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Vinnic Solar Power Stations: 512Wh and 2000Wh Sturdy and Safe LifePO4 Solar Power Stations

Vinnic, a top battery vendor in Hong Kong, has unveiled two cool power stations. Featuring sturdy aluminum alloy shells, they are compact and mid-range solar power stations; Vinnic PS700W-512 and Vinnic PS2000W-1958 respectively. They are 512Wh and 2000Wh LifePO4 power stations.

The Vinnic power stations pack 700W and 2000W pure sine wave inverters that can surge at 1400W and 4000W. With multiple AC outlets, they are ideal for running a variety of your essential devices and appliances during emergencies and blackouts.

Ultra-portable design with a strong aluminum alloy build and safe LFP batteries is the lovely thing with the Vinnic devices. The vendor has launched the power stations in a Kickbooster campaign with attractive early bird prices, starting at $500 and $1200 respectively.

Vinnic PS2000W-1958 Solar Power Station

Vinnic PS700W-512 Solar Power Station with Aluminium Alloy


  • 512Wh LifePO4 Rechargeable Battery.
  • 700W/1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Two 110V/60Hz AC Outlets.
  • USB Type-C PD 100W and a DC 12V Socket.
  • 200W AC and 200W Solar Charging Speeds.
  • 250 x 190 x 190 mm and 6.5 Kgs. 

Vinnic PS700W-512 Solar Power Station

Vinnic PS2000W-1958 Solar Power Station with Aluminium Alloy


  • 2000Wh LifePO4 Rechargeable Battery.
  • 2000W/40000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Two 110V/60Hz AC Outlets.
  • USB Type-C PD 100W and a DC 12V Socket.
  • 200W AC and 200W Solar Charging Speeds.
  • 590 x 190 x 190 mm and 24.5 kgs. 

Vinnic Solar Power Stations

The Vinnic solar power stations highlight some unrivaled safety features.

Thanks to the brand’s patented unibody aluminum design, the power stations are perfect for rough outdoor applications. Under the hood, they tout individual chambers so that the battery packs and other components stay separate for added safety.

Along with safety features, the devices have got ultra-portable designs and highly durable carrying handles, making them unique from their rivaling models from the brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow.

The aluminum body, as per the brand, can deliver you a brilliant outdoor performance. The internal components are rather secure and so you can use them roughly in various outdoor conditions. They are integrity-tested for rough outdoor applications and comply with ISTA-1A standards.



The metal body makes them so stronger that you can stack up extra units or place heavier luggage on top of them with no worry, at all.

What’s more, you have got the safest LFP batteries inside the Vinnic power stations. They won’t get overheated even if they are charged with solar panels in the scorching summer.

The 2000Wh PS2000W-1958 comes up with 136 built-in battery cells with a specification of 25.6V, 76.5Ah. It is when the 512Wh PS700W-512 sports 40 built-in LFP battery cells of 25.6V, 20Ah.

Charging Outputs and Inputs

Both the Vinnic solar power stations feature 10 different charging outlets. They include dual 110V AC sockets, four USB-A ports, a 100W USB 3.0 PD port, dual DC outlets, and a DC carport.

That means you can use them to power a wide range of your USB, DC, and AC devices. The top-end variant is the best choice for running bigger appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and more.

Meanwhile, coming to charging options, both the machines have 200W AC and solar input ports. The MPPT charge controller is a quality one and you can use a solar panel of 200W to charge it faster from the sun.

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the new Vinnic solar power stations.

Both the products are currently doing quite well on Kickstarter. The brand plans to start shipping the models to the backers by April 2022. As stated above, the models have got attractive early bird prices starting at $500 and $1200.

The power stations are also available in some attractive kits with apt solar panels. You can find the best deals on Kickstarter to get a solid and durable power station for your next adventure.

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