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Jackery Air-W Wind Turbine: 200W Compact Wind Turbine for Charging Explorer Power Stations

Jackery Air-W is a compact wind turbine concept that Jackery put on display at CES 2023 along with a flurry of green energy products that include a wheeled power station, a solar camping tent, and an all-in-one suitcase power station. The Air-W is a 200-watt wind turbine that can harness wind power and realize a new source of green energy apart from solar.

The Jackery wind turbine is capable of converting the kinetic energy of wind into electricity and directly powering a range of small gadgets like phones, speakers, and more. Thanks to its multi-unit parallel output, it can also be used to charge Jackery’s Explorer power stations.

Jackery Air-W Wind Turbine at a Glance 

  • 200W Compact Wind Turbine. 
  • Foldable Stand and Tripod. 
  • Multi-Unit Parallel Power Outputs. 
  • Highly Portable with its Foldable Design. 

The Air-W is made of carbon fiber thermoplastic composite to make it endure strong winds. It comes with a tripod and a stand so that you can place it anywhere there you get some wind and start generating green power.

After use, the turbine can be easily disassembled and folded into a small bag for portability. The price and release date details of the Jackery wind turbine are not unleashed.

The brand is reportedly working to bring this product to life in two to three years and make it a part of its collection of green energy products.


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