Solar electric fencing is a brilliant idea to safeguard your farm and garden. A lot of nuisance animals like horse, dog, chicken, and rabbit enter your locality and disturb your life and the farm. Solar fence chargers are surely the best way to secure up your fence from their attacks. Moreover, this way you can also save on your power bills and manage not to put wires and cables in your farm. Solar fence energizers work anywhere.

Solar Fence Chargers

The basic idea of a solar fence is interesting. Normally, to electrify a fence you should run cords from the grid. A fence usually sits far away from home where you have grid connectivity. That is why solar is the nicest way to power up your fence. You can install a solar fence charger near your fence to charge it from the green source. No worries; most solar fence chargers are waterproof and are capable to survive bad weather conditions.

10 Best Solar Fence Chargers

We have a wide range of solar fence chargers on the market. The technology behind a solar fence energizer kit is very simple. It packs up a solar panel and a power storage facility mainly. So you can convert solar power to electricity and transfer to the fences. Actually, every solar fence kit comes with different coverage range and capacity. We have picked ten best-selling solar fence chargers so you can find the best one quickly.

1. Fi-Shock 2-mile Solar Fence Charger

It is a top-selling solar fence charger from Fi-Shock, a leading player in electric fence systems. This can power up to 2 miles of fence around your garden. Well, it works with different fence materials like steel, poly wire etc. Moreover, it is a low-impedance fencer. That is a technology to assist less drain of battery juice. So the system limits shorts when your fence comes in contact with weeds.

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Overall, it is perfect to contain different animals like rabbits and chickens. It sports a 4V battery that offers 04-joule output. You get intermittent DC output from it, which is enough to power 2 miles of fence. As you see in the photo above, it is a small and handy device. It weighs just around 4 lbs and has a size of 6.4 x 10 x 11.1 in.

2. Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Charger

It is another leading solar fence chargers. Patriot’s PS5 solar fence energizer is a basic 0.04-joule unit that can power up a small fence. You can contain small nuisance animals. Well, it has a 4V rechargeable battery so that you can store a bit of energy to power up your fence in the night as well.

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Of course, it is a very compact and powerful fence charger. For the battery and the overall size of the unit, it is indeed a nice pick you can choose for setting up an electric fence in your home. Remeber, this is not a massive powerhouse, it is a small fence charger so it works nicely with small fences only.

3. Zareba 5-mile Fence Charger

It is a 5-mile solar fence charger. The low-impedance energizer can contain a wide group of nuisance animals including hogs, horses, cats, chicken etc. It comes with a 6V rechargeable battery so that it works in the night also. You can mount the fence charger on a wood post or flat surface.

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As you see in the pic, it comes with an integrated solar cell. Once fully charged from sunlight, its battery can power your fence up to two weeks. By the way, this fence charger works with different fence materials like steel, poly wire, aluminum, poly tape etc. The Zareba product has good customer rating as of writing this.

4. Zareba 30-mile Solar Fence Charger

It is a 30-mile Zareba solar fence charger. Certainly, it is one of the most powerful low-impedance solar fence chargers on the market. A key specialty of the model is it works for around two weeks without sun, thanks to the built-in 12V rechargeable battery. Plus, it works nicely in heavy weed conditions also.

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Sure, this Zareba solar fencer is perfect for controlling all livestock, nuisance animals, and other creatures from entering your farm in a location with no grid connectivity. This Zareba solar fence charger has good customer feedback and so you get a wonderful piece of solar fence charger if you go for this.

5. Silver Streak Fence Charger

This Silver Streak product is a very powerful 2-joule solar fence energizer. It doesn’t come with a battery inside. You can plug in it to a 12V AGM battery to store some power to energize your fence all the time around. Well, this unit can activate 1 to 100 acres of fence. With this low-impedance, pulsating fence charger, you can keep away all types of nuisance animals from the surroundings of your farm, garden, and home.

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Of course, it is yet another best-seller solar fence charger on the market. You get it for an affordable price, but you need to add a battery extra to set it up. However, we recommend it as one of the best solar fence chargers you could find out there. Buy a unit of the Silver Stream fence charger using the link above.

6. Red Snap’r 10-mile Electric Fence Charger

Here comes the sixth pick on our list of solar fence chargers. This is a 10-mile solar fence energizer from Red Snap’r. It features a 6V 12Ah battery and its total output is 0.15-joule, which is enough to energize your fence in ten miles. The great thing is it can work up to two weeks without sunlight, thanks to a good battery.

