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Wind Solar Hybrid Controller: 6 Best Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controllers

Earlier, we have had a look at the best solar charge controllers and best MPPT solar charge controllers on our blogs. Here we have a collection of wind solar hybrid controllers. If you are looking to buy one, you are in the right place. We would like to bring to you some of the best wind solar hybrid charge controllers.

Of course, a quality hybrid charge controller will help you set up a reliable off-grid power solution that blends solar and wind solutions. Our team of researchers has come up with some of the coolest and best wind solar hybrid charge controllers below. Stay tuned for the list and find the best one for your needs.

The key purpose of a hybrid charge controller, as you know, is to ensure maximum input to the battery from both wind and solar sources of alternative power. It would be great if you have got a charge controller that could offer you high charging efficiency in converting the natural energy sources to usable home electricity.

Of course, the blend of solar panels and wind turbines is obviously a great way to boost up the generation of alternative energy. Such a system more or less realizes the continuous generation of off-grid power as long as the solar panels work during the day and wind turbines may possibly run in the night as well.

Why Solar Wind Power

Many scientists have proposed solar wind power combination as a brilliant solution for growing energy needs. The human requirements for energy are growing seamlessly. Either a solar or a wind system alone has certain limitations. That is, solar works only during the day, while turbines work only when there are winds.

Therefore, as put above, a combined power solution could rather ensure continuous production of power all through the day and night. That is why there is a growing prominence in the introduction of solar wind power systems in both industrial and residential projects. That is simply to ensure incessant off-grid power.

We are indeed excited to see the exponential growth in the residential wind turbine and solar kits. Brands like Eco-Worthy sell brilliant solutions for solar wind power. Apart from the ready-made bundles, you could set up DIY solar wind power solutions if you have some basic knowledge about the technology.

What is Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

A wind solar hybrid charge controller is simply a device that blends and regulates power from two alternative power sources; solar panels and wind turbines. Earlier, we had large industrial-standard wind turbines only. Today, many brands sell small and compact wind turbines for home and other small-scale applications.

A hybrid controller is certainly an essential part of such a system. So, if you want to combine a turbine with PV panels or vice versa, you need an exclusive charge controller, which smartly blends both the sources.

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There are indeed many brands that offer high-quality wind solar hybrid charge controllers. You get the devices in various models based on their output, size, capacity, and other factors. If you are looking to buy one, this list is certainly for you. We have all the top-seller solar wind charge controllers on our list below.

1. MarsRock 1400W MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Controller

We would like to start the list with a popular hybrid charge controller from the brand called, MarsRock. It is a 12V/24V auto-match charge controller that would support wind turbines up to 800 watts and solar panels up to 600 watts to total 1400 watts, as said in the title.

Further, the MarsRock charge controller boasts of booster MPPT technology that ensures power even if the turbine blades rotate at lower speeds. Follow the button below to check out its latest price.

Its step-less unloading feature helps perfectly protect your batteries from the overcharge due to higher wind speeds. Also, it features a discharge part working mode, a time control function, light control mode, and other advanced features to ensure a stable flow of the current to the batteries.

By the way, function-wise, it touts a custom LCD screen and four keys to let you manage the controller easily.

The MarsRock works as an exclusive solar charge controller or a wind charge controller only or as both at the same time. It is also very compact and durable so you could set up it anywhere easily. The wiring and overall set-up of the charge controller are very easy even for beginners.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 1400W Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Capable of Supporting 800W Turbine and 600W Solar Panels.
  • Booster MPPT Technology for Enhanced Performance.
  • Easy to Use and Compact Design.

2. Tumo-Int 3000W 48V Wind Solar Controller

The next is a high-powered 3000W hybrid wind solar charge controller. As you see in the title, it could support 48W power systems. Thanks to the great safety features, it could perfectly protect your off-grid power systems from all types of voltage variation issues.

The highly reliable solar wind charge controller sports an LCD screen that would let you check and set all the functional parameters easily. Check out the link below for its latest price and buying a unit.

Tumo-Int 3000W 48V Hybrid Wind Solar Charge Controller

Well, the Tumo-Into wind solar controller touts a PWM step-less unload mode. It could burn the surplus power into the dump load in order to safeguard your battery packs from overload. Further, it features an intelligent temperature control system, enhanced discharge and over-charge protection mechanism, and etc.

The most exciting this is that you get the powerful Tumo-Int hybrid wind and solar controller in two lower-end models as well. Clearly, you get 1000W and 2000W variants of the controller. Hence, it would be easier for you to find a model that suits your requirements and budget perfectly.

Design-wise, all the hybrid controller variants are indeed compact and durable. Use the link above to check out all variants of the much-touted Tumo-Int hybrid controller.

Why Should You Buy

  • Tumo-Int 3000W 48V Wind Solar Hybrid Controller.
  • High-Powered 3000W 48V Hybrid Wind Solar Charge Controller.
  • PWM Step-less Unload Mode to Burn Excess Power into Dump Load.
  • Multiple Lower-End Variants Available – 1000W and 2000W.

3. Original Factory MPPT Wind Solar Hybrid Controller

Here is another popular wind solar controller. Though the brand is not a popular one, you certainly get a good quality charge controller. It would work with solar panels up to 600 watts and turbines up to 800 watts with a total capacity of 1400 watts. It is actually the same MarsRock controller under another branding.

You have all the advanced features with the charge controller including a decent LCD screen to help you track all the details about its functioning. Use the link below to check out the latest price of the hybrid controller.

The Original Factory MPPT hybrid charge controller offers multi-protection for your battery packs. As per its maker, it could offer you complete protection against lightning, reverse charging, open circuit, over-voltage, and etc. The result is you get a highly reliable off-grid power solution in your living space or worksite.

