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Bluetti PV420 Solar Panel: Bluetti’s 420W Folding Solar Panel – Bluetti PV420 Vs PV350 Vs PV200 Solar Panels

Bluetti has expanded its pool of portable solar panels with a 420W variant. Branded as Bluetti PV420, it is a four-fold highly efficient mono solar panel with an adjustable kickstand.

This is now the top-end model of the brand’s series of solar panels that include PV350, PV200, PV120, and PV68, respectively 350W, 200W, 120W, and 68W solar panels.

Thanks to its adjustable kickstand, you can angle the solar panel in the best way to attract sunlight perfectly. Once folded down after use, you can simply take it anywhere like a suitcase.

With 420W output, it is ideal for charging big-size portable power stations from Bluetti, for instance, AC500+B300S and EP500 Pro.

Bluetti PV420 Price Update: Bluetti has started selling the 420W folding solar panel at $899. Go here to order the biggest folding solar panel in the Bluetti PV series, which is compatible with AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, AC500, EB150, EB240, EP500, and EP500 Pro.

Bluetti PV420 at a Glance

Bluetti 420W PV420W Solar Panel


  • 420W Four-Layered ETFE Folding Solar Panel. 
  • Highly Efficient Panel with a 23.4% Conversion Rate. 
  • Adjustable Kickstands for Perfect Placing. 
  • Suitcase-Like Design After Unfolding. 
  • Folded Size of 38.3 x 25.9 Inches.

Bluetti PV420 Release Date and Price

Bluetti is to start selling the 420W large-size solar panel from January 9, 2022. The price of the solar panel is not yet known. We will update the details here as they are available. Stay tuned.

Bluetti PV420 Solar Panel Charger Specs

Bluetti PV420 VS EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

EcoFlow has been offering a 400W solar panel for a while.

Since the launch of the brand’s flagship power station Delta Pro, the 400W solar panel has been on the market and it offers a higher conversion rate of 23%.

It is a highly durable, four-array solar panel with IP68 waterproof rating. Different from the Bluetti 420-watt solar panel, it has got a single, self-supporting adjustable kickstand that appears in the middle of the solar panel.

EcoFlow has been selling this solar panel with its Delta Pro bundles and Power Kits.

Bluetti PV420 Vs PV350 Vs PV200 and More

Bluetti is famous for its array of highly efficient folding solar panels.

Along with its award-winning line of solar power stations, the brand offers multiple solar panels in various power options, which are suitable for its power backup systems.

Have a look at our detailed take on the best Bluetti solar power stations and solar panels here in our comparison of Bluetti Vs EcoFlow.

The new Bluetti PV420 has got four impressive younger siblings in the Bluetti line. They are Bluetti PV350, PV200, PV120 and PV68, which are 350W, 200W, 120W, and 68W folding solar panels respectively.

All are highly efficient mono panels with a folding profile and kickstands for easy positioning on any turf. With their capacities, you can choose the right solar panel for your power station. Having the new high-power 420W version, you can now save some room in storing the panels.


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