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GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler: A 45L Cooler Upgrade to GoSun Chill with Dual Refrigeration Zones

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler is an upgrade to the solar innovator’s original GoSun Chill. The 45L new cooler can store your food items fresh for up to 10 hours with no need for ice.

Chillest is a versatile portable cooler as it features a host of impressive accessories and add-ons. Dual cooling zones with individual temperature control, Bluetooth speaker, optional umbrella, solar table, bottle opener, and cutting board are a few of its attractions to list out.

GoSun has deliberately branded it as Chillest in resemblance to the infamous crowdfunding flop of all time, Coolest Cooler. But you get Chillest from a reputed brand, so no worries. The brand has been in the business for years and it currently offers more than 10 cool products.

It has been launched on Indiegogo, where it starts at $699. You have multiple packages to pick from with and without the accessories and add-ons at rewarding early bird prices. Within hours after its release, Chillest could attract more than 200 backers.

GoSun Chillest Solar Cooler

GoSun Chillest is a 45L portable cooler with a built-in battery pack that you can recharge with a solar panel. The brand offers an Elbow Solar Table of 20 watts to use with the cooler. Of course, the solar surface doubles as a regular table where you can play cards and serve food.

In addition to the built-in 87Wh battery, you can connect the brand’s 266 portable power bank to the cooler for additional runtime. The included battery can run the cooler for up to 10 hours, and the added power bank can extend your chill time for a weekend trip.

Therefore, Chillest turns out to be a perfect 100% ice-free cooler for off-grid cooling.

It highlights a dual cooling zone with a built-in compressor to distribute the temperature in a range of -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C). So, you can set each compartment as either a cooler or freezer to keep your foods with no sogginess for a longer time.

The GoSun cooler notably highlights interior lighting, organizational brackets, tie-down straps, and a cutting board. The optional add-ons to go with the cooler are a wide umbrella, Bluetooth speaker, handy solar table, portable power bank, and more.

Why Should You Buy

1. Ultimate Solar-Powered Refrigerator

It is time to say goodbye to the ice-based coolers. Chillest is a superb solar-based electric cooler that can store your foods with no water clogging. With its integrated battery, you get a brilliant portable cooler for off-grid use.

When it runs out of juice, you can rely on the included solar panel to run it continuously without a break. Fully charged, the internal battery can run the cooler for up to 10 hours. Added power bank and solar panel will help you extend its runtime further, for sure.

2. 45L Spacious Portable Cooler

As you see, the GoSun cooler is a 45-liter spacious unit that can comfortably accommodate up to 60 beer cans. In two compartments, you can store a variety of foods like meat, medicine, drinks, veggies, and ice cream, and enjoy them all with no sogginess. Take no more soggy sandwiches.

3. Two Cooling Zones

Yes, it comes with two cooling zones with temperature control from -4°F to 68°F. That is you get a fridge and freezer in the same machine. For both, you have options for temperature control, which you can easily manage with the included mobile app or physical touch buttons.


4. Rich with Accessories

The GoSun portable cooler features a variety of useful accessories. They include a cutting board, organizing baskets, tie-down straps, inside lights, and a mount for an umbrella or solar panel. Of course, these extras make Chillest a cool product of the kind on the market.

5. Versatile Number of Add-Ons 

Well, another attraction of the GoSun cooler is the number of add-ons the brand offers. To start with, you get an Elbow Solar Panel to make charging it from the sunlight an easy task.

As said above, it is a 20W mono solar panel in the form of a table that you can simply attach to a special mount on the cooler, and it will help boost up the runtime of the cooler by five more hours. It costs $129 and it measures 22 x 13 x 1 in.

The next is a Bluetooth speaker. The 5W dual speaker packs a pair of 400mAh batteries to ensure a runtime of six hours. It is an IPX6-rated waterproof device that comes at $49.


A wide umbrella is another add-on. The 80-in diametric umbrella can be hoisted to the height of 65-in to 80-in and it is tiltable to +/- 45 degrees. It measures 4 x 4 x 48 in, and its weight goes five lbs. You can mount the umbrella in the same slot as the solar panel, and it costs $49.

Above all, you have GoSun Power 266, a 266Wh additional power bank to increase the runtime of the cooler up to 30 hours. Its internal battery has a runtime of over 10 hours, which means you get 10 times more life with the additional battery pack, which costs $229.

Notable Features

  • 45-Liter Portable Solar Freezer/Fridge to Hold 60 Cans.
  • 87Wh Battery for a Runtime of Up to 10 Hours. 
  • Dual Cooling Zones with Individual Temperature Controls.
  • Solar-Chargeable and a 20W Elbow Solar Panel. 
  • Tie-Down Straps and Interior Lighting.
  • Organizing Brackets and Bottle Opener.
  • Solid All-Terrain-Wheels and Telescopic Handles.
  • Bluetooth Speaker and Wide Umbrella. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the GoSun Chillest solar cooler. It is a great product with a lot of cool features, accessories, and add-ons. The brand avails it on Indiegogo in various attractive bundles at the best prices.

Compared to several of its competitors, Chillest is more lightweight, spacious, and technically advanced, and is cheaper, too. The 45L cooler has a size of 28 x 17 x 20.5 in and it weighs 42lbs. You get a strong-built device with all-terrain wheels and built-in telescopic handles.

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