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Jackery DX Power-Space Pro: An All-In-One Suitcase Solar Power Station with 6000Ah Battery Pack and Built-in Solar Panels

The DX Power-Space Pro is an all-in-one, suitcase-style solar power station Jackery showcased at CES 2023 along with a flurry of other green energy product prototypes. They include a wheeled rollable power station, a 200W wind turbine, and a solar camping tent.

The Jackery DX Power-Space is expected to come out with a 6000Ah battery pack and a 3000W inverter, though another Jackery executive said it would only carry a 4000Wh battery pack.

Whatever the size of the battery, the new product, if realized, would be a real game changer in the market as a more powerful and reliable option to Renogy’s much-touted Phoenix and Montek Solar’s X1000 all-in-one solar power stations.

Unlike Montek’s model, the DX Power-Space Pro is to integrate solar panels into the case and they will be openable on both sides.

Jackery DX Power-Space Pro at a Glance


  • All-In-One Suitcase Solar Power Station.
  • 6000Ah or 4000Ah Built-in Battery Pack.
  • 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 
  • Built-In Solar Panels – Openable on Both Sides. 
  • Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels and Collapsible Handle. 

With that being said, the new Jackery will be a perfect all-in-one solar power station with a high-capacity battery to let you carry only a single device into the wild for off-grid power.

Check out the Jackery store on Amazon.Com here.

Similar to regular power stations, it will feature multiple charging outlets and the built-in carrying handle will make you drag it on all types of turfs comfortably. The prototype shows two strong caster wheels for easy moving of the system.

More details about the Jackery DX Power Space are yet to emerge. We will keep you updated with the release date, price, and other details about the device once they are available to use.


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