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EcoFlow Blade: The World’s First Robotic Lawn-Sweeping Mower with Solar Charging Battery Dock

EcoFlow, the leading innovator of solar power stations, has unveiled the world’s first robotic lawnmower called EcoFlow Blade. The brand-new lawn-care product can make you professionally cut lawns without spending hours outdoors.

EcoFlow Blade is a cutting-edge solar-chargeable robotic lawnmower that, as per EcoFlow, can revolutionize the concept of lawn care with innovative time and labor-saving features.

For charging, the Blade comes with a battery dock that has got an option for harvesting power from solar panels. Being a robotic mower, it can roam around your lawn, cut down the leaves and collect the waste in its included sweeping bag and get back to the dock for a refreshment.

The device employs smart in-app programs, GPS, and LiDAR technologies to perform automatic leaf collection and precision edge mowing.

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Update April 26, 2023: EcoFlow officially launched its much-awaited lawnmower, the EcoFlow Blade. The product is available on pre-order at a price of $2,599 and added with the lawn sweeper kit, it costs $2999. Check it out here.  

EcoFlow Blade Launch Update: EcoFlow has announced a launch event for its upcoming smart devices, including the Blade robotic lawn mower.

The launch event will take place on April 26, 2023, when it will officially release its new portfolio of smart devices which also includes the Glacier portable fridge and the Wave 2 air conditioner

EcoFlow Blade Price (Leak) Update: The official price details of the EcoFlow Wave are yet to come, but some online retailers like the garage and backyard retailer Backyard Provider have listed the product with a price of around $2,899. We still have no official information about the arrival of the product and its price, and it is also not listed on the EcoFlow website so far.

EcoFlow Blade Mower Pic

Key Features

  • Smart Lawnmower with a Sweeping Bag. 
  • Charging Dock with Solar Charging Option. 
  • Virtual Boundary and Automatic Route Planning.
  • Built-in 4G and GPS Connectivity.
  • Smart In-App Programs and LiDAR Technology.
  • Full App Control.

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EcoFlow Blade Launch Event

More details about EcoFlow Blade are yet to come out. The brand is to put on display the smart lawnmower at CES 2023. We will update you with the specs, features, release date, and price of EcoFlow Blade here. Stay tuned.

The EcoFlow lawn-care product has been awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree in the categories of ‘Smart Home’ and ‘Home Appliances’.

EcoFlow Blade CES 2023

EcoFlow CES 2023 Updates: Along with the Blade, EcoFlow has unveiled a solar-chargeable portable refrigerator at CES 2023.

Called EcoFlow Glacier, it is an innovative portable fridge with a built-in ice maker that can produce ice cubes off the grid in just 10 minutes.

Also, the brand has put on display the second generation of its much-touted portable air conditioner Wave 2 at CES 2023. 

EcoFlow CES 2023 Releases - Three Products

Earlier, EcoFlow invited beta testers for the lawn-care product on a social media post.

“Hi EcoFlow Fans! We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first people to test and give feedback on our brand-new product related to lawn care! If you have lawns and take care of your lawn yourself, fill out the survey below and we will contact you if you are selected.”

The selected testers would be offered a test unit of the product, which they could keep after the testing. The testers would get a chance to be a part of the development of the product and have talks with the EcoFlow product designers, said EcoFlow.

EcoFlow Blade Release Date and Price

EcoFlow has not officially revealed the release date and price of EcoFlow Blade or any of its other CES 2023 releases. However, the company has mentioned that all the smart devices will be on sale this year and one of them will hit the market sooner.

Why Solar-Powered Lawnmowers?

There is indeed a raising demand for solar-powered lawnmowers and leaf blowers. With States like California working to hammer down the sales of gas-based leaf blowers and mowers, it is high time the market should get some impressive solar-based lawnmowers.

The EcoFlow lawn care product is going to be a market-opener in the vertical of solar-powered mowers. There are already some cool start-ups like Mean Green Mowers with manually-driven all-electric solar-chargeable lawnmowers, but the Blade is really going to do some magic.

Mean Green Mowers RIVAL Vs EcoFlow Blade

The RIVAL is Mean Green Mowers’ manually driven all-electric lawn commercial-grade mower with a solar charging facility that is added to it with an optional solar canopy of 200 watts.

Compared to EcoFlow Blade, the RIVAL is actually a manual mower that a person needs to drive through the lawn to handle the job of cutting the leaves and cleaning the lawn surface.

Mean Green Mowers RIVAL

The RIVAL is a full-fledged commercial electric mower, which comes with two battery options of 14.5kWh and 22kWh. Using the brand’s 200W solar panel-mounted solar canopy, you can charge its battery under sunlight.

The mower has got a runtime of up to seven hours and you get a choice of 52″ and 60″ deck options. The mower can speed up to 11.5 mph in the process of cutting the lawn.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a prominent vendor of sustainable, solar-based power stations. The brand has two series of brilliant solar power stations, the River and Delta.

The River is a collection of entry-level and compact models, while the Delta is a line of mid-range to heavy-duty solar power stations.

Recently, the brand expanded its eco-friendly product portfolio with a solar-chargeable portable air conditioner the Wave for campers and RVers, and a series of highly modular EcoFlow Powers Kits off-grid power systems for RVs and off-grid builds.

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