Coming to the design, the device has got an intelligent design. It features a simple and compact design with a decent control function. As you see, the controller works with both 12V and 24V systems with the automatic recognition function, for sure. It has got a size of just 6.4 x 4.8 x 2.6 in and so is very easy to install and use.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 1200W Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Compatible with 800-Watt Solar Panels 400W Turbine.
  • Complete Protection Against All Voltage Issues.
  • Durable, Compact, and Easy-to-Mount Design.

4. Aleko Wind and Solar Power Hybrid Charge Controller

It is a basic wind solar hybrid charge controller with a maximum current of 30 amps. However, it could power 12V and 24-volt battery systems from the wind turbine and solar panels with the rated power for the turbine being 400W to 800W respectively for the 12V and 24V systems.

The model makes use of a Rectifier Bridge technology to convert the AC current from a wind turbine to DC. Follow the link below to buy a unit of the controller.

Aleko Wind and Solar Power Hybrid Charge Controller

Of course, the Aleko charge controller is a perfect choice to protect your power systems from over-charge, low-voltage, and other voltage issues. By the way, the IP55 waterproof hybrid charge controller offers you great value as it works nicely with all your off-grid power solutions.

It has also got a compact and durable design so you could mount it anywhere easily.

Why Should You Buy

  • Basic Wind Solar Charge Controller.
  • Rated Power for Wind Turbine 400W – 800W.
  • IP55 Waterproof Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Durable and Easy-to-Mount Charge Controller.

5. Missouri Wind and Solar Charge Controller

This is a highly advanced 440Amp/10,000W hybrid solar charge controller with an LED voltmeter to help you monitor battery voltage and other info. This notably features dual microprocessors for accuracy and stability.

Of course, this is a plug-and-play power solution as it comes up pre-wired. Furthermore, it has got a 3-phase brake switch, heavy-duty cables, and a rectifier for 3-phase output wind turbine connectivity

Plus, the Missouri Wind and Solar hybrid charge controller tout multiple user changeable settings. That would be much helpful in using the system in various applications. Meanwhile, the isolated electronics protection feature makes it almost impossible to accidentally connect solar and wind power sources to the board.

Anyway, follow the link above to buy a unit of the controller. Missouri Wind and Solar sells a range of similar products in various capacities by the way.

Why Should You Buy

  • 440Amp/10,000-Watt Powerful Wind Solar Controller.
  • Dual Microprocessor for Stability and Accuracy.
  • Isolated Electronics Protection.
  • LED Voltmeter to Show Battery Voltage.

6. SolaMr Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

Here is another great wind solar hybrid charge controller. The SolarMar product is specially designed to blend wind and solar energy generation systems. Well, it is a smart and intelligent controller that could combine your power systems perfectly for unlimited off-grid power.

As per its manufacturer, it could efficiently convert electrical energy from the solar and wind power solutions and recharge the battery packs faster. It also offers powerful control functions, by the way. Check out the link below for the latest price of the SolarMr hybrid charge controller.

Moreover, the controller features boost functionality. That will help the device recharge batteries even in low-wind situations. That is how your off-grid power system could make full use of wind power, letting it produce power even at breezy evenings and late nights.

Plus, the controller keeps up a certain charging current and floating voltage, ending up at the safe charging of the battery packs. Meanwhile, a single-chip microcomputer controls the core device to make it highly efficient. It has also got powerful and flexible control mode and strategy, by the way.

Why Should You Buy

  • Smart and Intelligent Wind Solar Charge Controller.
  • PWM Stepless Unloading Method to Control Fan and Battery.
  • Boost Function to Help Recharge at Lower Wind Speeds.
  • Digital Intelligent Control and Single-Chip Microcomputer.
  • Perfect Protection Functions for Efficient Operation.

Best Domestic Wind Turbine Kits

Are you looking forward to buying a wind turbine generator along with a wind solar hybrid controller? There is a wide range of smaller and domestic wind turbines on the market. Earlier, we have had a look at some of the top-seller residential wind turbine kits on this blog.

Here we check out more models that have been the favorite picks of those who look for quality turbines.

First, let us have a look at Happybuy’s popular line of vertical turbines. The brand has a number of variants in its line, ranging from 100W to 600W. Obviously, the models include both 12V and 24V solutions so it would be easy for you to find a model as per your budget and needs.

Also, you get the turbines in red and white shades. Follow the button below to check out the prices and other details of all the variants of the vertical wind turbines from the brand.

Are you wondering to see the vertical design of the product? Well, the vertical design is a new approach in the wind turbine industry. That is called precision injection molding. Clearly, along with the structural design and optimized aerodynamic shape, you get the resistance torque of the wind turbine reduced.

Thus, you get the wheel and turbine with the better effect matching characteristics, resulting in a more reliable way of producing wind power.

By the way, when it comes to the traditional three-blade wind turbines, there are many models out there. They are smaller wind turbine generators with the support for 12V and 24V systems. You get several models of such wind turbines on the market.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the wind solar hybrid controller solutions. Fine, we brought to you some of the best selling wind solar controllers. So, it would be easy for you to set up a reliable off-grid power system that blends both the sources of solar and wind for unlimited power.

Virtually, it would help you collect alternative energy all the time around, because solar panels would naturally work during the day and wind turbines might even continue to produce power in the night if there were winds.

Of course, a wind solar controller is an essential component of any off-grid power system. As you know, the performance of a charge controller has an important role in the overall life and operational stability of the system. A bad charge controller would obviously damage the other parts, especially the battery. So, make sure you get the best wind solar controller to include in your off-grid power system.

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