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The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash: Do Your Laundry Quickly Off the Grid

The Wonder Wash is one of a kind alternative, non-electric washing machine. It guarantees you a pretty simple way to do your laundry without electricity. If you are looking at buying an off-grid washing machine, this can surely be a fantastic investment for you.

With a unit of The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash, what you get is both a cool alternative to an electric washer and an amazingly portable washer for off-grid life.

Wonder Wash is technically a hand-operated washer that can handle a load of up to 5 lbs.

It is capable of washing your clothes in minutes, consuming no power and 90% less water than an electric washer. That is how it comes out to be an ideal washing solution for a small family to do their laundry right anywhere in its finest way.

The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash

WonderWash is indeed a compact, 100% eco-friendly washing machine. As you crank its liver, it gently cleans your clothes in its washing chamber in one to two minutes.

It has no agitator inside and so the process of washing takes place quite smoother not to tear up your garments. It features patent-pending lid snaps for the gentle washing experience.


As a fully portable washer, it is a fine pick for campers, RVers, outdoor enthusiasts, and condo and apartment dwellers. It has a weight of just below 6 lbs, which makes its moving a breeze.

As you see, Wonder Wash can handle small loads only, not heavy loads as in an electric washer.

It has a smaller price of $60 and you can have a return of it on your power bill in a few months. See, even a mini electric washer costs hundreds of dollars and so it is truly cheaper.

Its size goes a handy 12 x 12 x 16 inches.

Why Should You Buy

1. Eco-Friendly Washing Machine

Wonder Wash is an awesome way you can do a bit for the planet. As it works on crank power, it is a 100% eco-friendly washing machine. It can save your trips to the laundry and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

It comes with an impressive price, and that you can save in two months on your electricity bill. Off the grid, you get an option to clean your dresses neatly without much effort.

2. Gentle Washing of Your Clothes

Of course, The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash guarantees you a gentle washing experience. Instead of rough agitators, it has got a smooth and easy technology to clean up your garments gently. The result is that your clothes won’t easily get damaged with tears and rips.

3. Amazingly Practical Design

The Wonder Wash has a very practical design. It is a perfect choice for the machine washing of your dresses in an outdoor event, camp tents, condos, RVs, boats, small households, and more.

Consuming no energy and less water, you get a really nice alternative to an electric washer.

It has a lightweight and compact design and is also much portable. You can quite conveniently carry it on your trips and adventures and make sure your dresses are clean at no cost at all.

4. Long-Lasting Washing Machine

Above all, you get a long-lasting washer with Wonder Wash, thanks to its non-electric profile.

Obviously, it packs up no moving parts inside and no electrical components make it a complex product like a regular washing machine. The company offers it a warranty of three years and it will surely last further in cleaning your dresses off the grid.

The Wonder Wash Vs Laundry POD

Laundry Pod is the closest rival to the Wonder Wash in the market of the non-electric washers. The Laundry POD has a different design as it appears in the form of a bucket. It has got a top liver for creating the required rotation inside for cleaning up your garments.

It is also a very compact and lightweight washer so that you can take it anywhere on your trips and use it ideally in RVs, houseboats, camping tents, apartments, and more. The Laundry POD will comfortably go under your sink.


The Laundry POD features quite practical systems for spinning, cleaning, and draining. With a spinning of under 10 minutes, you will get your clothes ready after washing.

You need to fill the bucket-like washer with six liters of water and put the required detergent before starting the spinning activity. Made of durable plastic, the Laundry POD will help you clean your clothes for long years at no extra cost and with less water.

The washing device has a size of 14.45 x 14.02 x 13.55 in and it weighs 4.15 lbs. That means, the Laundry POD is slightly larger than Wonder Wash, while it keeps a lesser weight, however.

Coming to the price, the Laundry POD is the expensive one as it will cost you around $20 more.

The Wonder Wash Vs Drumi

Yirego’s Drumi is another famous portable, non-electric washing machine. Unlike the Wonder Wash and the Laundry POD, this is a bit more technically an advanced model, and so is quite expensive, as well.

The super-quick manual washer device is, in fact, a foot-powered one, not hand-powered like its competitors. It sports a durable foot pedal that you can keep pedaling to wash, spin, and dry up to 5 lbs of your garments in under ten minutes.

Compared to Wonder Wash and the Laundry POD, it is also very bigger in size and weight. With the dimensions of ‎21.65 x 19.29 x 18.11 in and a weight of ‎24.2 lbs, it is still a highly portable washer for outdoor, off-grid, and camping requirements.

Yirego Drumi Portable Washing Machine


Well, what makes Yirego Drumi advanced and expensive is its inside metal drum, which is also removable. So, you can clean the drum once it gets dirty.

Apart from a portable washer, it can also double as a secondary washing machine in your home for small loads. When you are not on a move, it can be used to clean soft and small clothes like socks, diapers, white, color, silk, and more.

By the way, you can neatly store a Yirego Drumi in a small room like a car trunk. It has got an easy carrying handle to let you carry it anywhere easily for off-grid washing.

Coming to the price, Yirego Drumi has a price of around $400. That means you can buy either the Laundry POD or the Wonder Wash in several units at a Drumi’s cost.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash. It is indeed one of the best-sellers of the non-electric washing machines on the market. We have made a complete run-through of its features and specs in our article. You really get a much reliable off-grid washing machine with it. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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