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12 Solar Fountain Pump Kits for Stylish Water Features in Your Garden

Solar power is a fantastic way to run a fountain pump.

A solar-based water pump has many advantages over a traditional, non-solar electric pump. Fine, if you are looking at buying a solar fountain pump, you have landed in the right place. Here, we have a list of the best solar fountain pump kits.

Solar fountain pumps are obviously 100% eco-friendly systems. So, they don’t only spoil the greenery around your home but also help reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

Moreover, a solar pump cancels the necessity for laying a cable or wire from your home or any other power source to your pond. It is also easier to install a solar pump than a regular one. You can fix it in any pond or water feature, provided that you have enough sunlight in the locality.

Best Solar Fountain Pump Kits

Solar fountain pump kits typically contain solar panels, immersible water pumps, sprayer heads, and a number of accessories like tubes and pipes for pumping.

A handful of water pumps are also there with battery packs. They are able to store power during the daytime and to keep the motors running even after sunset or on cloudy days.

However, most solar fountain pumps are without batteries and so they are plug-and-play systems. You will have them running only when there is the sun in the sky, not at night or on shady days.

Fine, our team of researchers has curated this list of the best solar water pumping systems for you. We have hand-picked the models by considering different factors like performance, size, capacity, customer feedback, and more.

1. Weanas 2.5W Solar Water Pump

We would like to start the list with a highly affordable 2.5W solar water pump from a brand called Weanas. It is a solar water pump with a small battery pack. Well, what it packs up is an 800mAh battery so that it can continue pumping even after sunset or on a cloudy day.

It is a very easy-to-use solar water pump that you can set up anywhere quickly.

However, with a battery pack, it is not a standalone unit. So you need to place the solar panel and battery combo unit away from the water body. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the water pump.


The Weanas pump comes up with three adapters and four nozzles. You can create various water flow effects with it. What all you need to do is to affix the pump to the pond with the included suction cup, and set up the solar panel facing the sun. That is all. Now you can turn on the device and start pumping instantly.

It is a trendy solar water pump, and it has got a lot of takers. In the Weanas kit, you get a solar panel, a ground stake mount, a water pump with LEDs, a couple of nozzle adapters, six spraying heads, and one inserted bar. Overall, it is an incredible product that you get at an affordable price.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2.5-Watt Solar Water Pump Kit.
  • 800mAh Battery Backup Facility.
  • Easy-to-Install Solar Water Pump.
  • Three Adapters and Four Spray Nozzles.
  • Perfect for Small Ponds and Stream.

2. Smart Solar SunJet 150 Water Pump

STI Group’s SunJet 150 is another excellent solar fountain pump kit. It is a primary, low voltage pump with a filter, and there is no battery inside. Under direct sunlight, it can operate continuously and lift 40 gallons of water an hour. You can use it in small ponds and streams.

The kit packs up a small solar panel and four water heads for different spray patterns. We have more details about the Smart Solar Sunjet solar pump below. Meanwhile, check out its latest price on the link below.


Interestingly, you can set up this water pump in different ways. You can submerge, float, or attach it to a smooth surface using the included suction cups. The SunJet 150 water pump is indeed ideal for setting up in a birdbath pond or a small fish tank. Yes, it is one of the best-selling fountain pump kits on the market.

Its set-up is a breeze. You simply need to insert the pole into the soil to fix the panel and set up the pump and other items in the pond. It is a budget model. As a low-voltage and basic model, it is suitable for smaller ponds only. When it comes to customer feedback, it has been doing well, for sure.

Why Should You Buy

  • Mini Solar Fountain Water Pump System. 
  • Low-Voltage and Budget Water Pump Kit.
  • Water Flow Capacity up to 40 Gal/Hr.
  • Four Different Fountain Sprayer Heads.
  • Ideal for Small Ponds and Birdbaths. 

