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Energym RE:GEN Power Generating Exercise Bike With a Portable 100Wh Battery Pack

A regular workout has a lot of benefits. It burns excess calories and helps you stay healthy, but you have been still wasting your power at workouts. Here is a great solution for that, Energym RE:GEN. It is a nice power-generating exercise bike from a team of UK innovators.

The stationary bike power generator smartly harnesses your own power to produce electricity. The lovely thing is that the bike comes with a power bank with multiple charging outlets. So, after a workout session, you can remove it from the bike and use it for charging your handsets.

Yes, your long-hour workout sessions have one more outcome now. Along with letting you stay fit, you get a chance to regenerate your efforts in a smart way of producing power. Energym RE:GEN can thus turn out to be a game-changer in the alternative power industry.

Product: Stationary Fitness Bike Power Generator.
Maker: Energym, the UK.

Energym RE:GEN Fitness Bike Generator

RE:GEN is like any other fitness bike, except for its regenerative profile. It equips a 100Wh battery branded as the Ohm. An average daily workout session can produce a power of 170Wh to 230Wh, which is quite enough to charge the Ohm at its full capacity.

That means you get a decent quantity of portable power. Once you finish the workout, you can unclip the battery from the bike and use it to charge your handsets. Of course, you can enjoy charging your devices with the pleasure of having produced the power right from your sweat.


As per the brand, a fully charged Ohm can charge a MacBook Pro 13 nearly three times, an iPhone 12 around ten times, and an iPad Pro nearly four times.

The power bank incorporates dual charging sockets; they are a USB-C 100W port and a USA-A 36W outlet. Thanks to the included snap-on power extender, it can support up to four devices overall.

Its maker has launched the product on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign. Within the first hours of its launch, the product has created a wave and it has hit the milestone of passing 100% of its target goal.

With an early bird price starting at around $2260, you can pre-order the fitness bike on the platform. The company plans to start shipping it to the backers by November 2021.


Why Should You Buy

1. Gym Bike Power Generator

Energym RE:GEN is the world’s first systematic power-generating fitness bike. The team behind the project took two long years to develop the bike in association with the top universities in the UK.

It can produce enough power to charge the included 6000mAh battery pack from one workout session. As per the brand, it is like you can charge a MacBook Pro 2.6 times with a single workout.

2. 100Wh/6000mAh Battery Pack

Called Ohm, you get a cool battery pack of 100Wh with the bike. It is capable of storing essential power from your workout. With the size of a water bottle, it is a handy and compact device with an output potential of 500 watts.

The Ohm sports dual USB ports. One is a USB-C 100W Fast-Charge port and the other one is a USB-A 36W port.

Further, it integrates an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) meter. As the battery pack situates just in front of you during the workout, you can quickly have a glance at the live meter that shows your FTP in five colors.

As stated above, you get a snap-on power extender with Ohm. That helps the device distribute the stored power across five devices at a time. Also, it features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to let you manage it remotely.

3. Good Quality Fitness Bike

Energym RE:GEN is indeed made to provide you with great comfort in workouts. It has got a tri-axis adjustability feature and the seat is perfectly soft-padded. A 360-swivel Ergo tablet holder and a strong handlebar are other attractions.

Moreover, the brand has made it green by using recycled steel alloy and eco-plastic components.

4. Rewarding Program

With RE:GEN, you can already burn calories and save power. It has more benefits in an attractive rewards program. Energym has partnered with Sweatcoin to convert your pedaling moments to rewards that you can redeem to get goods and programs from the Energym marketplace.


Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Energym RE:GEN. It is actually one of the first full-fledged fitness bikes with a power-generating facility. The product has already attracted a lot of people on the Indiegogo platform. If you are excited about it, get a unit and make use of your otherwise wasted workout energy to power your handsets.

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