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Bluetti AC60+B80: Bluetti’s Smallest Scalable Solar Power Station with 403Wh/2015Wh Storage Capacity

Bluetti is a prominent vendor of solar power stations, and it is famous for its incredible portfolio of expandable battery packs. Most of the brand’s modular power stations appear in the mid-size and high-capacity segments.

There has been an immense demand from the brand’s fans for a small power station with scalability. Yes, the brand is going to realize that product now. Called the Bluetti AC60+B80, the new product is a 403Wh, 600W power station, and you can expand it up to 2015Wh with a pair of the B80 battery packs. And thanks to an IP65 rating, it is a water- and dust-resistant device.

Bluetti officially launched the little modular power station on March 21, 2023. Its release date and price are not yet known. We are also waiting for the updates; stay tuned.

Buy the Bluetti AC60+B80 Here

The AC60+B80 Price Update: Bluetti has announced the initial price of the AC60 and B80. The AC60 alone comes in at $599, while the extra battery has the same pricing at $599.

Meanwhile, a bundle of the AC60+B80 is priced at $1198, and a bundle of the AC60+PV200 solar panel is priced at $1048. The products will be on sale on May 15, 2023.

Update: The Bluetti AC60’s B80 expansion battery is compatible with the brand’s other small power stations, like the EB3A, EB55, EB70, and EB70S. Well, it makes all the Bluetti small-size and entry-level power stations scalable. 

Bluetti AC60+B80 at a Glance

AC60+B80 Main Pic

  • The Smallest Bluetti Modular Power Station.
  • 403Wh, 600-Watt Compact Power Station.
  • Expandable Up to 2015Wh with Two B80s.
  • 600W Super-Fast AC Charging.
  • 200W Solar and 200W Car Charging.
  • Smart Mobile App Control.
  • IP65-Rated Water-and-Dust Proof Design.

Buy the Bluetti AC60+B80 Here

The AC60+B80 is also going to be the brand’s first new product announcement in a while.

Since the unveiling of the AC500 and B300 at CES 2022, the company has been without a big product launch for a while.

The brand also didn’t show up any new products at CES 2023, when its competitors like EcoFlow and Jackery put on display large arrays of green energy products at the event.

The AC60 will, in any case, put an end to the drought.

As its name suggests, the B80 is going to be the extra battery pack to be attached to the base model, called the AC60.

The Special Features

In my view, there are mainly two special features of the new Bluetti power station. The first one is its IP65 rating, and the second one is its modular profile.

With the former feature, you can use the power station in rough outdoor conditions without worrying. It looks to have been made with perfect protection against dust, water, and weather.

As you know, the second thing is that it is the smallest modular power station from Bluetti and possibly the first on the market from a leading vendor, too.

Coupled with the modular feature and weatherproof rating, what you get is a really awesome product for outdoor trips. You can take it anywhere on your trips, as it can resist diverse climatic conditions and, at the same time, offer you expanded storage capacity.

Perfect for Outdoor Use

Of course, the new Bluetti battery is a perfect outdoor companion.

It is a modular power station with an internal battery, so it allows you to carry only the base unit on your trips because it weighs only 8.6 kg, and its IP65 rating gives you an additional advantage.

If you need more power, you can add extra battery packs, which also include USB and DC outlets, as well as solar and car charging input ports.

So, the B80s are standalone power banks with a carrying handle.

Fast and Multiple Charging Options

As with all other Bluetti power stations, you can charge the AC60 via multiple sources, including solar.

Well, above all, you have it with a 200-watt MPPT input, which gives you a chance to fully charge the machine in under four hours in ideal conditions.

As said above, you can also charge the supplementary battery packs from solar and other sources.

When it comes to charging from a wall socket, you can top it off (from zero to 80%) in just 45 minutes and fully charge it in 1.5 hours. You can also charge the battery from other sources, like a carport, a gas generator, and so on.

Bluetti AC60 Extra Battery

Bluetti AC60 Vs. EB3A Vs. EB55

When it comes to storage capacity, the new Bluetti AC60 falls in between the brand’s entry-level solar power station, the EB3A, and the compact model, the EB55.

With a 403Wh battery, it tops the 268Wh EB3A, although it is not up to the EB55’s 537Wh battery. But the key thing, as you know, is that you can expand the AC60 up to 2015Wh with extra battery packs.

Both the AC60 and EB3A pack 600W inverters, while the EB55 has a 700W inverter.

We are not sure about the number of charging outlets and other features, but the AC60 is reportedly a water- and dust-proof device, making it an ideal choice for adventurers and explorers.

I think the AC60 looks more like the EB3A in terms of size and a handful of features. Both have a solar charging input of 200 watts, but the new modular candidate has a far superior AC charging input of 600 watts.

Overall, Bluetti now has two entry-level LiFePo4 power stations with the arrival of the AC60, giving you a regular option and a modular one with some more exciting features.

Bluetti AC60 Price and Release Date

Bluetti has revealed the official prices of its upcoming small modular power station and its extra battery pack.

The AC60 is available for $599 after an initial discount of $100 off its MSRP. The extra battery pack also has the same price.

It is when a bundle of the AC60+B80 is priced at $1198, and a package of the power station with the brand’s PV200 solar panel is priced at $1048.

The new Bluetti products will be on sale on the Bluetti website on May 15, 2023.

The Bluetti B80 Expansion Battery

The Bluetti B80 is more than an expansion battery pack for the AC60.

As mentioned above, it is a standalone power station, as it features multiple charging outlets.

The 806Wh B80 integrates single units of a 12V/120W carport, an 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, and a 100W USB-C PD port.

Moreover, like its base model, the AC60, it features an IP65 rating, so you can use it comfortably in all weather conditions. The output ports are well protected with rubber sealing to safeguard them from water and dust.

More interestingly, the B80 expansion battery pack is compatible with more than just the AC60. It can also work with the brand’s other small power stations, like the EB3A, EB55, EB70, and EB70S, making them all scalable power stations.

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