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Tenkoo Solar Streetlights: The Best-Rated Solar-Powered Streetlights from Tenkoo

A solar streetlight is a cool way to light up pathways, gardens, streets, and backyards. Compared to a grid-connected streetlight, it gives you freedom from maintenance and power costs. Tenkoo is a top vendor of solar streetlights and we have a list of the best Tenkoo solar streetlights below.

A solar streetlight is a simple device that has a battery and solar panel along with the LED lights. So, you don’t need to power it up with a cable. It will collect current from the sunlight, store it in the included battery pack, and light up during the dark hours.

Most of the market’s solar streetlights integrate advanced sensors to make them turn off and on automatically at dawn and dusk. Also, they feature remote controllers, waterproof profiles, high-quality batteries, and more to give longer lifespans in your gardens, pathways, and streets.

Tenkoo Solar Streetlights

Tenkoo is indeed a pioneer in cutting-edge solar lights and other green energy products.

It offers solar streetlights in multiple series with each containing different variants based on their output and power. Here, we would like to cover the best of the solar streetlights from Tenkoo.

We have already covered some of the brand’s models on our list of the best solar streetlights here. But it is an exclusive take on the brand’s own products and so you can find the best rather quickly.

1. Tenkoo BD Series Solar Streetlights

Tenkoo BD is a series of five impressive solar streetlights from the brand. As you see, it appears in various power options, ranging from 200W to 600W in a price range of $160 to $290. Each model warrants different brightness and runtimes so that you can find the best one for your needs.

See, for example, the 200W base variant is a 364-LED solar light that can emit a brightness of 8000 lumens. The included battery pack is a 24,000mAh lithium unit, which can guarantee a life of up to 50,000 hours, as per the brand. It packs a 25W solar panel for charging.

It is when the 500W variant equips a powerful 48000mAh lithium battery pack. The 500W LED light is made of 792 pieces of beads and the included solar panel is a 6V/50W unit to juice up the battery during the daytime. Check out the link below for all the models of the series.

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In common, all models of the Tenkoo BD solar streetlights come up with remote controllers, smart motion sensors, and other advanced features. The remote controller is a way you can conveniently manage its operation as it will help you deal with all its settings remotely in a range of 16-feet.

The built-in motion sensor is quite responsive. The lights will shine up to 100% brightness quickly after a motion is detected. They will go to the power-saving mode during the rest of the hours.

You can install them quite easily. Coming with the adjustable metal brackets, it is simple to mount on poles, walls, and any outdoor locations at the right angle to grab the right amount of sunlight.

Why Should You Buy

  • Ultra-Bright Solar Streetlights in 100W to 600W Options.
  • Brightness Range of 8000 Lumens to 40000 Lumens.
  • Big-Capacity Lithium Batteries and Reliable Solar Panels. 
  • Remote Controllers and Advanced Motion Sensors. 
  • Easy to Install, Waterproof, and Durable Lights.

2. Tenkoo BJ Series Solar Streetlights

This is another popular series of the Tenkoo solar streetlights. The BJ is available in three models; 100W, 150W, and 200W. Like the above series, each of the models has different power and output. Their price range falls between $120 and $180 with a brightness of 6000LM to 10000LM.

The 100W entry-level variant is a 60-piece LED light with a lighting angle of 120 degrees and it can deliver 6000-lumen brightness. The solar panel included is a 15W/6V highly efficient mono charger and the battery pack under the hood is a 18000mAh unit. Check out the models on the link below.

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Meanwhile, its 150W model equips a 90-unit LED light with a brightness of 8000 lumens. A more powerful 25W/6V mono solar panel and 24000mAh battery pack are other attractions. Finally, the series has got a rather brighter and powerful 200W variant with a light of 10000 lumens.

Of course, all the models of the Tenkoo series highlight advanced sensors, remote controllers, and other features. That is how you get some of the market’s best solar streetlights from Tenkoo.

