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GoSun Brew Coffee Maker: Solar-Based Travel Coffee Maker and Portable Solar Power

Innovative products are making our outdoor adventures and off-grid life more amazing. GoSun is a leading maker of such products. Following its Flow water filter, the brand has come up with an off-grid coffee maker. Branded as the GoSun Brew coffee maker, it is a 350ml insulated travel coffee mug with a 12V heater.

Of course, GoSun Brew prepares your hot beverage on solar power as it comes up with a solar-chargeable GoSun power bank. Called GoSun Power, it is a 266Wh compact power bank that incorporates multiple charging outlets to support other devices, as well. It can charge GoSun Brew for making as many as eight cups of coffee.

Gon Sun Brew is equipped with a 130W heater and built-in French press. It is indeed a very quick process to make a cup of coffee in it. By the way, as an insulated mug, it can also keep your drink hot for several hours. That said, what you get is an all-in-one coffee maker for off-grid and adventurous life.

GoSun Brew Coffee Maker

Have you ever been dreaming of an off-grid French Press coffee? Here comes GoSun Brew as an ultimate coffee maker with a spacious stainless-steel mug. It is made of completely BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly materials. Fine, you can run it on any 12V outlet and so the GoSun power bank makes it a really off-grid coffee maker.

You can prepare a cup of coffee or tea in it in a matter of time by following the regular preparation process. The notable difference it makes is the way you get it powered. Having a solar option for power, you are indeed lucky enough to get an awesome French Press coffee anywhere off-the-grid.

Besides GoSun Power, you can also run it on a carport or any other 12V outlet. But as a pioneer in portable solar power, GoSun offers you a power bank with enough capacity, and it can also power up your other devices through power outages or outdoor adventures. Check out GoSun Brew below and pre-order it on Kickstarter.


Apart from coffee, GoSun Power can deliver quick charges to a variety of your devices. For that, as said above, it integrates multiple charging options, including a Qi wireless charger, which helps you conveniently charge any Qi-enabled devices like smartphones, ear pods, and wearables.

Further, the power station has got two USB-C ports, a 12V to 24V adjustable DC outlet for DC devices like laptops, a regular USB port, a high-amp 15A 12V cigarette lighter charger, and finally, a flashlight to light up your trails and camping tent in the wilderness.

Notable Features

  • French Press Off-Grid Coffee Maker with 12V Heater.
  • 350ML Insulated Travel Coffee Mug/Maker.
  • 266Wh Compact and Lightweight Power Bank.
  • Stainless-Steel, BPA-Free, and Dishwasher-Safe Mug.
  • Chargeable from Any 12V Outlet Like Carport.
  • Unlimited Portable Power from the Power Bank.
  • Qi Wireless Charger, USB-C, USB, and 12V ports.
  • Carry Case for Carrying Coffee Maker and Power Bank.

GoSun Brew Coffee Maker for Off-Grid Coffee Making

Why Should You Buy

1. All-In-One Off-Grid Coffee Maker

GoSun Brew coffee maker is indeed an ultimate, all-in-one coffee-making machine. Apart from preparing coffee, you can store hot drinks in it for a long time without losing the warmth. Also, other than coffee or tea, it is also a quick way to make meals like noodles, oatmeal, soups, and more.

2. Spacious and Easy-to-Clean Coffee Mug

With a holding capacity of 350ml, this is a pretty spacious coffee maker to prepare your cup of coffee or tea quite easily and conveniently. After cooking, you can easily clean the dishwasher-friendly, stainless-steel mug.

3. Plenty of Powering Options

With the included GoSun Power, you virtually get a small powerplant in your pocket. Apart from powering up your coffee maker, it is also a superb choice to run most of your essential gadgets, such as phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and more. You can top it up from the sunlight with one of the GoSun solar solutions.

4. Multiple Charging Options

Besides solar, you can recharge the included power station from other sources, too. They include an AC socket or USB-C port. Well, the machine comes up with the required AC adapter. By the way, for solar charging, you can use either a GoSun 30W folding solar charger or its famous 120W Solar Table.

GoSun Brew Coffee Maker with GoSun Solar Table

The Project and Availability

Like most of its unique products, GoSun has launched Brew on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. It could also attract a huge amount as of writing this from hundreds of contributors. The company looks to start shipping it to the backers by April 2021. Sooner it will be hitting the public market, as well.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the GoSun Brew coffee maker. It is such a brilliant product for off-grid coffee making. Added with the power bank and a reliable solar charger, you really get an incredible power ecosystem to make a cup of coffee or tea on the go and to run your essential devices with no worry of running out of juice. We would like to update the details of the product here as it is available in stores. Stay tuned with us.

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