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Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring Solar Cameras: Best-Rated Wireless Solar Security Cameras

A solar camera is a great way to secure your home and worksite. There are many brands that offer a wide range of impressive solar cameras.

Following our list of the best solar cameras, here is an effort to check out three leading vendors in the segment and their key products in our Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring article.

Soliom is the only brand that offers solar cameras with inbuilt solar panels, whereas both Reolink and Ring have their models with no built-in panels, but they feature the options for solar charging. Yes, both the brands avail compatible solar panels separately or in bundles.

Whether having an integrated or separate solar panel, the key thing about a solar-based camera is that it works on solar power. You can fix it anywhere with enough sunlight. No power connection is required to make it run round the clock in surveillance of your valuables.


Reolink Go PT Solar Camera

Reolink Go PT Solar Camera


  • 4G LTE Solar Security Camera
  • Starlight Night Vision.
  • IP64 Waterproof Profile.
  • Quick Remote Access and Monitoring.

Soliom S600 Solar Camera

Soliom S600 Solar Camera


  • Full 1080P HD Camera with Night Vision.
  • Pan Tilt Broader and Flexible View.
  • Accurate and Fast PIR Motion Sensor.
  • Secure and Alternative Data Storage. 

Ring Stick Up Solar Camera

Ring Stick Up Solar Security Camera


  • 1080HD Video and Two-Way Audio.
  • Advanced Motion Detection Camera.
  • Alexa-Enabled Solar Wireless Camera. 

Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring Solar Cameras

If you have been looking for a solar camera, you might have come across any of the above brands. All three brands are very famous in the segment of solar security cameras.

That is why we would like to have a look at their products and make a comparison in our Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring solar cameras.

We hope it might be quite helpful for someone who is looking to buy a solar camera. Your search might end up with any of the brands’ impressive collections of solar security systems. Stay tuned for our takes on the brands their best-rated products on the market.

Reolink Solar Cameras

Reolink is a famous vendor of solar security solutions.

The brand has been in the business of security products since 2009 and its products have thousands of satisfied takers. Its product portfolio comprises wireless security cameras, indoor smart home cameras, solar cameras, and Wi-Fi PoE cameras.

Among its large collection of security cameras, the brand has more than half a dozen of solar-chargeable wireless cameras. Reolink Argus Eco, Argus 3, Argus 2, Argus PT, Go, and Argus Pro are to name a few. Coupled with the brand’s famous 3.2W mono solar charger, these cameras become perfect solar cameras.

Fine, the Reolink solar charger can deliver a maximum current of 530mA at a conversion rate of 19.50% under ideal lighting conditions.

The solar panel is indeed waterproof and weatherproof and it enjoys IP65 certification. Below are our takes on the best-seller Reolink solar cameras.

Reolink Argus 3 Solar Camera

Reolink Argus 3 is a fine 1080p Full HD wireless security camera. With a host of appealing features, it comes in a bundle with the brand’s solar panel. Hence, it is an ideal choice for mounting on your outdoor walls or home premises for security surveillance.

Argus 3 is actually a high-quality camera with accurate color night vision, two-way audio, and a built-in motion spotlight. So, what you get is a perfect security solution to surveil your home from a remote area and stop a possible crime or theft before it occurs.


The built-in spotlight is an ultra-bright LED unit and it integrates a warning siren.

The 2MP starlight CMOS sensor and two-way audio are indeed other key attributes that make it one of the best surveillance cameras out there. Meanwhile, having a waterproof design, you can mount the camera anywhere outdoors.

Reolink Go Solar Camera

Reolink Go is another nice solar camera from the brand. The wireless security camera is special with its 4G LTE connectivity along with the solar charging option. The solar panel can charge its built-in 7800mAh high-capacity battery in a few hours and run the camera.

Reolink Go is a perfect 1080p Full HD solar camera and it offers you a wide field vision of 110°. Of course, the camera features a wide-angle and a starlight night vision and so you can get high-quality footage of your premises on your phone anywhere in the world.

You can record the footage to a microSD card or upload it to the cloud. The brand offers 7-day free cloud support along with the camera.

The Go enjoys a waterproof design and so is a fine choice for rough outdoors, for sure. The built-in PIR sensor further makes it a better security solution for your surroundings.

Reolink Go PT Solar Camera

Reolink Go PT with the solar panel is another awesome solar security camera from the brand. This 1080p Full HD camera works on 4G LTE and 3G networks and it can offer an ultra-wide viewing angle of 355° pan and a tiltability of 140°.

Of course, Go PT comes with a battery pack that you can charge with the included solar panel to run the camera at night. The camera can cover a larger area of your home, woods, garden, warehouse, and more. Check out the product on the link below.

The two-way audio facility lets you talk with the guest in front of the cam from anywhere in the world. Also, with the Reolink App, you can easily manage and control the pan-tilt features of the camera to keep an eye on your properties.

The Starlight Night Vision and wide viewing angles make Reolink GO PT one of the finest solar cameras. The powerful battery is quite enough to run the camera for long hours. You can easily fix the camera on your wall outdoor and start surveilling.

Soliom Solar Cameras

Soliom is one of the unique brands that offer a collection of versatile, standalone solar cameras. Its solar cameras are arguably the true solar cameras as they feature built-in solar panels.

