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Maxworld 100Ah LifePO4 Battery: Best-in-Class Lithium Battery Pack for Green Energy Systems

LifePO4 and lithium batteries are indeed ideal choices for green energy storage systems. Campers, RVers, and tailgaters are always in search of high-performing lithium battery packs. Maxworld is a top supplier and OEM of lithium batteries. Here, we have a Maxworld 100Ah LifePo4 battery.

It is an ultra-safe lithium iron phosphate battery pack with built-in automatic battery protection to safeguard it from voltage issues like over-charging, discharging, temperature, and overcurrent.

Internal cell balancing, a lightweight and maintenance-free profile are other notable attractions of the 100Ah battery. The supplier also has its lithium battery series available in other power options like 84Ah, 150Ah, and 200Ah to meet your various power storage needs.

Maxworld 100Ah LifePo4 Battery

Maxworld 100Ah LifePO4 Battery


  • Ultra-Safe Lithium Iron Phosphates Cells.
  • Built-in Automatic Battery Protection.
  • Internal Cell Balancing for Optimal Cycles.
  • Lightweight and Maintenance-Free.
  • Suitable for Serial Application Expansion.

Maxworld 100Ah LifePO4 Battery

Higher energy density is a key selling point of the Maxworld 100Ah LifePO4 battery pack. Unlike a lead-acid alternative, it can store more power to make sure you get a better runtime off the grid.

Also, the Maxworld batteries feature ideal deep discharge rates to guarantee you maximum utility.

Further, the Maxworld LFPs are cool eco-friendly choices. Made of non-toxic materials, the battery packs are easy for recycling and fine for long use without causing much harm to nature.

A longer lifespan is another notable thing. The 100Ah battery can provide you with a life cycle of more than 3000 times, which makes it competitive with all its alternative LFP battery packs.


With a low self-discharge of just 2% energy a month, you get a better shelf life also. That is how the 100Ah battery from Maxworld turns out to be an ideal choice for all your off-grid power applications such as RVs, campers, boats, tailgaters, and more.

Ideal operating temperature, compatible SLA housing, good build quality, and lightweight profiles are other lovely selling points of the Maxworld LFP battery packs.

You can easily pair multiple units of the 100Ah battery packs in a series to set up an off-grid power system in your vehicle, camping tent, outhouse, or apartment.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Maxworld 100Ah LifePO4 battery packs. It is indeed one of its kind LFP batteries out there. The brand is a notable OEM supplier of lithium battery packs in China.

If you are looking at buying a good volume of quality LFP battery packs, Maxworld is certainly a key option. Contact the brand on the link here to get the long-life lithium batteries at the best prices.

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