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Bluetti AC180: Bluetti’s 1152Wh/1800-Watt Mid-Range Solar Power Station for European and Australian Markets

Bluetti AC180 is the brand’s new mid-range solar power station for European and Australian markets. It is a 1152Wh compact and portable solar power station with an inverter of 1800 watts and a surge capacity of 2700 watts.

The battery inside the new mid-size power station is a long-life and ultra-safe LiFePO4 unit, which is capable of delivering a life of more than 3500 charging cycles.

Bluetti looks to have developed the AC180 as a replacement for its popular EB150 and EB240 power stations in the EU and Australian markets, and it doesn’t actually have an alternative model in the US and Canada markets as of now.

The new Bluetti mid-size power station comes with a lot of improvements over its preceding models, and it has the same squarish design as the brand’s famous AC200P and AC200 Max.

The AC180 can indeed be an ideal option for powering your off-grid life, camping, RV life, and home in case of an emergency or a sudden blackout.

Bluetti AC180 at a Glance

  • 1152Wh Mis-Size Solar Power Station.
  • 1800W/2700W (Surge) Power Output.
  • Safe and Durable LFP Battery Pack.
  • 1440W AC Charging (0-80% in 45 Min)
  • 500W Solar Charging (2.8-3.3Hrs)
  • Indoor and Outdoor-Friendly Battery.
  • Smart App for Remote Control.
  • 5 Years of Comprehensive Warranty.
  • Seamless 24/7 UPS in Just 20ms.

Bluetti AC180 Overview

The Bluetti power station can be charged at a faster rate from both AC and solar sources. With one full charge, it is capable of powering most of your necessary devices both indoors and outdoors.

For powering up your devices, the Bluetti AC180 features two 230V/7.8A AC sockets, one USB-C 100W PD port, one 12V carport, dual USB-A ports, and a 15W wireless charger.

When it comes to the charging inputs, the AC180 features a 1440W AC charging input and a 500W solar input. With the AC option, you can charge it up to 80% from zero in just 80 minutes, and two to three hours are enough to charge it from a solar source of up to 500 watts.

As with any other Bluetti power station, you can charge it from other sources like a carport, a gas generator, and more.

Bluetti AC180 Price and Release Date

Bluetti has not revealed the price or release date of the power station yet.

It will reportedly be hitting the European and Australian markets by early May 2023.

The price of the device is to be unleased. It will be available in EU countries like the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and more.

We will keep you updated about the price and release date of the AC180 here.

Bluetti AC180 Vs. AC200P Vs. AC200 Max

Bluetti’s AC200P and AC200 Max are two comparable models to the AC180 in the EU and Australian markets. In that sense, the AC180 looks like a younger sibling to the AC200P, while the AC200 Max, as you know and as its name suggests, is an expandable variant of the AC200P.

The AC200P is a 2000Wh power station with an output of 2000 watts, while its scalable model, the AC200 Max, has a 2048Wh battery under the hood and an inverter that is a 2200-watt unit with a surge capacity of 4400 watts.

Both the power stations have LFP battery packs with longer life cycles, exactly like the new AC180.

The key attraction of the AC200 Max is that you can expand it up to 6144Wh or 8192Wh with two units of the brand’s B230 and B300 extra battery packs, respectively. The AC180, though a smaller model than these devices, has a better AC charging rate of 1440 watts, which is indeed a notable thing that makes the new power station more amazing.

Bluetti AC200P Europe Store Germany Store Australia Store
Bluetti AC200 Max Europe Store Germany Store Australia Store

Both the AC200P and AC200 Max have an AC input of 500 watts, while the respective systems have a solar input of 700 watts and 900 watts, which is only 500 watts with the AC180.

The unique selling point of the new AC180, as you can guess, is its portability.

Along with the UPS function, you can easily take the compact battery pack anywhere on your trips and travels and enjoy unlimited power freedom with the addition of solar panels of up to 500 watts.

Once fully charged from an AC socket in just 1.5 hours, you can make it into the wild for unlimited power.

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