3. ASC 1.3Watt Solar Water Pump Kit

Next, we have a little 1.3W variant solar water pump kit. It is from a brand called ASC and is the base model of its line-up of solar water pump systems. Anyway, it is an excellent product of its kind with a preset timer option and a small rechargeable battery in the package.

The included battery is a 6V-1.2Ah unit that can power it up for around three hours. So even after the sunset or on a cloudy day, you can run the pump for a while. It is indeed a product worth buying for miniature water gardens. There are a lot of takers for this product with satisfied reviews. Check out its price below.


Of course, it can form beautiful water spray patterns in your outdoor fountain without adding anything to your power bill. For that, the ASC water pump kit features four levels of water flow and packs up multiple water sprayers. So it goes an easy thing to set up beautiful water features in different water bodies.

The pump is a 6V DC brushless unit, and the solar panel, as you know, is a small 1.3-watt module. Well, the pump has a lift height of 20 inches with a water flow capacity of 180L per hour. The package comes with 10-feet cables each for the DV pump and LED light. The brand also offers a 2.5W variant of the pump.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1.3Watt Small Solar Water Pumping Kit.
  • 6V-1.2Ah Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  • DC Brushless Motor with 180L/h Water Flow.
  • Water Lift Height Up to 20 Inches.
  • Suited for Small Ponds and Streams.

4. Garden Sun Light 3W Solar Water Pump

Here comes the next pick on our list of solar fountain pump kits. It is from a brand called Garden Sun Light, and the model is a 3W solar pond pump with a battery pack. So you can keep your water pump running even on a cloudy day or during the nighttime.

Along with water multiple spray heads, the Garden Sun Light solar pump kit also highlights LED lights. That lets you illuminate the water flows to ensure an added beauty to your garden. Check out the link for its price.


This product is exceptional with its three preset operation modes. They help you set its operation for various needs; continuous, 24-hour, and winter modes. Meanwhile, its LEDs turn on automatically along with the water sprays. You can adjust water flow rates with a variable speed valve, by the way.

The included solar panel is a small mono unit with highly efficient silicon cells. It is when the pump is a DC brushless unit that works quite nicely to add an attraction to your garden water bodies. Of course, the water pump bundles multiple water heads that help you create different water flow patterns.

Why Should You Buy

  • 3-Watt Solar Water Pump System Kit.
  • Battery/Timer Control Box and LED Light.
  • Multiple Water Heads for Different Spray Patterns.
  • LED Lights to Add Charm to the Water Flows.
  • Three Preset Operation Modes for Various Needs.

5. Solariver 20W Solar Water Pump Kit

This water pump system kit from Solariver is a mid-size plug-and-play unit. It features a powerful submersible pump that can up to lift 360 gallons of water an hour. The solar panel included is a 20-watt poly unit, and there is no battery pack included in the kit.

The Solarriver water pump is suitable for medium ponds, fountains, aquariums, and hydroponics. Coming with three water heads, it can form different spray patterns. Check out its latest price on the link below.


Yes, it doesn’t come with a battery, but if you want to store the power to run it after sunset, you can connect the panel to a 12V battery. Meanwhile, the great thing with the kit is that you get it with a brushless magnetic pump with a life of 20,000 hours. It works with no noise in salt and freshwater and emits no toxic trash.

Indeed, this solar water pump stands out with its powerful solar panel. The included unit is a 20W poly solar panel. So it is quite enough to help you set up a powerful solar pond pump with a decent battery backup. For that, you need to get a 12V battery and put together the components accordingly.

Why Should You Buy

  • 20-Watt Solar Fountain Pump System Kit.
  • Durable and Efficient 360+GPH – 7-ft Submersible Pump.
  • Perfect for Decently Large Ponds, Streams, and Aquariums.
  • Multiple Water Heads for Different Spray Patterns.
  • Powerful Brushless Motor for Perfect Pumping.

