Wybot Solar Pool Cleaner: All You Need to Know About the Wybot M1 Ultra Solar-Powered Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner

WYBOT Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

A solar-powered robotic pool cleaner is an incredible product of its kind. It can be a great choice for homeowners and hotel owners to maintain their pools neatly. Fine, as long as sunlight is enough …

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EcoFlow Wave 2: A 5100 BTU Upgrade to Wave Original at CES 2023 – EcoFlow Wave 2 Vs Wave Original

EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner

EcoFlow unveiled the second generation of its Wave portable air conditioner at CES 2023. The new model branded as Wave 2 comes up with a 5100 BTU cooling capacity compared to its predecessor’s 4000 BTU. …

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Runhood Rallye 1200 Modular Power Station: 1200W Modular Solar Generator with 648Wh+Expandable (Swappable) Capacity

Runhood Rallye 1200 Modular Power Station Main

The market is indeed rich with different types of modular solar power stations. The Rallye 1200 from Runhood is a brilliant product of its kind. Taking advantage of its famous EB324 (324Wh) modular energy bars, …

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EcoFlow Blade: The World’s First Robotic Lawn-Sweeping Mower with Solar Charging Battery Dock

EcoFlow Blade Lawn Mower Robotic with Solar Charging

EcoFlow, the leading innovator of solar power stations, has unveiled the world’s first robotic lawnmower called EcoFlow Blade. The brand-new lawn-care product can make you professionally cut lawns without spending hours outdoors. EcoFlow Blade is …

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EcoFlow Glacier: A Solar-Chargeable Portable Refrigerator with a Built-in Ice Maker

EcoFlow Glacier Main Pic 1

Along with its revolutionary ‘lawn-sweeping’ lawn mower Blade, EcoFlow uncovered an incredible portable refrigerator at CES 2023. Branded as EcoFlow Glacier, it is a solar-rechargeable outdoor refrigerator with a built-in ice maker like Furrion eRove, …

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Netvue Birdfy Nest: A Solar-Powered Smart Bird House Unveiled on Kickstarter for Crowdfunding

Netvue Birdfy Nest

The Birdfy Nest from Netvue is an AI-based smart birdhouse with a solar panel for seamless power. With dual high-resolution cameras and motion-detection technology, you can track your birds from the moment they start to …

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Anker EverFrost Powered Coolers: The Battery-Powered Portable Coolers with 100W Solar Input and 299Wh Power Pack

Anker EverFrost Cooler Main Pic

  Anker has unveiled a series of battery-powered, solar-chargeable outdoor coolers with a detachable 299Wh battery pack. Branded as Anker EverFrost, the product comes in three sizes: 33L, 43L, and 53L, of which the 53L …

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OmniPV Sol-Grow Solar LED Grow Light: A Solar-Powered Grow Light for Outdoor Gardens

OmniPV Sol-Grow Solar LED Grow Light

Most plants require between eight and sixteen hours of natural light (sunlight) to grow and generate fruit in the best way. Even in regions with enough sunshine, as per studies, the sun-loving plants don’t receive …

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EcoFlow River Pro 2 Launched in the UK and EU Regions

EcoFlow River 2 Pro UK and EU

EcoFlow launched the much-awaited River 2 Pro power station in the UK and EU regions. The product is available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy alone and in bundles with its 220W solar …

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