packs to it to take its storage capacity to over 18kWh.

The product is currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where it has attracted over 1000 backers to collect above 3M USD in just a couple of days. We will update any other upcoming Labor Day deals from Bluetti here. Stay tuned.

Pre-Order Bluetti AC500+B300S Here

AC500 Banner home

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