6. SunnyDaze Decor 20W Solar Water Pump

Next on our list of solar fountain pump kits, we have a fresh product from a brand called SunnyDaze Decor. It is actually a famous brand in the segment with many solar water pump systems. The product is indeed one of the most-selling variants of the brand’s solar pumping systems for your ponds and streams.

Fine, like the above Solariver kit, it also has a 20W solar output but is featuring a couple of 10W poly panels. The included solar water pump can lift 396 gallons of water an hour. More interestingly, it packs up an LED light with an automatic on/off switch. Check out the link below for its latest price.


The SunnyDaze kit comes with a battery. That said, you can store power to run the water pump on cloudy days or at night. As per SunnyDaze, the fully charged battery can run the water pump for around four hours. The included LED lights work only during the night, providing an extra attraction to the water splashes.

Being a reasonably big fountain pump kit, it is a bit pricier, though, but it enjoys good customer reviews with a favorable rating. Sure, you can buy this solar fountain pump to make your water features rather elegant. Along with the lighting, it can offer your garden a smart look and feel.

Why Should You Buy

  • 20W Solar Water Pump Kit with Battery Pack.
  • 396GPH Submersible Water Pump Included.
  • LED Light and Multiple Water Sprayer Heads.
  • Powerful Battery with Four-Hour Runtime.
  • Perfect for Small Garden Ponds and Streams.

7. SunnyDaze Decor 5W Solar Water Pump

Here is another model from SunnyDaze on our list of solar fountain pump kits. As the title suggests, it is a 5-watt solar water pump with no battery included. The bundle features a decent submersible water pump and multiple sprayer options to create awesome water features.

If you are looking to create stylish water features in your small garden ponds or tanks, it is a fine choice. With a small motor and solar panel, you get it at an affordable price. Check out its latest price on the link below.


Well, as you in the title, the SunnyDaze is equipped with a 5W solar panel. Plus, you have it with a 15V DC brushless water pump. The included 16-inch cable lets you place the solar panel at a convenient distance. Also, this model highlights two sprayer heads for two different water flow patterns.

By the way, being a small water pump, it can only lift 132 gallons of water per hour with a maximum head of 56 inches. Moreover, there are different adapters to let you build stylish waterfalls in your water bodies.

Why Should You Buy

  • 5-Watt Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit.
  • 15-Volt DC Brushless Water Pump.
  • Capable of Lifting 132-GPH Water.
  • Perfect for Small Ponds and Streams.
  • 16-Inch Cable to Remotely Place the Panel.

8.  SunnyDaze Decor 2W Solar Water Pump

If you have only a small water body to set up an adorable water feature, this model of the SunnyDaze Decor water pump kit is fine for you. It is an excellent water pump for small water ponds, tanks, and aquariums.

As you see in the title, it is a 2W solar pump that can spray 65 gallons of water per hour. For that, it features a small 6V-9V DC brushless pump. Follow the link to check out the latest price and availability details.

SunnyDaze Decor 2W Solar Water Pump


The impressive thing is that the water pump kit packs up a tiny battery pack so that you can store the power to run it late hours or on a shady day. A fully charged battery can run the water pump for around four hours.

By the way, the kit comes with eight pieces of different fountain sprayer heads. They let you charmingly set up different fountain patterns and create waterfalls. Coming to customer feedback, it is indeed one of the best solar fountain pump kits on the shelves with a lot of favorable reviews.

Why Should You Buy

  • Basic 2W Solar Water Pump for Small Tanks. 
  • Battery Included with Four-Hour Runtime.
  • Small 6V-9V DC Brushless Water Pump.
  • Eight Different Water Heads for Spraying. 
  • Small and Stylish Water Pump for Tiny Ponds.

9. Lewisia 8W Solar Fountain Pump Kit

Here comes another impressive solar water pump with a battery backup. It is certainly one of the top-seller solar fountain pump kits out there, and it has a lot of takers on all leading retail sites. Thanks to the included battery, the 8W solar water pump runs even on a cloudy day or at night.

