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Oupes Mega 5 Home Backup Station: A 5040Wh/4000W Scalable Home Backup Solar Power Station

The next big solar power station for home backup is on the way.

It is from Oupes, a notable player in the making of solar-chargeable power stations. The product branded as Oupes Mega 5 home backup station is a 5040Wh LiFePO4 battery with a powerful inverter of 4000 watts and is indeed an expandable model with the Oupes B5 extra battery.

Oupes has been in the market for a while with a number of solar power stations with an output ranging from 600W to 2400W and battery packs of 595Wh to 2232Wh.

With the new big-size model, the brand looks to take on the competition from top brands like EcoFlow and Bluetti. Well, the 5040Wh power station with a 4000W inverter can indeed be a better placement in between the former’s Delta Pro and the latter’s AC500+B300.

The maximum storage capacity you can reach with a unit of Oupes Mega 5 seems to be limited to 10.08kWh, which is obviously enough to run your heavy-duty outdoor and indoor electronics, but is not up to the mark compared to Delta Pro and AC500.

Oupes is to unveil the new product on Indiegogo for crowdfunding on 16th February 2023. Let us see how the device will be performing in crowdfunding, especially after the slow responses to some recently launched big-size power stations on crowdfunding platforms.

Oupes Mega 5 Specs at a Glance 

  • 5040Wh Huge-Capacity LiFePO4 Power Station.
  • Scalable up to 10.08kWh with the Extra Battery.
  • 4000W AC Inverter with 7000W Surge Power. 
  • 1440W MPPT with a Max. of 4000W Solar+AC Input. 
  • Over 15 Charging Outlets, Including Six AC Sockets. 
  • Smart App Control for Easy Hands-Free Management.
  • UPS Function to Power Your Home During Blackout. 
  • Portable with Solid Wheels and Collapsible Handle.

We will have all the latest updates about the Oupes power station in this blog, stay with us.

Main Image Courtesy: Oupes Website – Here is the Oupes Press Release.


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