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Furrion eRove Electric Cooler: Solar Chargeable Battery-Powered Cooler for Campers

If you are looking at buying a portable solar refrigerator, you have an incredible product from Furrion, a key player in innovative electrical solutions. The brand has designed a hi-tech portable cooler called, Furrion eRove electric cooler. It is a luxurious battery-powered portable refrigeration system with a host of awesome features.

With the eRove cooler, Furrion is, in fact, all set with a complete energy ecosystem for off-grid living. With its well-known ePod Power Station, ePod battery, and 100W kickstand solar panel (paid links), we are now lucky enough to have everything from Furrion to set up a reliable off-grid ecosystem.

Technically, eRove is, in fact, a 50-quart portable cooler, which can smoothly store up to 72 cans. With the Furrion cooler, you no longer need ice to keep your drinks and foods cold and fresh. Fine, on a single recharge, eRove lets you stay detached from civilization for up to 5 days with no ice or direct power.

Furrion eRove Electric Cooler – Overview

Furrion eRove is absolutely one of the most versatile portable coolers that work without ice. It works on a unique foam insulation technology and an innovative cooling algorithm to become a brilliant piece in the crowd of solar coolers. Plus, its low energy consumption and smart mode features make it consume less power to ensure long-hour cooling for your burgers, sandwiches, and drinks.

Out in the wild, eRove runs on the brand’s ePod battery that is simply swappable to a stipulated slot. It becomes a solar cooler as you can recharge an ePod with a PV panel, other than a wall socket or carport options. So, a pack of eRove, ePod, and a 100W solar panel provides you with an amazing ecosystem for long-hour cooling, portable power, and a lot of other things. Check out various eRove packages and offers on the link below (paid link).

Before powering it up on ePod, you can connect it to your wall AC socket for pre-cooling. That is an amazing way to pre-cool the refrigerator and make it ready for use for a couple of days without the need for ice. Getting into the wild, you can start it running on an ePod battery, which you can top up using the solar panel or a carport.

As put above, with a full-charged ePod unit, you can run eRove for up to five days with no worry. Added with the solar panel and an extra ePod, you are virtually getting unlimited days of ice-free storage. You can keep one ePod inside the cooler and the other one connected to the solar panel for backup power.


  • Versatile Solar-Chargeable All-In-One Portable Cooler.
  • Ice-Free 50-Quart Electric Cooler for Your Adventures.
  • Ideal for Campsites, Tailgating Parties, and Outdoor Events.
  • Innovative Cooling Algorithm and Foam Insulation.
  • Multiple Charging Options, Including Wireless Charger.
  • Detachable Wheel Kit and Retractable Pull-Up Handle.
  • Digital Temperature Display and Internal Lighting.
  • Holders for Two Cups, Umbrella, and Fishing Rod.
  • Solid Design and Stylish Profile in Look.


Furrion eRove Electric Cooler – Detailed Look

The Furrion cooler is packed up with a wide range of unique features. Of course, many things make it more than a portable cooler for the outdoors. The integrated wireless charging facility, USB charging outlets, exclusive holders for cups, umbrellas, and fishing rods, and a detachable wheel kit are a few of its significant features.

In fact, with an eRove unit, you are getting an all-in-one outdoor solution. As you can enhance its performance and working hours with the use of extra products from the brand, you really get a versatile portable cooler. Below, we would like to check out all the new features of the Furrion electric cooler in detail.

1. Innovative Cooling Technology

Certainly, eRove highlights state-of-the-art cooling technology to keep the cold for a longer time. A combination of foam-based insulation, a fresh cooling algorithm, and wall thickness make it a brilliant product for keeping the ice frozen for a complete day.

2. Premium and Durable Materials

For increased cooling life, eRove is made with quality and durable materials. First of all, it has its main body built with 3-inch foam and premium ABS plastic. That is what makes it both durable and lightweight, at the same time.

When it comes to the interior, the brand has used quality aluminum to add to its strength as an outdoor machine. Meanwhile, high-density polyethylene is used for its side panels so it can survive rough outdoor conditions.

The polypropylene of its side skirting panels let it keep a stable temperature inside. It is when the high-pressure-injected foam insulation made of cyclopentane and polyurethane can help retain the cooling for a long time.

Above all, you have its solid wheels made of rubber. Obviously, it will help resist the overall cooler from vibrations and so you can easily drag it on tough terrains with no worry.


3. Cutting-Edge Cooling Algorithm

The eRove works on a state-of-the-art cooling algorithm. It will help the machine provide minute adjustments as per the temperature outside and inside, letting you save almost 40% battery life.

4. USB Charging Points and Wireless Charger

The eRove cooler stands out with its integration of multiple charging points, including a 10-watt wireless charger pad. The USB ports include one fast-charge and dual 2.0 charging ports. It is a way you can charge your essential devices and accessories from the ePod battery inside the cooler.

5. Detachable Wheel and Retractable Handle

The moving of eRove is indeed a simple task as it comes up with a removable wheel kit and a retractable easy-lift handle. The durable and solid rubber wheels let you drag the cooler on any terrain. Meanwhile, the strong handle makes it convenient to move it along and stash it away when you are in the truck or at a campsite.


6. Digital Display and Internal Light

Moreover, the portable cooler has a digital temperature display. It makes you monitor the temperature inside the machine at a glance. Also, it sports an internal light so that you can see what is inside the cooler. You no longer need to settle for whichever drink you manage to collect in the darkness.

7. Cup, Umbrella, Fishing Rod Holders

Making it more versatile, Furrion eRove electric cooler comes with holders for essential utilities and accessories like cups, umbrellas, and fishing rods. The cup holder is a removable two-slot facility that can keep your drinks safe on the go. The umbrella and fishing rod holders are also simple removable solutions, by the way.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Furrion eRove electric cooler. As you see, it is an incredible product of its kind with a great number of features. It is actually a new project from the brand, which is seeking crowdfunding support for the brilliant project on Indiegogo. As of writing this, it has collected as much as $82000 from around 50 backers.

On the crowdfunding platform, the brand offers several packages of the product, covering its ePod battery, ePod power station, and 100W solar panel.

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