So you can buy it as an ideal piece to design water features in your garden fountain, tanks, and aquariums. As a small unit, it is reasonably priced, and anyone can afford it. Use the link below for its latest price.


Well, the kit packs up a brushless DC pump with higher efficiency and reduced noise. It has got multiple sprayer heads to adjust the look and feel of your fountain water features. As a bonus, it also integrates some LED lights to beautify the water patterns further.

More interestingly, the kit comprises a solid ABS ground-stake mount. That makes you safely and securely fix the solar panel. The included solar panel features an adjustable angle to position it right to attract as much sunlight as possible to run your water pump without a hassle.

Why Should You Buy

  • 8W Solar Water Pump with Battery.
  • Highly Efficient Brushless Submersible Motor.
  • ABS Ground-Stake Mount to Mount the Panel. 
  • Solar Panel with Adjustable Angle Setting. 
  • Multiple White LED Lights for Further Beauty. 

10. Eco-Worthy 100W Solar Water Pump Kit

The next model is, in fact, not a solar fountain pump kit, but a full-fledged solar water pumping system. It is from Eco-Worthy, a leading innovator of solar panel systems and solutions.

What about getting a complete solar water pump for your gardens? It is the best choice, then. This product is only a variant of a series of Eco-Worthy solar water pumps. It helps you irrigate a remote field and fill in your garden water tanks from a big water source on solar power.

Specs-wise, the Eco-Worthy kit comes with a 100W solar panel, as the title says. Meanwhile, the pump is a powerful 1000-GPH submersible unit. That said, with a 12V battery, you can set up a complete solar water pump to fill water in your large aquariums, and aquaculture and hydroponics tanks, and more.


Of course, as said above, the Eco-Worthy is an all-in-one solar water pump kit. You can set it up anywhere to pump water from a well, pond, or stream. What all you need, in addition, is a unit of the 12-volt battery, and so you can build a power backup facility using the included solar panel and charge controller

At the moment, the Eco-Worthy solar water pump kits are available in around ten variants. They vary with different solar outputs, water pump sets, charge controllers, and other components. Well, some top-end options bundle up the required batteries, as well.

Why Should You Buy

  • Full-Fledged Solar Water Pump System. 
  • Solar Water Pump for Irrigation and Tank Refilling.
  • 100W Solar Panel with Solar Charge Controller.
  • 1000-GPH Submersible Regular Water Pump.
  • Multiple Variants With and Without Batteries.

11. Anself Solar Power Water Pump

Next, on our list of the best solar fountain pump kits, we have an excellent model from Anself. It is a basic 9V 2.5W solar water pump kit that can turn your idle birdbath or pond into a lively abode for birds.

As you see, it is a mini solar water pump. The kit features a small separate solar panel that you can fix in the ground, thanks to the included mount pole. The low voltage water pump comes up with a filter and multiple spray heads to create stylish water features. Check out its price below.


You can set up the water pump in a water body in multiple ways. You can either immerse it or affix it to the surface using the included small suction cups. When it comes to the PV panel, use the included stake mount to fix it nearby the pond or stream.

The water pump is capable of lifting around 40 gallons of water per hour. That is indeed quite enough to use the water pump to give an extra charm to your water body and to create movements in the water by preventing the mosquitoes and other insects from egging.

Why Should You Buy

  • Basic and Low-Voltage Solar Water Pump Kit.
  • Small Separate Solar Panel with the Mount Pole.
  • Capable of Pumping Up to 40 Gallons an Hour.
  • Long Cable to Connect the Panel to the Pump.
  • Multiple Water Heads for Different Spray Patterns.

12. Aisitin Solar Fountain Pump

Here is another interesting solar water pump. It is from a brand called Aisitin. It comes up with a 6-watt solar panel that can ideally power the small floating fountain pump continuously even if the sun is weak. The included battery will back up some power for the pump to work for some hours after the sunset.

