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Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300: Bluetti’s Heavy-Duty Modular Solar Power Stations Compared

Bluetti has launched AC500, the biggest ever solar power generator from the brand at CES 2022 in Las Vegas on 5, Jan. 2022. It was on display at the event with NA300 and EB3A power stations.

Codenamed Bluetti Apex, AC500 is a 100% modular power station and an elder sibling to AC300. Like AC300, the new device also comes with no in-built battery, but you can add the special B301 battery packs to it externally for storage capacity.

AC500 is actually a 5000W power station with a surge power of 10000 watts.

Compared to AC300, it is a heavy machine but you have the same design as its younger sibling. It also works with AC300’s expansion battery module, B300. We would like to have a comparison of both the devices in our Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300.


Bluetti AC500 + B301

Bluetti AC500


  • 5000W Power Station with 10000W Surge Power.
  • Bluetti B301 Extra Battery Pack of 3072Wh. 
  • Expandable Up to 18,432Wh with Up to Six B301s.
  • 3000W Solar and 5000W AC Charging Inputs.
  • 240V Connection Available with Fusion Box. 

Bluetti AC300 + B300

Bluetti AC300


  • 3000W Power Station with 6000W Surge Power. 
  • Bluetti B300 Extra Battery Pack of 3072Wh. 
  • Expandable Up to 12,288Wh with Up to Four B300s.
  • 2400W Solar and 3000W AC Charging Inputs.
  • 240V Connection Available with Fusion Box. 

Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300

Bluetti has been doing magic for some time with great products. A few months after the launch of its much-touted AC300, it has come up with a bigger variant to it. That is AC500.

As its name implies, AC500 has got a bigger 5000W inverter that can surge at 10000 watts. Thanks to its 240V compatibility, you can pair two units of AC500s with Bluetti’s Fusion Box to get a heavy 1000W/240V power station.

Like AC300, the new model is also 100% modular, meaning that it doesn’t pack up a battery under the hood. You have got a special B301 battery pack to attach to the device for additional power.

Bluetti AC300


You can use up to six pieces of the 3072Wh battery brick to take its storage capacity to an unrivaled range. Thus, AC500 can be an ideal portable power backup and a brilliant home backup unit.

Bluetti AC300 features six AC outlets and one US AC TT-30P port.

When it comes to the USB ports, it sports a pair of 18W USB-A and as many USB-A 5V/3A sockets. One USB-C 100W PD port, dual DC barrel sockets, a 30A port, and one 12V carport are other attractions than dual 15W wireless chargers.

Meanwhile, Bluetti has not revealed the specs of the AC500. We will have to wait a little more to have a clear idea of the charging outlets of the device.

Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300 Price

We currently have no information about the price and release date of AC500. The brand has just put it on display at CES 2022 along with its other new models.

Meanwhile, Bluetti AC300 with a single unit of B300 is available at a price of $3699. The other kits of AC300 with two and four pieces of the extra batteries come at $5797 and $9995 respectively.

Of course, you need to buy the solar panels separately to convert both to solar power stations. A Fusion Box is also required to pair two units of the power stations into one at 240V.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300. 

We have compared AC300 with the available details about its upcoming big brother, AC500. Both the devices will surely be the game-changers in the portable solar market. Their 100% modular profiles make them rather portable and easy to use both in the wild and at home.

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