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Hyundai Home and Hyundai Solar Car: All to Know About the Car Maker’s Projected Integrated Clean Energy Ecosystem

Hyundai Home is a projected integrated solar ecosystem for homes by the top-rated carmaker Hyundai. The brand announced the project in 2021 as a full-fledged home solar project that will focus on energy generation, storage, and a comprehensive vehicle charging station. Ahead of Hyundai Home, the brand launched its award-winning solar roof for cars in 2019 and its first solar car with Sonata Hybrid in 2020.

Solar technology has been gaining momentum over the years. A lot of big players have recently jumped on the bandwagon of solar innovations to fulfill the growing energy needs in a green way. In our take on Hyundai Home and Hyundai Solar Car here, we would like to have a detailed look at both projects.

Hyundai Home – Home Solar Ecosystem

Hyundai Home is an all-in-one home solar ecosystem similar to the EcoFlow Power Kit series and Bluetti EP600. The Hyundai solar system will include co-branded solar panels along with all other components required for home solar power, such as microinverters and battery packs for power storage.

The key attraction of the Hyundai Home is the home EV charger to power up electric cars from the home solar system at a faster rate. Of course, this project has its completion with the brand’s IONIQ 5 and Sonata Hybrid lineup of electric cars, including an exclusive solar edition.

A dedicated mobile app and website will let you have complete control over the solar home system.

The Components

Hyundai Home Home Solar Ecosystem

Solar Panels: Hyundai is to avail the industry’s best solar panels with its projected home power system. The carmaker is to offer co-branded solar panels, which will integrate microinverters so that each unit can work independently to support the home power unit.

Energy Storage System: A smart energy storage system will be part of the home solar project. This is the option for the system to store excess power for future use like nights, cloudy days, or blackouts.

EV Car Charger: As stated above, an EV charger for the home will be the unique attraction of Hydunai Home. As per Hyundai, the power system will be able to charge your EVs three to seven times faster than conventional household plugs.

Hyundai Home – Price and Release Date

The Hyundai Home project has not yet been launched. The brand announced the home solar project a few years back and its launch was expected for early 2022 at customized pricing. There won’t be fixed pricing for the system as long as the requirements for each customer will be different.

Hyundai is looking to launch a dedicated website for Hyundai Home as a one-stop store for users to customize and buy the right bundles to make them home and EVs powered by solar.

Hyundai Solar Car – Hyundai Solar Roof

hyundai ioniq 5 solar roof

The South Korean carmaker announced Hyundai solar roof in 2019. The solar roofing system will be able to add an extra charge to its already existing electric cars and give them extended ranges.

The solar roof can enhance the fuel efficiency of cars as it can charge their batteries even while driving. As per Hyundai, the solar roof can store 30 to 60% of its EV batteries via solar charging.

Hyundai incorporated the solar roof first on its new Sonata Hybrid in 2020.

Though many reviews analyzed it as a dump initially, it is to be noted that the car with 204W solar cells on the roof could add three to four miles of additional range once parked in the sunlight during the day. 204W may be meager in the case of EVs, but that could at least compensate for the discharge rate that could result in a day’s idle parking, says Haje Jan Kamps on TechCrunch.

As per Hyundai, the solar car can gather 1300 km extra range per year if you have it parked in sunlight for five to six hours a day. That also indicates 2.5 miles or less a day.

Now, take the case of an individual who requires only a daily drive of just 2.5 miles or around, it is quite awesome that that person drives fully on solar power.

Hyundai has also accounted to embed the solar roof in its iconic electric SUV IONIQ 5 in the future. We have no latest updates on its launch date and other details.


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