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EcoFlow Power Kits: Highly Modular Solar Power Kits for Off-Grid Builds and RVs

EcoFlow Power Kits are a series of compact, highly modular off-grid power systems for RVs and off-grid builds. The brand offers the series in many incredible bundles, which notably pack up a Power Hub, LFP batteries, a Distribution Panel, a Console, and so on. Solar panels are sold separately.

The EcoFlow Power kits appear in the power options of 2kWh, 4kWh, 5kWh, 10kWh, and 15kWh. Each of the options has got three bundle variants; the Get Set, Prepared Kit, and Independence Kit.

The Get Set kits only pack EcoFlow Power Hub, LiFePO4 batteries, and cable pack, while Prepared Kits additionally feature AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel and battery mounting straps, whereas the higher-end Independence kits have Power Kit Console in addition to what the other two kits have.

EcoFlow Power Kits on Sale

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  • All-in-One Power Hub with Multiple Inputs and Outputs.
  • Chargeable with Solar Power of Up to 4800 Watts.
  • DC-DC Charger for an Alternator or EcoFlow Smart Generator.
  • 4600W Overall Output – 3600W AC-Rated and 1000W DC Output.
  • Stackable LFP Batteries to Save Space – Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Expandable Up to 15kWh for Ultimate Storage Capacity.
  • 2kWh and 5kWh – 2048Wh and 5120Wh LFP Battery Packs.
  • An Industry-First Onboard AC Outlet with Power Hub.
  • Smart Distribution Panel for RV and Off-Grid Cabin.
  • Power Kit Console Control Center with a 7-in Display.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity with Power Hub.
  • 100W and 400W Rigid, Flexible, Portable Solar Panels. 

EcoFlow Power Kits Series Review

Following the big success of its Delta Pro home backup power system and Wave portable AC, EcoFlow has launched an all-in-one, modular off-grid power solution for RVs and off-grid living. If you are looking to set up your own DIY off-grid power system for RVs or off-grid builds, have a look at this turnkey power system from EcoFlow, the leading innovator of power and renewable energy solutions.

Called the EcoFlow Power Kits, the product is a combination of a Power Hub with LFP batteries, fixed solar panels, and other add-ons to power up an entire RV or off-grid tent or cabin. As you see, it is an extensively customizable power solution that you can tailor for your own settings for various off-grid power needs.

The central part of the 48V EcoFlow Power Kit is the EcoFlow Power Hub, which intermediates the inputs and outputs of the system. The input options include solar power of up to 4800 watts, an alternator, shore power, or even EcoFlow’s Smart Generator. The Hub features a total output of 4600 watts (3600W AC and 1000W DC rated power), thanks to an AC outlet.

EcoFlow Power Kit Overview

The Power Kit is indeed a brilliant product from EcoFlow, the famous maker of Delta and River solar power stations as well as the much-touted Wave portable air conditioner.

With the Power Kit, you don’t need to individually purchase the components required for an off-grid power system in your RV. Also, you don’t need to do any wiring and other electrical work.

It is almost a ready-to-use product that you can quickly set up by fixing the Power Hub to a wall in your tent or RV and connecting to EcoFlow’s suitable modules and accessories, which mainly include advanced self-heating LFP batteries, fixed solar panels, and other add-ons.

The EcoFlow Power Kits are designed to make creating custom power solutions easier than ever. EcoFlow wants to offer energy solutions that can be personalized to users’ exact needs, whether they are in an RV, off-grid, or retrofitting their workshops, Thomas Chan, the R&D Director at EcoFlow.

EcoFlow Power Kit LFP Battery Packs – Specs

As stated above, EcoFlow will have battery packs for Power Kits in two capacities of 2kWh and 5kWh; 2048Wh and 5120Wh highly reliable and long-life LFP battery packs. They have life cycles of 3000 times and 3500 times respectively up to 80% of their capacities.

The batteries feature built-in BMS, LCD indicators, an auto-healing facility, quick access fuse boxes, and advanced battery protection technologies. Check out the detailed specs of the battery packs below.

NB: The Power Hub is not compatible with third-party LFP battery packs.


The EcoFlow Power Hub – Specs and Features

As said above, the Power Hub is the central part of the Power Kit. It is an all-in-one hub that intermediates the input and output options of the system.

