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Bluetti EP600+B500: 9kWh/79kWh 6000W Home Power Backup Battery System – Bluetti EP600 Vs EP500

Bluetti unveiled its apical 3-phase home solar battery EP600+B500 at IFA 2022. It is a 6000W heavy-duty battery pack that can be maxed up to a massive 79kWh. The B500 is the expandable module of the huge home backup system, which is designed for 220-240V regions, such as the UK, Europe, and Australia.

The EP600 & B500 combination is actually a whole-house home backup battery system to make sure you no longer stay in the dark at home. With its massive capacity and expandable profile, you can keep your home powered for longer days without reliance on grid power.

As you see in the images, different from regular Bluetties, the EP600 and B500s appear in a white shade, and the units are also boxy in design. Solely engineered for home applications, they are not portable and you can stack the battery packs up to save space in your home, apartment, living spaces, and more.

Bluetti EP600+B500 Release: Bluetti officially launched its whole-house energy storage system EP600 on Nov. 10, 2022. The price of the system (one unit of EP600 and dual B500 batteries) starts at €8.999.


Bluetti EP600+B500 Release Date Update:  The global launch of Bluetti’s whole-house energy storage system will be premiered on November 10, 2022, in Europe.

Bluetti EP600+B500 Price Update: The debut price of Bluetti EP600 & B500 has been revealed. A bundle of EP600 and dual B500 battery packs (6000W & 9920Wh) costs €???? with a discount off €???? on its regular price.

Meanwhile, a single unit of B500 will be on sale at €???? after €???? cut. The whole-house home backup station will go on sale in Europe on November 1, 2022.

Bluetti EP600+B500 At a Glance

Bluetti EP600+B500 Home Power Station


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  • 9920Wh to 79360Wh Expandable Home Power System.
  • 6000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • 6000W Solar Input with an Efficient MPPT Controller.
  • Reliable 24/7 UPS for Quick Switchover.
  • Unique BMS for Better Safety and Longer Lifespan.
  • Worry-Free Warranty for 10 Years.
  • Bluetti App for Full and Easy Control.
  • Professional Installation Service is Available.

EP600+B500 Overview – Specs and Features

The basic bundle of EP600+B500 is a 9920Wh home backup power station with a 6000W inverter.

The kit features two units of the 4960Wh B500 LiFePO4 battery packs. With 16 pieces of the same, you can take the overall capacity of the system to a massive 79360Wh. This is what makes the battery pack power up your home appliances for longer days without a hassle.

Thanks to the 6000W powerful pure sine wave inverter, the home backup system is capable of powering up all of your power-hungry home appliances. Super-fast charging speed is another attraction of the new Bluetti home backup solution.

With its 6000W solar input powered by a super-efficient MPPT charge controller, you can fully charge the basic combo of EP600 with dual B500 modules in just 2.5 hours.

The EP600 has got a reliable 24/7 UPS that can quickly switch over your home power to the backup system in case of a power outage. So the sudden power failure is not going to disrupt the functioning of your sensitive appliances like computers, fridges, and TVs.

Bluetti IFA 2022 Stall

Bluetti EP600 Vs EcoFlow Power Kits & Zendure SuperBase V?

Is Bluetti working on EP600+B500 to take on EcoFlow Power Kits and Zendure SuperBase V 6400 in the European and other global markets?

The EcoFlow Power Kit is a series of highly customizable modular off-grid power systems with a Power Hub central control unit. With a base storage capacity of 2.5kWh, it can be expanded up to 15kWh, using the brand’s stackable LFP battery packs.

The SuperBase V is a brand-new home backup system from Zendure. It is a highly sophisticated system with a built-in battery pack of 6.4Wkh, which is a unique semi-solid state battery.

The SuperBase V can be cranked up to a massive 64kWh using the Satellite expansion battery packs. Zendure is working to launch the product across the world.

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