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Bluetti PS70: 720Wh/500W Compact Lithium Solar Power Station – Bluetti PS70 Vs EB70S

Bluetti PS70 is a highly compact lithium solar power station with a 720Wh battery and 500-watt inverter. A different styling is a notable thing with the new model that looks to be a fine choice for day-to-day stuff with its light profile and handy design.

The specs and images of the product first surfaced on the Bluetti Power Stations Facebook club. We have had no clues about its release date, price, and other availability details while it was on offer with the brand’s AC500+B300S on Indiegogo.

As of now, it is on sale on the Bluetti website. The PS70 features four AC outlets and 200W charging input each from solar, AC, and car sources. Other attractions are two USB-A 18W, one USB-C 45W PD, and a cigarette lighter port.

PS70 has a weight of just 8 kg and the brand is to offer a two-year warranty. Though having almost the same specs as its popular model EB70S, the device equips a lithium battery, not a LiFePO4 unit.

Update: The brand has launched the little power station on its website. You can buy it here. 

Availability Update: The $510 PS70 compact power station is available with a discount of 80% at $99 while buying Bluetti’s apical AC500+B300S on Indiegogo. This offer is only available for backers from the US..

Bluetti PS70 at a Glance

Bluetti PS70 Power Station


  • 720Wh Compact Lithium Solar Power Station. 
  • 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 
  • 200W Solar, AC, and Car Charging Inputs. 
  • Four AC Sockets, Three USB Ports. 
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Charger.

Bluetti PS70

Bluetti PS70 Vs Bluetti EB70S

With its specs, the PS70 look like a lithium-ion variant of the brand’s much popular EB70S LFP compact power station with a less powerful inverter. The EB70S is a 716Wh power station with an 800W inverter. The long-life LiFePO4 battery has been the main attraction of EB70S.

Having a lithium battery inside, PS70 is going to be a little bit lighter than EB70S.


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