You can handle the lights completely with the remote controllers. The built-in sensors make them work automatically at dusk and dawn to ensure perfect outdoor lighting. The adjustable brightness and lighting time are other impressive features of the solar streetlights.

Why Should You Buy

  • Super-Bright Solar Streetlights in 100W to 200W Variants. 
  • Brightness Range of 6000 Lumens to 10000 Lumens.
  • Good-Capacity Battery Packs and Powerful Solar Panels. 
  • Remote Controllers and Inbuilt Motion Sensors.
  • Waterproof, Long-Lasting Solar Streetlights.

3. Benkoo TT Series Solar Streetlights

The next is the TT series of the Tenkoo solar streetlights. This series is what offers you some cool models with built-in solar panels and the most number of variants, ranging from a small, budget 10W model to a premium 300W model. This series appears in a price range of $90 to $290.

Coming to the entry-level models in the TT Series, we have two pieces; a 10W and a 15W variants. Well, the first one is a 1500-lumen streetlight made out of 28 pieces of LEDs. It has a battery pack of 13.2Ah @ 42.V to run the light for pretty long hours.

It is when the 15W model is also a 28-piece light but is rather brighter with 2000 lumens.

The battery inside is a 4.2V, 15.4Ah one and is indeed one of the affordable solar streetlights you find out there. Check out the link below to find the entry-level models of the series.

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The top-end of the series is a heavy 300W solar light. It features a bigger 26.4Ah battery at 12.6V and the light is made of 144 pieces of LED to deliver you ‎12000-lumen brightness. The light can have a lifespan of up to 50k hours.

All the models in the series are highly durable solar lights. Featuring commercial-grade die-cast aluminum frames, high-efficiency mono solar panels, IP65-waterproof profiles, and cutting-edge sensors, they are the best of the kind on the market with a lot of takers.

Thanks to their standalone designs, you can install them easily. You get the lights with the required mounting brackets to mount them quickly out of the box in your parks, gardens, and pathways.

Why Should You Buy

  • A Collection of Quality Solar Streetlights with Inbuilt Solar Panels. 
  • Available in Two Entry-Level, Budget Variants of 15W and 20W.
  • High-End 200W and 300W Variants Also Available in the Series. 
  • IP65-Waterproof Profiles and Die-Cast Aluminum Frames.
  • Reliable Built-in Solar Panels and Good Quality Battery Packs.

4. Benkoo TT Plus Series Solar Streetlights

Finally, we have the brand’s TT Plus premium solar lights. These are also all-in-one solar lights but are only available in high-power variants like 200W, 300W, and 400W. Their prices range from $430 to $590. They are respectively 20000LM, 26000LM, and 30000LM solar lights.

The 300W variant packs up a 12.6V/ 26400mAh lithium battery pack and a highly efficient mono solar panel. It is capable of lighting up an area of 1600 sq. ft with great brightness. A fully charged device can warrant you lighting for four to eight days.

The 300W model is a solar light of 196 LEDs and it can light up an area of nearly 2000 sq. ft. The battery inside is a 12.6V/42,000mAh battery that can guarantee you a longer runtime, for sure.

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The next one is a 400-watt solar streetlight, which can deliver a brightness of 30000 lumens. The battery is the same 12.6V/42,000mAh unit and the light is a 196-LED structure.

All the models equip advanced PIR motion and photocell sensors for the finest outdoor lighting experience. You can install them quickly as they are all lightweight and standalone solutions. The included mounting brackets can help you mount them quickly on poles, walls, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • A Collection of  High-Power Solar Streetlights with Inbuilt Solar Panels. 
  • High-Capacity Lithium Batteries for Long Runtimes During Dark Hours.
  • Super-Bright and Long-Lasting Solar Streetlights. 
  • Advanced LED Lights with PIR Sensors, Photocell Sensors, and More.
  • Perfect for Use in Wide Gardens, Pathways, Streets, and Backyards.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Tenkoo solar streetlights.

We have certainly covered all the best models from the famous brand. All its models are the much-sought-after of the kind on the market. We hope our list of the products will help you find the best of the best. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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