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Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – A Full Comparison: The Best Portable and Home Solar Power Backups and Solar Panels for 2023

Bluetti and EcoFlow are the two prominent vendors of solar-chargeable portable and home battery packs. Both brands have on sale a wide range of cutting-edge power stations in the categories of outdoor and home backup systems. Furthermore, their developers are working around the clock to bring more innovations to market.

In this article on Bluetti vs. EcoFlow, I would like to take a detailed look at the best solar backup systems the brands have to offer for the year 2023. Of course, the brands have recently moved into the making of more home-based backup systems with expandability as the main attraction, as well as more smart devices that can harness green power.

Our full comparison of the Bluetti and EcoFlow products lists all the best portable and home power stations and compatible solar panels, apart from other smart accessories that brands have on their shelves.  So, if you are looking at buying a battery backup system from either Bluetti or EcoFlow, this article is going to be your complete guide on which to buy.

Entry-Level, Compact Models – Below 1000Wh

Bluetti EB3A | 268Wh/600W (LFP) Website Amazon
Bluetti EB55 | 537Wh/700W (LFP) Website Amazon
Bluetti EB70S | 716Wh/800W (LFP) Website Amazon
EcoFlow River 2 | 256Wh/300W (LFP) Website Amazon
EcoFlow River 2 Max | 512Wh/500W (LFP) Website Amazon
EcoFlow River 2 Pro | 768Wh/800W (LFP) NA NA
EcoFlow River Pro | 720-1440Wh/600W (Li-ion) Website Amazon
EcoFlow River Mini | 210Wh/300W (Li-ion) Website Amazon
EcoFlow Delta Mini | 882Wh/1400W (Li-ion) Website Amazon

Mid-Rangers – 1000Wh to 2500Wh

Bluetti AC200P | 2000Wh/2000W Website Amazon
Bluetti AC200 Max | 2000Wh/2000W Website Amazon
EcoFlow Delta 2 | 1024Wh/1800W (LFP) Website Amazon
EcoFlow Delta 1000 | 1008Wh/1600W (Li-ion) Website Amazon
EcoFlow Delta 1300 | 1260Wh/1800W (Li-ion) Website Amazon
EF Delta Max 1600 | 1612Wh/2000W (Li-ion) Website Amazon
EF Delta Max 2000 | 2016Wh/2400W (Li-ion) Website Amazon

Big-Sizes – Above 2500Wh (Portable)

Bluetti AC300+B300 | 3072Wh-12.2kWh/3000W Website Amazon
Bluetti EP500 Pro | 5100Wh/3000W Website Amazon
Bluetti EP500 | 5100Wh/2000W Website Amazon
Bluetti AC500+B300S  | 3072Wh-18.4kWh/5000W Website Amazon
EcoFlow Delta Pro | 3600Wh-25kWh/3600W (LFP) Website Amazon

Home Backups  – Above 2500Wh (Residential)

Bluetti EP900+B500 | 9.9kWh-39kWh/9000W (LFP) NA NA
EcoFlow Delta Pro+ | 7.6kWh-21.6kWh/7200W (LFP) Website Amazon

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Portable Solar Panels

Bluetti PV420 | 450 Watts NA NA
Bluetti PV350 | 350 Watts Website Amazon
Bluetti PV200 | 200 Watts Website Amazon
EcoFlow 400W | 400 Watts Website Amazon
EcoFlow 220W | 220 Watts Website Amazon
EcoFlow 160W | 160 Watts Website Amazon
EcoFlow 110W | 110 Watts Website Amazon

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Smart Accessories

Bluetti B300S (3072Wh) | Extra Battery Website Amazon
Bluetti B300 (3072Wh) | Extra Battery Website Amazon
Bluetti B230 (2048Wh) | Extra Battery Website Amazon
EcoFlow Power Kits | Off-Grid Solar Kits Website Amazon
EcoFlow Wave | Portable AC Website Amazon
EcoFlow Glacier | Solar Fridge  N/A N/A
EcoFlow Blade | Solar Lawnmower N/A N/A
EF Smart Generator | Gas Generator Website Amazon

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Portable Power Stations

Bluetti and EcoFlow feature a wide range of portable solar power stations. Their models appear in four main categories based on factors like portability, size, power, and output.

They are entry-level, compact, mid-size, and large-size.

In the entry-level and compact models, EcoFlow has a clear edge over Bluetti with as many as six popular power stations, thanks to its much-touted River series.

Even if Bluetti has only three popular models in the category, all the brand’s models are LiFePO4 power stations. By the way, EcoFlow’s new River 2 series also has competitive LFP models to challenge the Bluetti. They are River 2, River 2 Max, and River 2 Pro.

