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Anker 622 Vs 633 Magnetic Battery: The Coolest MagSafe Power Banks for Your iPhone and USB Gadgets

Solar portable power stations have become en vogue in camping or glamping adventures, but if you’re looking for something rather handy and portable, a power bank is a right choice.

The trendy MagSafe power banks can assure portable power within the reach of your arm as you are on the go during a glamping trip. You can get back to your tent or RV to get the power banks replenished from a solar power station once they run out of juice.

Here, we have two of the market’s outstanding Anker MegaSafe power banks for a quick spec comparison. The models, as you see, are the Anker 622 and 633, two handy and lightweight power banks for charging your iPhone on the go.

To start with, the Anker 622 is simply a 5000mAh power bank, while the 633 is a 10000mAh power bank that notably outperforms the former model with a 20W USB-C PD port and a stronger and sturdier kickstand.

In our take on the Anker 622 and 633 magnetic battery banks below, I would like to have a look at all the key specs and features of both power banks. Read on.

Anker 633 at a Glance

Anker 622 at a Glance


  • 5000mAh Foldable Magnetic Phone Charger.
  • Ideal for iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Series.
  • USB-C Port for Charging any USB-C Gadgets.
  • Strong and Snappy with Magnetic Snaps.
  • Slim and Compact with a 0.5-in Thickness. 
  • 7.5-watt Wireless Charger. 


  • USB-C Output is Limited. 
  • The Kickstand is not Much Stronger.
  • No Pass-Through Charging.

Anker 622 at a Glance

Anker 633 at a Glance


  • 10000mAh Foldable Magnetic Phone Charger.
  • Ideal for iPhone 14, 13, and 12 Series.
  • USB-C 20W Port for Any USB-C Gadgets.
  • Regular USB-A (18W) Port. 
  • Strong and Snappy with Magnetic Snaps.
  • Slim and Compact with a 0.71-inch Thickness. 
  • 7.5-watt Wireless Charger. 


  • The Kickstand is not Much Stable.

Anker 622 and 633 – What to Buy?

Anker 622 MagSafe Power Bank for Camping

Storage Capacity 

The Anker 633 and 622 are probably some of the most popular Anker MegaSafe battery packs the market has. Let us start off with the capacity of the power banks. As you can see already, the 622 is a 5000Wh power bank and is simply beaten by the 633, which has double the capacity.

Size and Portability 

Regarding size, both the units are indeed handy and compact models, while the 633 is evidently a bit larger than its younger sibling because it packs a little more juice. There are no dramatic size differences between them, though.

The 622 is 0.5 inches slim, while the thickness of the 633 is just 0.71 inches. In terms of weight, the former is 142g, while the latter is 218g.

There is only a little difference in the overall sizes of the power banks.

Anker 633 Size: 4.21 x 2.61 x 0.71 inches. 
Anker 622 Size: 4.13 x 2.62 x 0.5 inches. 


The kickstand is another notable difference.

The 622 has a bit of a feeble stand that covers the entire backside of the power bank when not in use, while the 633 has got a sleek, but a little more solid stand. Both the kickstands, as per many users, are not muscular enough to support your iPhone unless you take a deliberate effort to put the setting right on the table.

Let us see what the Youtuber TechnicallyTee says about the stands,

I don’t really know which one I like the best both of them just kind of do what they do in a funky type of way so it’s got to be kind of personal preference. 

Anker 633 MagSafe Battery Pack

Charging Ports 

Both of the Anker power banks have USB-C ports that can charge any USB-C device that doesn’t use a 7.5-watt magnetic wireless charger.

By the way, the 633 also has an 18-pin regular USB-A port.

The 622 is a bit limited as its USB-C port can only deliver up to 12 watts, while its sibling’s USB-C port is a 20-watt unit, which can charge your iPhone steadily faster, and you can also charge another iPhone or an Android via its USB-A port at the same time.

I’m not sure if this (622) is even rated for 20-watt power delivery I don’t know if Anker even gives this (622) an output rating on the website. All it says is that it is the best to use with the 12-watt Apple charger so I’m not 100 sure what the charging speeds of this one (622) is but Anker is giving you basically 20 watts when it comes to this (633).

Anker 622 Vs 633 Price

As of the time of this writing, the price of the Anker 622 is around $60, while the 633 is $20 higher.

Both power packs are available for sale on the brand’s website and on Amazon. Check out the current Amazon prices on the links here. Anker 622 and 633.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Anker 622 and 633 comparison.

We have had a detailed look at the specs and features of the two popular Anker power banks for iPhones and other USB-C gadgets. With different battery and output options, you get two incredible models, which you can choose per your requirements and preferences.

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