Solar electric fencing is an awesome idea to safeguard your farm and garden. Different nuisance animals like horses, dogs, chickens, and rabbits enter your locality and disturb your life and farm. Solar fence chargers are the best way to secure your fence from those attacks. Of course, this way you can save an amount in your power bill and manage not to wire all the way along in your farm. Solar fence energizers work right anywhere.

We have a wide variety of solar fence chargers on market today. Technology behind a solar-powered electric fence energizer kit is simple. It mainly packs a unit of solar panel and storage facility so that you can convert sunshine to energy and transfer to the fence. By the way, every kit comes with different fence coverage range. We have picked a list of ten best-selling solar fence chargers so that you can find a perfect one easily.

Solar Fence Chargers: 10 Solar Powered Electric Fence Kits

Solar Fence Chargers

Concept of solar-based fence energizer is brilliant. Usually, to electrify your fence you need to wire from your home. A fence usually comes far away from home so solar is the coolest way to find a power source. You can put the solar fence charger near your fence and keep it charging. Well, most of the solar fence chargers come with waterproof features so that you have nothing to worry about their life as well.

1. Fi-Shock 2-mile Solar Fence Charger

fi-shock 2 mile solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Fi-Shock 2-mile Solar Fence Charger |

It is a top-selling solar fence charger from Fi-Shock, a leading player in electric fence systems. This can power up to 2 miles of fence around your garden. Well, it works with different fence materials like steel, poly wire etc. Fi-Shock says it is ideal to contain different animals like rabbits and chickens. Inside it touts a 4V battery that offers 04 joule output. You get intermittent DC output from it, which is enough to power 2 miles of fence.

2. Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Charger

patriot ps5 solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Charger |

Patriot’s PS5 solar fence energizer is a basic 0.04 joule unit that can power a small fence. You can contain small nuisance animals. Well, it has a 4V rechargeable battery so that you can store a bit of energy to power up your fence in night as well. However, the less powerful battery makes it doubtful if you can keep your fence charged all the night. You should wait for the next day sun to get it charged again. Whatever, it is one of the best-selling solar fence chargers on the market.

3. Zareba 5-mile Fence Charger

zareba 5 mile fence charger

| Link to Buy: Zareba 5-mile Fence Charger |

It is a 5-mile solar fence charger. The low-impedance energizer can contain a wide group of nuisance animals including hogs, horses, cats, chicken etc. It comes with a 6V rechargeable battery so that it works in night also. You can mount the fence charger on a wood post or flat surface. It works with different fence materials like steel, poly wire, aluminum, poly tape etc. The Zareba product has good customer rating as of writing this.

4. Zareba 30-mile Solar Fence Charger

zareba 30 mile solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Zareba 30-mile Fence Charger |

It is a 30-mile Zareba solar fence charger. Certainly, it is one of the most powerful low-impedance solar fence chargers. A key specialty of the model is it works for around two weeks without sun, thanks to the built-in 12V rechargeable battery. Plus, it works nice in heavy weed conditions also. This solar fence energizer has good customer feedback and so you get a wonderful piece of solar fence charger if you go for this.

5. Silver Streak Fence Charger

silver streak fence charger

| Link to Buy: Silver Streak Fence Charger |

This Silver Streak product is a very powerful 2 joule solar fence energizer. It doesn’t come with a battery inside. You can plug in it to a 12V AGM battery to store some power to energize your fence all the time around. Well, this unit can activate 1 to 100 acres of fence. With this low-impedance, pulsating fence charger, you can keep away all types of nuisance animals from the surroundings of your farm, garden, and home.

6. Red Snap’r 10-mile Electric Fence Charger

red snap'r electric fence charger

 | Link to Buy: Red Snap’r Electric Fence Charger |

Here comes the sixth pick in our list of solar fence chargers. This is a 10-mile solar fence energizer from Red Snap’r. It features a 6V 12Ah battery and its total output is 0.15-joule, which is enough to energize your fence in ten miles. Great thing is it can work up to two weeks without sunlight, thanks to good battery. Moreover, you can quickly install the unit on wood posts, T-posts, Y posts and flat surface.

7. Red Snap’r 15-mile Solar Fence Charger

red snap'r 6V Solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Red Snap’r 15-mile Solar Fence Charger |

It is a 15-mile solar fence charger from Red Snap’r. That is, this unit can power fence in 30 acres of land. As you see in the picture, it comes in 100% strong steel case for extra safety. It works in heavy weed conditions so that you get maximum result from the machine. Coming to specs, it is a 115V, 60-cycle pulsed solar fence charger with an output of 0.2 joule. By the way, it comes for a price tag of $300.

8. Gallagher 30-acre Solar Fence Charger

gallagher 30 acre solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Gallagher 30-acre Solar Fence Charger |

Gallagher’s 30-acre solar fence charger is another cool pick. As you see, it can power up 10-mile of single wire fencing. You can ideally contain different animals from your garden with the fence charger. Its total output is 0.16 joules and it is a low-impedance charger so that it saves your battery from drain. Thanks to a 6V battery, it can work up to 3 weeks without sunlight.

9. Gallagher 14-acre Solar Fence Charger

gallagher 14 acre solar fence charger

| Link to Buy: Gallagher 14-acre Solar Fence Charger |

It is a small 2-mile multi-wire solar fence charger from Gallagher. With an overall output of 0.2 joules, it is very compact and small unit that it also acts like a portable solar fence charger. Of course, it is powerful to distract small animals and pets from your safe zone. Its set-up is very easier, but being a small device, it is not ideal for big farms and gardens. This Gallagher solar fence charger comes for a price of $209.99.

10. Parker Mccrory 25-mile Solar Fence Charger

Parker Mccrory 25 mile solar fence charger

 | Link to Buy: Parker Mccrory 25-mile Solar Fence Charger |

It is the last pick in our list of solar fence chargers. The Parker Mccrory product is a 25-mile low-impedance energizer that can contain all small nuisance animals from your surroundings. You can just mount the unit on a wood post or flat surface to make use of sunlight to stay away all types of animals from your farm.