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Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power Kits: 6 Best Eco-Worthy Wind-Solar Off-Grid Power Systems

A combination of solar and wind power sources makes a green power solution much more reliable. Are you looking to set up such a system in your home, remote cabin, or workspace? Here, we have a list of the best off-grid solar and wind power kits from Eco-Worthy, a leading vendor of the same on the market today.

Eco-Worthy is a well-known brand of renewable energy products. It avails a variety of hybrid off-grid power systems at affordable prices in the USA and Canada. Its famous 400W residential wind turbine generator is the core of all its solar-wind kits, which also bundle up its highly efficient hybrid charge controllers.

As you know, it is indeed a brilliant idea to combine solar panels and a wind turbine generator together. That is how you may have one green power source working for you at least all the time around.

Fine, the sun has its intense light during the day for the solar panels to generate energy. Meanwhile, the wind turbine may continue generating power even throughout the late evenings or early mornings. At the end of the day, you will be lucky enough to have a way to back up your battery packs all the time around.

Eco-Worthy Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power Kits

The Eco-Worthy wind-solar kits are ideal for homes, apartments, remote cabins, RVs, campers, and more. You can fix it easily anywhere. A typical solar-wind kit comes up with a collection of ready-to-use components that even a layman can put together in a matter of time. Yes, you don’t need the help of an electrician to build up your alternative power source with one of the Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kit systems.

Eco-Worthy offers a series of wind-solar off-grid kits with different capacities, of course. As of writing this, we have the variants ranging from the basic 500W to 1400W. As said above, each bundle basically packs a unit of the brand’s 400W wind turbine generator, apart from different solar panels and charge controllers.

Specifically, it is like that a 900W Eco-Worthy wind-solar kit would pack up five units of 100W solar panels and a 400W turbine. That is, you would require to combine the panels and the turbine to set up a reliable off-grid power solution. Stay with us to have a detailed look at the best Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kits.

1. Eco-Worthy 600W Wind-Solar Power Kit

We would like to start the list with the 600-watt variant of Eco-Worthy’s solar-wind power kits. It is an ideal solution to guarantee unlimited off-grid power in your small homes, remote cabins, yachts, and RVs. As you see, the bundle mainly features a unit of 400W wind turbine and a single piece of 195W mono solar panel.

Plus, you have it bundled with an efficient 20Amp PWM hybrid controller that touts advanced overload and short circuit protection. The controller can identify the 12V or 24V systems. Moreover, it supports up to 500W watts of solar panels at 12V, and up to 1000W at 24V. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The included solar panel is a high conversion mono unit. Made with corrosion-resistant metal frame, it can offer an extended lifespan for use in rough outdoor conditions. The wind turbine, in the meantime, is the classic residential-friendly unit from Eco-Worthy, which can deliver a rated output of 400 watts.

However, to set up the off-grid power kit, you need to buy a wind turbine pole separately. It should be a unit with an outer diameter of 7.4cm and an inner diameter of 5.3cm. Overall, the Eco-Worthy 600W solar-wind system can provide you a 3kWh of power in ideal lighting conditions.

Why Should You Buy

  • 600-Watt Ideal Wind-Solar Off-Grid System. 
  • 400W Wind Turbine and 195W Solar Panel.
  • Perfect for Small Homes, RVs, Campers, and Boats. 
  • 20Amp Hybrid Wind and Solar Charge Controller.

2. Eco-Worthy 800W Wind-Solar Power Kit

It is evidently the next variant of the Eco-Worthy wind-solar kits. With 800W overall output, the kit packs up two units of the 195W mono solar panel. Apart from the additional solar panel, all the other components in the kit, including the hybrid charge controller and the wind turbine are exactly the same, of course.

By the way, you need to buy additional cables and wires and a turbine pole to set up this hybrid kit. But, with an added output, you can use the system to recharge more powerful battery packs. The hybrid controller also supports extra panels to boost up its capacity. Check ou its latest price on Amazon below.   