Bluetti AC 200 Max - Bluetti Vs EcoFlow

In the mid-size category also, EcoFlow bests Bluetti with the number of models. When Bluetti has only two proper mid-size power stations – AC200P and AC200 Max – EcoFlow has on its shelves as many as five best-selling models in its Delta series.

The EcoFlow mid-size collection even includes the second-generation Delta 2, a 1024Wh LFP power station. All the other models in the mid-range collection are lithium-ion power stations.

In the big-size power stations, the 2500Wh+ models, Bluetti has an outstanding collection of products, including two 100% inverter stations – the AC300 and AC500.

EcoFlow Delta Pro - Bluetti Vs EcoFlow

EcoFlow has only its flagship Delta Pro in the segment, while Bluetti has four unrivaled machines. The Bluetti AC300 and AC500, as mentioned above, are 100% modular power stations, which come with no battery pack built-in.

You need to attach the brand’s compatible battery packs to them for storage capacity. Besides these two models, Bluetti also features two variants of the EP500, a 2000W and a 3000W each, with a massive battery pack of 5100Wh.

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Home Battery Packs

A home backup system is a massive solar-chargeable battery pack with modular features. As their names imply, they are exclusively meant for home applications, i.e. to power your home or office in the case of a long blackout due to any emergency.

The special feature of a home backup system is its expandability. EcoFlow and Bluetti both have their own solutions for home backup power.

EcoFlow has the Delta Pro as the whole-house power station. You can pair two units of the same with a special power hub to get 240V and customize it further with the help of its smart extra batters and a smart gas generator to take the total capacity up to 21.6kWh at 7200 watts.

This is when Bluetti has got EP900+B500, a massive whole-house backup system with a basic storage capacity of 9.9kWh (9000W), which is expandable up to a colossal 39kWh, using the brand’s B500 battery packs.

Bluetti EP900+B300 - Bluetti Vs EcoFlow

Both the EcoFlow and Bluetti home battery systems come with higher solar charging inputs, which make them highly reliable for off-grid power in the case of longtime power blackouts.

You can also deploy Bluetti’s big-size models like the AC500+B300S and EP500 Pro as cool home backup systems. As these models are expandable to higher capacities at 240V, you will be able to set them up as home backup systems while they are not in use away from home.

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Portable Solar Panels

Both Bluetti and EcoFlow offer reliable folding solar panels that can be used with their power stations. Starting from 100W to 450W, you get super-quality solar panels from both.

Bluetti has three popular models: PV450, PV350, and PV200, while EcoFlow also has many models that can deliver 400 watts, 220 watts, and 160 watts of green power.

Both brands’ solar panels are made entirely of highly efficient mono solar cells. Thanks to their folding designs, you will be able to keep them secure in a small room after use and spread them out in the sunlight to collect power for the backup systems out in the wild.

Bluetti Vs EcoFlow – Smart Accessories

When it comes to smart accessories for the year 2023, EcoFlow is an outright winner.

As Bluetti has its focus on power stations and compatible extra battery packs, EcoFlow has largely expanded its market reach with a flurry of green energy products, which presently comprise an outdoor air conditioner, a lawnmower, and a portable refrigerator.

In 2022, EcoFlow unveiled its much-excited Wave portable air conditioner, which is a solar-chargeable outdoor AC for off-grid use. Further, in the same year, the company released EcoFlow Power Kits, a series of highly customizable solar power kits for off-grid builds and RVs.

EcoFlow has also teased three more incredible smart accessories for 2023: the EcoFlow Blade, the EcoFlow Glacier, and the EcoFlow Wave 2, the second upgrade to its Wave AC.

EcoFlow Blade, Glacier and Wave 2 - EcoFlow Vs Bluetti

The EcoFlow Blade, as you may know, is a full-featured robotic lawnmower that comes with a charging dock with solar charging ability. In addition to mowing your lawn, it can also collect trash, including dog waste, into a bag.

The EcoFlow Glacier is a portable fridge freezer with a built-in ice maker that is both smart and useful. The two-section cooler can keep your food and drinks fresh, and the ice maker that comes with it can make ice cubes in just 10 seconds.

It has a 250Wh battery pack that you can charge with a solar panel.

Finally, the new Wave AC has a better cooling capacity of 5100 BTU in addition to the extra feature of heating capacity. As a result, the Wave is going to turn out to be a camping accessory not only for summer but also for winter.

This is when Bluetti has yet to launch a product outside the battery pack segment. It has only got three units of extra battery packs to work with its expandable power stations and the required cables and cords as extra accessories.

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