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Bluetti AC500&B300S Indiegogo Campaign Passes $9M Mark in Crowdfunding with 10 More Days to Go

With 10 more days to go for the campaign to end on Indiegogo, Bluetti’s latest product AC500&B300S has collected over $9M in crowdfunding. As of writing this, the project has collected $9.43M USD from around 4000 backers to become one of the most-collected campaigns for a solar power station.

The AC500 is the biggest of Bluetti’s line of solar power stations. Being a 100% modular power station, it comes with B300S extra battery modules that you can stack up with the device for an expanded storage capacity of up to 18,432Wh.


The power station integrates a 5000W heavy-duty inverter with a surge capacity of 10000 watts. Bluetti launched the power station on Indiegogo two months back. It could really make a wave in the market of portable power stations with a lot of takers from across the world pre-ordering for it.

By the way, Bluetti has started to ship AC500 to the early backers in the US.

The company will most likely be having the power station on sale with the best deals on its website for Black Friday 2022 as well as Cyber Monday 2022. We will bring to you the latest update on the Bluetti power station here. Stay tuned.

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