The bundle looks to be one of the most popular configurations of Eco-Worthy. You have a decent output from both the sources of green power. Further, it packs up a brilliant charge controller that supports both 12V and 24V systems. You can simply use it to set up an ideal off-grid power solution in your RV, camper, or a yacht.

In addition, you need to mainly buy a power inverter to make use of the solar-wind kit for your off-grid power projects. The set-up of the bundle is a very simple process. If you have the knowledge to handle the basics of solar and wind energy, you can do it yourself immediately.

Why Should You Buy

  • 800W Mono Off-Grid Wind-Solar Power Kit.
  • 400W Wind Turbine and Two 195W Mono Panels. 
  • Perfect for Homes, RVs, Boats, Yachts, and More. 
  • 20A PWM Hybrid Solar-Wind Charge Controller.

3. Eco-Worthy 1200W Wind-Solar Power Kit

Next, on our list of Eco-Worthy off-grid solar and wind power kits, we have a 1200-watt variant. It is indeed a more powerful configuration obviously as it features the same wind turbine and four units of the same 195W mono solar panels. That said, you get a solar-wind system with an overall output of 1200 watts.

The included charge controller is also a reliable 12V/24V autodetect solution. It can ensure ideal protection for your power system from overload, short-circuit, and other voltage variation issues. If you wish to buy it for your off-grid power projects, check out its latest price on Amazon below.

There are no other additional items in this bundle, as well. Apart from having two more solar panels from the above bundle, all are exactly the same. Evidently, you can use the kit to set up a rather powerful off-grid power system to recharge larger packs of batteries as it can generate an ideal output of 5Kwh a day.

Meanwhile, like all the above solar-wind power kits, it doesn’t also pack up a pole for mounting the turbine. You need to find the compatible pole from another vendor. You should also find a powerful inverter for this system so that you will be fine to have all the components to build an ideal off-grid power system.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1200-Watt Powerful Off-Grid Wind-Solar Power Kit.
  • 400W Wind Turbine and Four 195W Mono Solar Panels.
  • Perfect for Medium Homes, RVs, Boats, Campervans. 
  • 20A 12V/24V Autodetcet Hybrid Charge Controller. 

4. Eco-Worthy 1400W Wind-Solar Hybrid Kit

Next, we have a 1400-watt heavy-duty wind-solar off-grid kit from Eco-Worthy. This bundle differs from all the above items with its inclusion of a 3500W off-grid power inverter. The 24V-110V power inverter makes things further easier for you to set up a highly powerful off-grid power system.

Well, this high-end Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid bundle features 10 pieces of the brand’s 100W mono solar panels along with the regular 400W wind turbine. This is how you get the powerful 1400W off-grid solar-wind solution for your homes, RVs, boats, and more. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The included solar charge controller is the same 20A PWM unit. That can perfectly protect your off-grid power system from overload, short circuit, and other voltage variation issues. Moreover, the charge controller can autodetect 12V or 24V systems, and support the expansion of solar panel capacity.

The kit is ideal for setting up a large off-grid power system that can deliver a daily output of 6kWh under ideal lighting conditions. That said, you get a pretty powerful off-grid power solution.

By the way, apart from the panels, charge controller, and turbine, the kit packs up some basic accessories, as well. They include three pairs of Y branch connectors, a pair of 16-feet solar cables, and mounting brackets.

Why Should You Buy 

  • 1400W Powerful Wind-Solar Off-Grid Kit.
  • 400-Watt Eco-Worthy Wind Turbine. 
  • 10 Pieces of 100W Mono Solar Panels.
  • 3500W Reliable Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • 20Amp PWM Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Homes, Boats, RVs, and Apartments.

5. Eco-Worthy 900W Wind-Solar Off-Grid Kit

Here is another cool wind-solar off-grid kit from Eco-Worthy. This is a 900W variant with five units of 100-watt poly solar panels and one 400-watt wind turbine generator.

Plus, the kit includes a unit of the 20Amp hybrid wind-solar charge controller and a 1000W 12V-110V off-grid power inverter. This is how you can set up a reliable off-grid wind-solar power system in your RV, camper, apartment, or yacht. Check out the latest price of the bundle below.