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Moreover, you can quickly install the unit on wood posts, T-posts, Y posts and flat surface. Its integrated mount helps quicker installation of the charger. By the way, it features an at-a-glance indicator light that will flash when it charges the fence. Use the link above to buy a unit of the Red Snap’r solar fence charger.

7. Red Snap’r 15-mile Solar Fence Charger

It is a 15-mile solar fence charger from Red Snap’r. That is, this unit can power fence in 30 acres of land. As you see in the picture, it comes in 100% strong steel case for extra safety. It works in heavy weed conditions so that you get maximum result from the machine. See more details of the solar fence charger below.

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Coming to specs, it is a 115V, 60-cycle pulsed solar fence charger with an output of 0.2 joules. Surely, its strong build makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions. It features an indicator to show if the fencer is in action. Use the link above to try out this cool solar fence charger to secure your premises from all nuisance.

8. Gallagher 30-acre Solar Fence Charger

Gallagher’s 30-acre solar fence charger is another cool pick. As you see, it can power up 10-mile of single wire fencing. Its total output is 0.16 joules and it is a low-impedance charger so that it saves your battery from the drain. Thanks to a 6V battery, it can work up to 3 weeks without sunlight.

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You can contain different animals from your garden with this cool fence charger. The built-in solar panel charges its battery from the sun. Its battery features a unique storage technology. So it becomes one of the best solar fence chargers out there. Buy a unit of the electric fencer from the link above.

9. Gallagher 14-acre Solar Fence Charger

Here comes yet another model from the brand Gallagher. It is a small 2-mile multi-wire solar fence charger. With an overall output of 0.2 joules, it is a very compact and small unit that it also acts as a portable solar fence charger. Of course, it is powerful to distract small animals and pets from your safe zone.

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Its set-up is very easier, but being a small device, it is not ideal for big farms and gardens. Coming to price, it is indeed one of the cheapest models on our list of best solar fence chargers today. Use the link above to order a unit of the Gallagher solar fence charger.

10. Parmak Magnum 30-Mile Fence Charger

Here is the final pick on our list of the best solar fence chargers. This 30-mile low-impedance solar fencer from Parmak is yet another top seller of the kind. It comes with a sealed 12V rechargeable battery inside. And like all other models, you have it equipped with a small solar panel. So it charges the battery from the sun during the daytime and powers up your fence all the time around.

Check Price and Buy @ Parmak Magnum 30-Mile Fence Charger

The Parmak solar fencer is capable to power up your fences up to 30 miles. And it offers 3.1+ joules of output, which is quite enough to prevent livestock, pets, and other animals from entering the pastures. The fencer is indeed fit for all weather conditions as it is made weatherproof. Use the link above to buy a unit.

Why Solar Fence Chargers

Solar fence chargers are the finest solutions to protect your remote fences from nuisance animals. Most of the time, you would find it hard to reach out the grid connectivity to the distant boundaries of your properties to provide electric current to the fences. There you have the most reliable solar solutions. As you see, they simply help you make use of the electricity from the sunlight and convert it to the fence strings.

Of course, the size of the fence energizer is key in selecting a unit for your property. On our list of solar fence chargers above, we have various models suitable to the properties of 3 miles to 30 miles. The size comes out to be a factor as it should provide enough current for both the length of the fence and the type of the animal. A low-powered fence charger could only control small animals in a small property. You must be looking for a high-powered variant to prevent larger animals from entering your garden or farm.

Solar Powered Electric Fence Chargers

Image Credit: Gallagher North America

How Solar Fence Chargers Work

Solar fence chargers work exactly like a normal electric fence energizer. Both leave a short and painful shock on an animal or a human that comes in contact with the fence. The shock is indeed safe and won’t cause any physical damage to the animal. The normal fence energizers and the solar fence chargers vary on the ground that the latter receives the power for the shock from the sunlight. That is all. The rest is the same.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar fence chargers. Hopefully, you could find the perfect solar fencer to electrify your garden, farm, and home fences to prevent nuisance animals. With a solar power solution, you get several notable benefits when it comes to electrifying garden fences. First, it cuts a significant amount on your power bill. Second, you reduce a remarkable share of your carbon footprint. Furthermore, a solar fence charger always helps your fences charged with no interruptions as long as there is the sun in the sky.