The integrated water pump, by the way, comes with as many as six different water-style sprayers. They will help you create different spray patterns. You can also design your spray heights and other customized patterns by merely adjusting the nozzles. Use the link below to check out its latest price.


It is a perfect solar water pump for a variety of applications. You can use it to set up a stylish birdbath, a small pond, or an aquarium in your garden.  The smart water sprays from the pump will surely attract your guests.

Fine, the water pump highlights an automatic power-off feature. As you see, it will make the motor turn off automatically if it leaves the water unexpectedly. It will give a more extended service if you regularly clean the pump to extract clogging.

Why Should You Buy

  • Small and Stylish Solar Water Pump.
  • 6-Watt High-Efficiency Solar Panel.
  • Perfect Piece of Floating Water Pump.
  • Built-in Battery for Power Storage. 
  • Multi-Application Solar Water Pump.

Why Solar Fountain Pumps

Solar water pump systems generally come in standalone units. They don’t require any complex setting for installation. Sure, anybody can easily set up a solar water pump in a fountain out-of-the-box. Even a layperson can do it in a matter of time. Sooner, it will start collecting solar power and keep running the pump.

Most solar water pumps are suitable for use in different applications. They are suited for fish ponds, streams, birdbath fountains, and more. Apart from their functional advantage, they also add to the overall look and feel of your water features. So, make sure you get a model that suits the character of your garden and fountain.


1. Are Solar Fountain Pumps Any Good?

Solar fountain pumps are indeed perfect choices for water features in your backyard and garden ponds. Connected with the solar panels, the pump works on the power from the sun during the day. Of course, solar-based pumps can’t lift water to bigger heights, but what you get is quite enough to make your pond features look awesome.

2. How Do I Convert My Fountain to Solar Power?

Converting a water fountain to a solar one is very simple with a solar water pump kit. The market has several options of solar water pump kits.

We have listed some of the coolest models on our list above. But they are all meant for small ponds and fountains in your garden. If you have got a large fountain, you will have to make a customized solar solution to make the same to solar one, by the way.

3. What Are the Best Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains?

There is a large number of solar water pumps for bird bath fountains on the market. We have listed some of the best-rated models above. All the items on our list are easy-to-install solutions. SunnyDaze Decor, Weanas, ASC, Garden Sun Light, Solariver, Lewisia, and Eco-Worthy are some of the brands that offer incredible fountain solar pumps.

4. Do Solar Pond Pumps Work at Night?

Yes, if you have got a solar pond pump with a battery, it will work at night or on cloudy days. The market has a lot of solar pond pump with and without battery packs.

Make sure you buy a model with a battery to make it operate at night.

The models without battery packs operate under direct sunlight only. That is because the included solar panel runs the motor directly from solar energy.

5. How Much Does a Solar Pump Cost?

A larger, complete solar water pump system for a big pond costs around $1500.

But if you have got a small pond or fountain, you have several low-price, basic, and small solar water pumps. They cost just below $100 and they can create only small lifts of water. The ones with batteries can also run the water features at night or on cloudy days, as well.

6. How Much Sun Does a Solar Fountain Need?

Most solar water pumps need less power to run. However, if you have a bigger pump in your larger pond with multiple impressive sprays, you may need more power.

For the smaller solar fountains, the solar panels typically range in between 1W and 15W, requiring not too much sun for effective running. But if you have a solar fountain with a battery pack, more sunlight will help store more power for its comfortable operation at night or on cloudy days.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar fountain pump kits.

We have tried our best to introduce you to some of the coolest and top-rated solar water pump systems. It is, of course, a brilliant idea to set up charming water features in your garden with these little solar pond solutions.

Of course, a solar water pump is an eco-friendly solution to add further attraction to your garden and outdoor water bodies.

Also, it obviously helps save some bucks on your electricity bills and cut your footprint as you depend on solar power to run the water features. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.

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