The kit also features four cable adapters to connect the panels with the included controller. Meanwhile, you need to buy other cables including a 14AWG to connect the wind turbine with the controller.

The included controller is indeed a 12V/24V autodetect system so you can use it to power up both 12V and 24V battery systems easily. Follow the button above to order a unit of the Eco-Worthy wind-solar bundle.

Why Should You Buy

  • 900W Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Kit.
  • 5 Pieces of 100W Poly Solar Panels.
  • 400W Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • 1000W Off-Grid Power Inverter.
  • 20Amp Hybrid Wind-Solar Controller. 

6. Eco-Worthy 1000W Wind-Solar Off-Grid Kit

Here is another cool Eco-Worthy solar-wind off-grid kit you can find on the market. This 24V-only system features six units of 100W mono solar panels and a wind turbine generator. It is indeed another great way to set up an off-grid wind-solar power system in your home, boat, and RV.

Being a hybrid system, it can produce enough power to charge your battery packs using both the solar and wind sources simultaneously. The bundle also packs up a unit of Eco-Worthy’s hybrid controller and some basic cables and wires. Check out its latest price on the link below.

They are exactly the same wind turbine and charge controller in this bundle also. Made of high-performance nylon fiber blades, the turbine is ideal for both marine and land applications.

Hence, it would be a nice idea to get this wind-solar kit to set up an off-grid power source in your yacht as you roam around the seas. Further, the controller is quite efficient and is a fully-automatic system to ensure the best results.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1000W Wind-Solar Off-Grid Power Kit.
  • Six Units of 100W Mono Solar Panels
  • 400W Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • 20Amp Hybrid Wind-Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for Both Marine and Land Applications. 

Why Should You Buy

1. All-in-One Off-Grid Hybrid Power Kits

Coming to the specialties, we should first see the all-in-one feature of the Eco-Worthy hybrid power kits. Yes, as you see, the wind-solar off-grid kit has both the solar and wind turbine options to generate energy.

That is, you are lucky enough to gather green energy all the time around. Interestingly, the hybrid systems are capable of utilizing both solar and wind options at the same time for power production.

2. Highly Reliable Off-Grid Power Kits

With multiple power options, let us sure judge that the Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kits are highly reliable sources of power. Wherever you are, you have at least one option left to collect the energy. And as long as the kits continue to charge your backups virtually all the time, they are ideal for many off-grid applications.

3. Multiple Variants With Different Outputs

Eco-Worthy is indeed a big player in selling this type of wind-solar off-grid kit products. Along with this series of off-grid hybrid power kits, the brand has a big variety of other solar or wind power kits, as well. Of course, Eco-Worthy is a highly reliable brand for those, who look for various off-grid power solutions.

4. Perfect for Marine Applications

Getting into a sea expedition, you would be left with no reliable option for continuous power. It is here an off-grid wind-solar kit could help you very much.

You can set up any of the above Eco-Worthy kits over your yacht and make your explorations with access to unlimited off-grid power. Anywhere you head to, you would be lucky enough to have enough backup to run your essential electronics and enjoy the full fun of your voyages.

Why Don’t You Buy

The Eco-Worthy off-grid solar and wind power kits are not designed for campers or hikers. Though working on simple technology, they are never easy plug-and-play systems. You will need to mount the panels, set up the wind turbine, and put together the other components to realize your off-grid power solution. So, you can buy the hybrid power kits to mount over an RV, boat, houseboat, apartment, or home.

Final Thoughts

Absolutely, we have a large variety of off-grid power solutions on the market. Many brands sell separate kits for solar and wind solutions. But the idea behind the Eco-Worthy wind-solar off-grid kits is really awesome as long as they will help you accumulate off-grid power virtually all-the-time if you have quality wind and sun.

To rely completely on a solar solution or wind turbine is not always good for unlimited off-grid power. No one can guarantee sunlight or wind on all days. It is here the wind-solar off-grid kits would come in the help. With such a system, you can simultaneously use both green sources to juice up your battery packs.

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