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LiONCooler Pro Solar Portable Freezer: Ice-Free Outdoor Freezer with a More Powerful Battery

LiONCooler Pro is the latest series of solar-based portable coolers from AcoPower. The vendor has unveiled the models on Kickstarter with a more powerful, removable 193Wh/52000mAh battery.

The LiONCooler Pro Solar Portable Freezer comes in three sizes; 30L, 40L, and 50L, respectively PX30, PX40, and PX50. All the models are fully portable solar freezers that can keep your foods and beverages fresh and cool for up to 12 hours irrespective of the climate outside.

Here, we would like to have a detailed look at the impressive product from LiONCooler, a leading vendor of solar freezers for outdoor life. Check it out on Kickstarter with the below link.


  • Ice-Free Refrigerator and Freezer in Three Sizes.
  • 193Wh Multi-Functional, Removable PowerBank.
  • Chargeable from Wall Sockets, Carport, and Solar Panel.
  • 100% Portable with a Trolley Design and Telescopic Handle.
  • Robust and Solid All-Terrain Wheels for Rough Outdoor Use.
  • Free Bluetooth Mobile App for Easier Control.

LiONCooler Pro Solar Portable Freezer

The LiONCooler Pro solar portable freezer is a series of fully portable, cordless freezers.

You can carry the device anywhere in your car, RV, and boat and enjoy ice-free refrigeration of your foods and drinks. The battery-powered device can run up to 12 hours on a full charge.

Once the charge is drained, you can juice up its battery from multiple sources like a wall socket, a carport, and finally a solar panel.

The detachable X230 193Wh battery pack is also fine for charging your USB-based devices, thanks to its dual-directional Type-C 60W Power Delivery port. It also sports an LED light so that you can ensure emergency lighting in your outdoor or off-grid situations.

In short, if you pair LiONCooler Pro with a reliable solar panel, you get access to unlimited cooling as well as portable power.

As an ideal portable freezer, it features a storage pouch, a bottle holder, a bottle opener, two pieces of tie-down ropes, etc. You can use the ropes to attach extra items to the cooler.

As said above, you get the LiONCooler in multiple sizes. So, it will be easy for you to find the best option to meet your needs and budget.

Other than the size, all the variants share the same specs and features.


Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the LiONCooler Pro solar portable freezer.

The project is presently seeking crowdfunding support on Kickstarter with early bird pricing starting at around $500. As many as 70 backers have so far taken part in the campaign with 25 days more to go. It looks to be the best time for you to pre-order a unit of the cooler at the best price.

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