The brand has been an innovator of green-powered solar security solutions since 2016. The team has started to design solar cameras in replacement to the traditional cameras that require complicated wiring for installation and frequent charging.

Sporting highly efficient integrated solar panels, Soliom solar cameras are very cost-effective and easy-to-install units. You can simply screw it to the wall. That is all.

Soliom S60 Solar Camera

Soliom S60, a.k.a Soliom Bird S60, is an elegant wireless solar security camera in the form of a bird. The 1080p Full HD camera can ensure a field of vision of 160° and record H.264 video at 15fps. Thus, you can surveil your properties and home premises in high clarity.

As you see, Soliom S60 has a pretty larger solar panel. The built-in battery is a decently powerful 4000mAh unit that gets neatly charged by the solar panel in direct sunlight. And you can ideally mount it in your Wi-Fi range so that you get better connectivity.


The camera is able to grab night vision in an area of up to 30ft, thanks to its five layers of glass lens and quality LEDs. Meanwhile, the included motion sensor lets you quickly track any movements around your home and watch them on your phone anywhere.

The two-way audio facility is another attraction. It helps you speak directly to anybody in the camera’s range. The Soliom camera has a quality build as it made of anti-corrosion materials. Its IP66 waterproof design makes it nice for use in any outdoor conditions.

Soliom S90 Pro Solar Security Camera

It is another solar camera from Soliom. As you see, it is a more powerful solar security camera. Integrating three layers of big solar panels and a 12000mAh battery pack, it can run the camera for longer hours to surveil your premises and properties.

The solar panels are able to produce 500 to 1000ma current per hour, which is enough to fully charge its batteries in three to four days of bright sunlight. Of course, the camera is a quality one with several advanced features. Check out the product on the link below.

The Soliom security camera can record video at 1080p full HD quality and its five layers of glass lenses ensure fine night vision at a distance of up to 35-ft. That is a good range to cover most parts of your home if you have got multiple units of the camera.

By the way, S90 sports three antennas for better and stable Wi-Fi connectivity. Along with the Soliom + mobile app, you are capable of keeping an eye on your home and premises round the clock from across the world.

The built-in PIR sensor, two-way audio, and other modern features let you have complete surveillance of your spaces with the camera. It is easy to install the Soliom camera as you can just screw it to the wall or other surfaces.

Soliom S600 Solar Camera

It is another popular solar camera from Soliom. What makes it special is its capability of turning its head 90° vertically and 320° horizontally tilt and pan. The Full 1080P HD cam offers 3X digital zoom and cool color night vision for increased security of your premises.

The Soliom camera integrates a motion-activated LED night vision spotlight for a clear view of the visuals in dark hours. The four pieces of white built-in LEDs make the camera cover a viewing angle of up to 32 feet and add to the camera’s night vision capability.

A big single-piece solar panel and a powerful 9000mAh battery are other attractions of the Soliom camera. You can easily install the camera on your wall or any outdoor surface in your home’s Wi-Fi range for advanced surveillance and connectivity.

The camera features a quick and accurate PIR motion sensor. It offers a perfect software pixel analysis and so that you get reduced false alerts. Surely, it can help capture human movements clearly. There is a MicroSD slot for cards up to 64GB and a cloud storage option for storing the video and pictures.

Ring Solar Security Cameras

When it comes to solar cameras, Ring is another top brand that is basically known for its series of video doorbells and security cameras.

Ring’s solar surveillance cams are not direct solar solutions, but as in the case of Reolink, you get a universal solar panel that is compatible with a number of its Wi-Fi cameras.

Ring Stick Up Cam, Stick Up Cam Elite, Spotlight Cam are some of the models you can run with the solar panel. You need to buy the camera and PV panel separately to set up a solar camera. The brand also offers the units in bundles so that you can get them in a box.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Security Camera

Ring’s Stick Up is a versatile solar security camera. If you are looking at setting up non-stop protection for your home, the Ring product is an incredible choice.

It comes with all the advanced features, including the basically required motion-activated notifications and two-way audio.

Like all its innovative products, Ring Stick Up Cam works with Alexa.

Thus, you can simply control and manage the camera through voice commands. The Ring Protect feature is a nice way you can surveil everything you might have missed.


Ring Stick Up is a waterproof camera. So, you can fix it right anywhere outdoors and get access to the live video footage on your phone from anywhere in the world via the included Ring App.

It is quite easy to set up the camera. You can just plug it into the solar panel and connect to the Wi-Fi. That is all. You are now all set to keep an eye on your properties, gardens, and home. The stylish camera can be a better part of your life for security.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

That has been our take on the Reolink Vs Soliom Vs Ring solar cameras. We have tried to cover all the best-selling solar cameras from the top three brands. If you are looking at buying a standalone solar camera, Soliom is the brand you should go on. As you have seen above, it has a series of solar cameras for you.

Meanwhile, Reolink and Ring have their solar cameras in separate units of solar panel and camera. The cameras are regular chargeable ones that you can connect to a solar panel. In this case, you need to buy solar panels and camera units separately. Anyway, the easiest way is to go for a Soliom camera if you want a true solar camera.

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