When it comes to the built-in input options, the Hub features multiple facilities that cover a solar source, a gas generator, and DC and AC power options.

For solar power, it features a pair of 1000W MPPT charge controllers of 30A, 15V-150V. Besides, it sports a battery charger with an MPPT option to take the overall solar input up to 3000 watts.

Moreover, the Hub features a DC-DC step-down inverter as well as a 3000W AC charger.

Coming to the output options, the Power Hub is capable of delivering a total of 4600 watts, which include 3600W AC-rated power and 1000W DC-rated power.

Thanks to the Hub’s integration of the brand’s popular X-boost technology, the Power Kit can smoothly power bigger appliances such as an AC and heater in your RV or remote cabin.

The Power Hub measures 18.9 x 5.5 x 11.8 in and it weighs 31 lbs.


EcoFlow Rigid and Flexible Solar Panels – 100W and 400W

EcoFlow has different types of rigid and portable solar panels for the Power Kit. They include rigid and flexible solar panels in both 100W and 400W power options.

The 100W solar panels – both rigid and flexible – deliver a higher charging efficiency of up to 23%.

The solid panel comes with pre-drilled holes around it so that you can easily secure it on the top of your RV or tent. The flexible solar is a lightweight, and ultra-thin unit, which can flex to some degree letting you fit it easily on a curved surface. The former weighs 13.7 lbs, while the flexible one weighs just 5.1 lbs.

The flexible panel is IP68-rated so you can use it in wet conditions with no worry. For an RV, boat deck, and tiny home top, the EcoFlow flexible solar panel seems to be the finest choice.

The 100W solid panel has a price of $199 and the flexible variant comes at $249.

The Power Hub, however, works with third-party solar panels. Before using the other brand panels, make sure that the system has got each of its solar inputs with a maximum voltage of 150V and a current of 30A.

  • 100W Rigid and Flexible Mono Solar Panels.
  • Higher Conversion Efficiency of Up to 23%.
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Rigid Solar Panels.
  • Anti-Corrosive Metal Frame and Clear Glass Surface.
  • ETPE  Front + TPT Back Flexible Solar Panels.

The Power Kit Smart Distribution Panel

As said above, the Power Hub has only a single AC socket, but you can have an optional Smart Distribution Panel to extend power outlets to your RV and off-grid builds.

The panel features six AC outlets and 12 DC sockets. You can remotely monitor and control the DC outlets on the EcoFlow App or the Power Kit Console.

The smart distribution panel will carry a price of $499.


EcoFlow Power Kit Console

As you see, the Power Kit Console is the controlling center of the off-grid power system. It features a 7-in intuitive touchscreen, where you can have full control of the system as it is on the EcoFlow mobile app.

The Power Kit Console can be connected to the Hub via an RJ45 port and an Ethernet cable. The 12V device has a size of 4.5 x 8.1 x 0.9 in and it weighs 1 lb. Its price is $349.

EcoFlow Power Kits – Release Date and Price

The EcoFlow Power Kits will be available for pre-orders starting July 5, 2022, across the world. The brand is to avail the product in the markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan other than the USA and Canada.

The Power Kits start with a price of $3799, which is the base model of 2kWh called “Get Set,” while the top-end 15kWh system called “Ultimate Kit” will be on sale at $13,399. These bundles exclude solar panels, which you need to buy separately.

Pricing Update: The EcoFlow Power Kits are available for pre-order on its websites in the US, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, and the EU. They come in three packages; Get Set Kits, Prepared Kits, and Independence Kits.

Each of the packs turns up in 2kWh, 4kWh, 5kWh, 10kWh, and 15kWh options, excluding the solar panels. The price of the EcoFlow Power Kits packages starts at $ 3,799 for the Get Set of Kit of 2kWh and the 15kWh Independence Kit costs $13,399.

The Get Set Kit has the Power Hub, Batteries, and cable pack, while the Prepared Kit also features the Distribution Panel and battery mounting straps other than the same items in the base kit.

The top-end Independence Kit gets two more additional items; the Power Kit Console and EcoFlow’s Smart Gas Generator.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the EcoFlow Power Kits. The brand is to start selling the revolutionary power system by July 2022. It will surely be an amazing choice for all those who are looking for an out-of-the-box off-grid power system for their RVs, trailers, and off-grid builds.

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