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Jackery LightCycle S1: 3500Wh/3500W Wheeled Portable Power Station for Easy Dragging and Towing

Beyond the conventional portable solar power stations, Jackery put on display the prototypes of some creative green energy products at CES 2023. Jackery LightCycle S1 is the most attractive one along with a wind turbine, a solar camping tent, and an all-in-one suitcase power station.

The LightSycle S1 is actually a 3500Wh battery pack in the form of a massive wheel that you can simply roll or tow by a vehicle.

To your surprise, the LightCycle-S1 is capable of converting the kinetic energy on its rotation into power and storing it in the built-in battery. Fine, LightCycle S1 equips a 3500W inverter with a number of charging outlets, including AC sockets and USB ports.

Jackery LightCycle S1 at a Glance 

Jackery LightCycle S1 Kinetic Power Station

  • 3500Wh Wheeled Portable Power Station. 
  • 3500W Inverter and Multiple Charging Outlets. 
  • Kinetic Energy is Generated on Rotation. 
  • Shock-Proof Design for Towing and Dragging. 

So, on the move, you can just drag it easily without the chore of transporting the heavy-duty boxy power stations. You can just roll it on its sturdy handle behind you or tow it by a vehicle.

Jackery Wheeled Battery Jackery

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The tire-like stricture is made wear-resistant and shock-proof, letting the user move it around on any terrain with no worries. More details about the Jackery LightCycle S1 are yet to come. The brand is looking to bring this product into reality in a couple of years.


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