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EyeCube Solar Camera: An All-In-One Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

A solar camera is an ideal choice for security surveillance around your home, farm, or worksite. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and all-in-one profile, you can install it anywhere in your surroundings. We have had a look at the best solar wireless security cameras earlier. Here, we have a new product called, EyeCube solar camera.

EyeCube is, of course, a typical example of a Wi-Fi solar security camera. It is a compact, ultra-portable 1080HD solar camera that you can install in various scenarios quite comfortably. Because of its small size, you can also carry it in your backpack and set up right anywhere for surveillance.

Its maker has envisaged EyeCube as a solution to all the problems of a regular solar camera. As per its maker, it offers a high-performance surveilling for both indoor and outdoor applications. Meanwhile, it comes out to be a perfect solution for problems like low battery life, bad image quality, complex installation, and more.

Solar Wireless Camera from IMag

EyeCube Solar Camera

EyeCube is a versatile solar camera with impressive features. The main attraction of the product is evidently its small and compact size. Its makers have successfully managed to shrink down a solar camera from big size to small apple size. That said, with EyeCube, you get one of the compact and ultra-portable solar cameras.

Well, with this portability, it is obviously a cool camera that you can carry in your backpack and install it anywhere quickly. However, it highlights several impressive features, including its capability to absorb sunlight 270 degrees, thanks to its integrated solar panels on the three sides of its squarish design.

EyeCube solar camera packs a 3000mAh built-in battery. It can power the camera for over three months without cable charging. It also highlights a PIR low power consumption mode. That enables it to consume only 30mAh to 40mAh of power a day as it turns on only when there is a movement.

As you see, EyeCube has a squarish design. You can easily install it in various scenarios, thanks to the different accessories. The device itself features a nail hole and mounting bolt on the top and bottom. Moreover, you can use accessories like a 360-degree camera bracket, suction base, octopus holder, and 3M stickers to install it.

Key Features 

  • Compact All-In-One Wireless Solar Security Camera.
  • Ideal for Security Surveillance with 1080P HD Vision.
  • 3000mAh Powerful Built-in Battery Inside.
  • 270-Degree Solar Power Absorption.
  • Motion Detection with PIR Low Consumption Mode.
  • Built-In USB Phone Charging Option in an Emergency.
  • Mobile App to Manage the Solar Camera Remotely.
  • Stylish Square Design with Multiple Mounting Options.
  • Variety of Accessories for Mounting in Various Scenarios.

EyeCube Solar Camera Overview

The Project and Availablity

EyeCube was launched on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign. It is from a Hong Kong start-up called, iMAG Electronic. The projected attracted a huge amount on the platform with over 150 backers. The brand expected to start shipping it by July 2020.

An early bird price of the camera is $79. We are not sure when it will be available on the public market. We will update the link below once it is available. By the way, check out the brand’s website here.



EyeCube solar camera is, of course, a great product. Unlike most of the currently available solar cameras, it has a very compact and handy design. You have it equipped with three solar panels integrated on its three sides. That is what makes it quite different from a bulky solar camera with a separate or mounted solar panel.

EyeCube has attracted a lot of takers in its crowdfunding campaign. That clearly indicates the requirement for a camper with such portability. As said above, you can even carry the solar camera in your backpack and install it anywhere in a matter of time, thanks to a large variety of mounting options.

As a portable security camera, you can place it outside your camping tent or remote cabin. It also features a USB phone charging option to juice up your phone or other USB devices in an emergency. You can manage the camera on the included mobile app, and playback the recorded footage anytime, anywhere.

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